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Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

AI tackles data-center workload management

AI is ready to automate essential data center management tasks. But are data center managers prepared to make the transition from human to machine management?

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Cisco upgrades intent-based-networking performance, security, analytics

The new DNA Center software integrates a ThousandEyes agent to improve network-intelligence monitoring, double the number of clients the system supports, and strengthen security.

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Data-center outages: Causes are changing, report says

Power issues are less likely to cause a major IT service outage, while IT configuration and network problems are becoming more common, according to the Uptime Institute.

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Cisco tool opens telemetry for advanced network, security analytics

Cisco Telemetry Broker works across enterprise siloes and has no ties to proprietary protocols or data.

network management tools

Arista adds cloud, automation features

Arista introduces CloudVision 2021, which enables easier automation and management of workflows.

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How to manage your power bill while adopting AI

Embracing AI doesn't mean blowing up your electric bill. Here's how to minimize the pain.

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Cisco adds to its Nexus data-center-management software

Cisco has added support for traditional network environments to the company’s recently available data center management console.

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Hyperconvergence as a service offers hands-off data-center management

A managed hyperconvergence service can provide data-center operators with cost benefits, reduced staff workloads, and cloud-related scalability benefits.

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How AI can create self-driving data centers

Early adopters are driving the use of AI to optimize power and cooling systems, automate predictive maintenance, and improve workload distribution in enterprise data centers.

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Data center liquid-cooling to gain momentum

The serious number-crunching demands of AI, IoT and big data - and the heat they generate - may mean air cooling is on its way out.

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