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Cisco issues critical warning around Apache Struts2 vulnerability

Cisco security team today called the weakness in Apache Struts “critical” and is evaluating many its products to assess the impact.

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Tech crime as a service escalates

Modern technology is a major part of “most, if not all” crime by organized gangs, Europol says. Crime as a service (CaaS) is an important element.

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Anonymous hacker causes dark web to shrink by as much as 85%

A hacker connected with Anonymous attacked Freedom Hosting II, causing thousands of dark web sites to go down.

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Cisco Talos warns of new Cryptolocker ransomware campaigns

A number of reports are warning businesses and consumers alike that a new round of ransomware based on the infamous Cryptolocker (aka TorrentLocker or Teerac) code is making the rounds.


We finally know how much a data breach can cost

Thanks to Yahoo and Verizon’s renegotiated deal, we finally have a real number for how much a data breach can cost. And it’s huge.

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IRS Dirty Dozen: Phishing, phone cons and identity theft lead scam list for 2017

The Internal Revenue Service rounded up some of the usual suspects in its annual look at the Dirty Dozen scams you need to watch out for this year. It should come as no surprise that the IRS saw a big spike in phishing and malware...

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IRS warns on ever-changing “dangerous W-2 phishing scam”

Just as tax season gets underway in earnest, the Internal Revenue Service put out a warning about what it called dangerous, evolving W-2 scams that are targeting corporations, school districts and other public and private concerns.

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The latest database attacks: Tips of the icebergs

MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Hadoop have been hit by ransomware. This is just the beginning of such attacks.

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Air Force goes after cyber deception technology

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) tapped into that notion today as it awarded a $750,000 grant to security systems developer Galois to develop a cyber deception system that will “dramatically reduce the capabilities of an attacker...

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Ransomware takes a nasty turn

Ransomware without the ransom request? The recent attacks on hadoop are redefining what ransomeware is all about.

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FTC takes D-Link to court citing lax product security, privacy perils

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against network equipment vendor D-Link saying inadequate security in the company’s wireless routers and Internet cameras left consumers open to o hackers and privacy violations.

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To beat cyber extortionists, enterprises need to punch above their weight class

Hacking groups with increasing scale and sophistication challenge every sized enterprise to defend themselves.

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The latest ransomware is pure evil genius

Popcorn Time ransomware melds social engineering with technology to spread itself faster than ever.

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Cisco Talos: Zeus spawn “Floki bot” malware gaining use, cyber-underworld notoriety

“[Floki bot] is based on the same codebase that was used by the infamous Zeus trojan, the source code of which was leaked in 2011. Rather than simply copying the features that were present within the Zeus trojan ‘as-is’, Floki Bot...

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Solution to JIT-ROP cyber attacks: Scramble code quickly

Shuffling software code around can stop hackers’ exploits. And better, faster versions of the scrambling are the future of computer defense, a research team says.

Should enterprise CTO’s implement MLS systems?

Provided the install, integration and execution is managed correctly, MLS systems provide dynamic security and a solid ROI.

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IBM: Many companies still ill-prepared for cyber attacks

A study out this week conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Resilient an IBM company said that 66% of the 2,400 security and IT professionals they interviewed said their organization is not prepared to recover from...

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When DR fails

Tom Henderson learned a few valuable lessons after his server was hacked and his disaster recovery failed.

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Tesco Bank breach causes 20,000 customers to lose money

The breach raises questions about Tesco Bank’s moving away from a big legacy banking solution to a system from a newer banking technology vendor.

Arbor Networks adapts missile defense strategy for DDoS protection

Networked DDoS defenses, such as those from Arbor Networks, mitigate the danger from hacked IoT devices.

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