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Pure Storage expands its flash-storage systems and software lines

Pure Storage's Purity software and capacity-optimized flash platform add new file support and ransomware protection.

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IoT, edge computing and AI projects pay off for asset-based enterprises

Enterprises are tapping machine-generated data that's captured at the edge to improve operations. AI processing can be done locally for latency-sensitive applications, or sent to the cloud to get the best of both the edge and cloud...

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Samsung adds an AI processor to its High-Bandwidth memory to ease bottlenecks

Samsung claims its new HBM-PIM power-in-memory architecture will more than double system performance and reduce energy consumption by over 70%.

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Cisco, AWS integrate IoT, edge network software and services

Cisco ties its Edge Intelligence software with AWS IOT Core service to control industrial-edge networking.

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Data-center training, recruitment need to change to meet staffing demands

Data-center managers need to raise the profile of available job roles and rethink hiring tactics, say executives from Google Data Centers and Compass Datacenters.

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Smart ways to compare files on Linux

Many new tools for comparing files have emerged in Linux over the years. In this post, we'll examine seven very useful tools for doing that.

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AMD builds momentum in server market

Growing market share and customer wins show that AMD Epyc processors are taking hold.

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How COVID-19 is shaping enterprise networking

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the networking arena in a number of ways, including the rise of fully automated remote offices, the need to support a "branch of one," and the growth of new communications software tools. "One...

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Random identity generation in Linux

Generating a list of names, addresses and phone numbers can be very easy when you know what tools to use. Let's take a look at the rig command.

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How the data-center workforce is evolving

Distributed cloud is changing how data-center infrastructure is designed and managed. As staffing requirements grow globally, organizations are looking for IT pros with skills that include cloud management, data analytics, network...

Tech Spotlight   >   The Future of Work [Overview]   >   A crystal ball for peering into the future.

The future of work: Coming sooner than you think

What will your worklife be like years from now? Today's work-from-home world has given us a glimpse of the future, as these five articles from CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, and Network World illustrate.

Zero trust Netskope

Arista embraces segmentation as part of its zero-trust security

Arista expands its Macro-Segmentation Service (MSS) to include MSS-Group, software that enables creation of logically assigned security groupings.

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Dell partners to provide 5G networking, edge solution

Dell, VMware and SK Telecom team up to offer OneBox MEC, a single device that integrates private 5G and edge-computing.

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Factorials and unscrambling words with bash on Linux

Solving problems with bash can be challenging, not just for us using Linux, but also for bash.

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Nvidia launches program for certified AI servers

Servers from major vendors such as HPE and Dell have been certified to provide optimized AI performance.


Ethernet innovation pits power against speed

Achieving Ethernet speeds of a terabit per second and beyond means overcoming technical obstacles of optics, power and network architecture.

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ExaGrid updates and streamlines its backup appliances

New storage systems take up less space than prior generations and offer greater capacity than its competitors.

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Serious 10-year-old flaw in Linux sudo command; a new version patches it

A vulnerability in sudo can elevate unprivileged users to root privileges.

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