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Gartner: Worldwide IT outlay to hit $4T in 2021

Gartner forecasts the biggest growth in IT spending this year will be on laptops, mobile phones and enterprise software.

intel xeon 3rd gen scalable processors

Intel releases 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processor

Intel is trying to wrest back leadership from AMD with a host of new features, massive core count, and 40 new chips tailored for three different markets.

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Immersion cooling firm LiquidStack launches as a stand-alone company

LiquidStack’s low-power, closed-system server-cooling technology, has caught the eye of Microsoft Azure.

arm cortex chip image

Arm's latest: A CPU design to better serve AI, ML

The new Arm9 microarchitecture from Arm will cater to the demands of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and add security features.

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Researchers show that quantum computers can reason

Like humans, quantum computers can make decisions even in the face of incomplete data and uncertainty.

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IDC: Moving to the cloud could save 1B+ metric tons of CO2 emissions

If enterprises adopt the operational models of hyperscalers, it would maximize the reduction of CO2 that can be attributed to data centers, but just moving workloads to the cloud would help a lot.

network variables + dynamics / digital transformation

Open source, programmability, and as-a-service to play a big role in future networks

As networks rely more on software, industry experts expect open-source to play a role in Layer 2 and 3 functionality, and that data-centers will rely more on cloud-like services.

Network World - Insider asset - Invaluable Tips + Tricks for Troubleshooting Linux [Winter 2018]

Linux tricks to speed up your workday

Sometimes a new way of getting work done on the Linux command line can be both interesting and time-saving

Quantum computing  >  A quantum processor radiates power.

Scientists are working on a switch to help lower the cost of using quantum computers

Superconductor researchers at MIT are working on the nano-cryotron, a computer switch that could reduce the cost of making and running quantum computers.

radar grid overlays the pupil of an eye / intrusion detection / scanning / threat assessment

What's on your Linux network?

A couple of simple Linux commands can provide a lot of information about the systems and devices attached to your network.

amd epyc rome processor 2

AMD launches third generation Epyc server processors

AMD's new Milan processor features a 19% performance bump and socket compatibility with its older processors.

nw linux file folder by nathan van de graaf via unsplash

File systems and UUIDs on Linux

File systems and UUIDs have a special relationship on Linux systems. What are these very long identifiers and how can you view the connections between them and disk partitions?

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NetApp dumps its HCI hardware in favor of Kubernetes

NetApp is ending production of its hyperconvergence hardware and plans to focus on software-defined infrastructure.

CSO / NW  >  Engineer checking/testing servers

Ransomware: How to make sure backups are ready for a real attack

Avoid paying off ransomware attackers by following these steps to ensure backups can restore infected systems.

servers / server racks [close-up perspective shot]

Cisco grows UCS server family with high-powered AMD processor

Cisco is using AMD’s new EPYC 7003 processor to boost performance in its Unified Computing System family of servers.

nvidia a100 stock

VMware, Nvidia offer GPU-powered AI in virtual machines

Expanded partnership aims to make it easier for enterprises to run GPU-accelerated AI applications.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

NVMe over TCP: How it supercharges SSD storage using standard IP networks

For maximum storage performance, NVMe/TCP marks the next step forward in SSD networking.

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Cisco bumps up its silicon speed to 25.6Tbps

Cisco's Silicon One webscaler-device family now has 10 members

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