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Hyperconvergence as a service offers hands-off data-center management

A managed hyperconvergence service can provide data-center operators with cost benefits, reduced staff workloads, and cloud-related scalability benefits.

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How AI can create self-driving data centers

Early adopters are driving the use of AI to optimize power and cooling systems, automate predictive maintenance, and improve workload distribution in enterprise data centers.

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Data center liquid-cooling to gain momentum

The serious number-crunching demands of AI, IoT and big data - and the heat they generate - may mean air cooling is on its way out.

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How to decommission a data center

Decommissioning a data center is lot more complicated than shutting down servers and switches. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

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Data center cooling: Electricity-free system sends excess building heat into space

A polymer and aluminum film solar shelter that transmits heat into space without using electricity could drastically cut data center cooling costs.

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Data center-specific AI completes tasks twice as fast

Researchers at MIT have developed an artificial intelligence-powered system based on reinforcement learning that could revolutionize data center operations.

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Powering edge data centers: Blue energy might be the perfect solution

Blue energy, created by mixing seawater and fresh water, could be the perfect solution for providing cheap and eco-friendly power to edge data centers.

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Data centers may soon recycle heat into electricity

Rice University researchers are developing a system that converts waste heat into light and then that light into electricity, which could help data centers reduce computing costs.

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Data centers should sell spare UPS capacity to the grid

Distributed Energy is gaining traction, providing an opportunity for data centers to sell excess power in data center UPS batteries to the grid.

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Running LEDs in reverse could cool computers

The miniaturization of electronics is reaching its limits in part because of heat management. Many are now aggressively trying to solve the problem. A kind of reverse-running LED is one avenue being explored.

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