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Startup MemVerge combines DRAM and Optane into massive memory pool

MemVerge software combines regular DRAM with Intel’s Optane DIMM persistent memory into a single clustered storage pool that doesn't require any changes to applications.

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How to deal with backup when you switch to hyperconverged infrastructure

Vendors of hyperconverged infrastructure provide options for making it easier to backup data on-site, in the cloud or both, but which is best?

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5 times when cloud repatriation makes sense

Even the cloud has its limits. In certain situations a traditional data center is the best place to host one or more applications.

Recognition of the best cloud network.

Cisco taps into AWS for data center, cloud applications

Cisco Cloud ACI for AWS lets customers manage and secure applications running in the data center or in Amazon Web Service cloud environments

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Google partners with Intel, HPE and Lenovo for hybrid cloud

Google introduced new partnerships with Lenovo and Intel to help bolster its hybrid cloud offerings, both built on Google’s Kubernetes container technology.

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HPE and Nutanix partner for hyperconverged private cloud systems

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has partnered with Nutanix to offer Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software available as a managed private cloud service and on HPE-branded appliances.

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Intel formally launches Optane for data center memory caching

Intel formally launched the Optane persistent memory product line, which includes 3D Xpoint memory technology. The solution is meant to sit between DRAM and NAND and to speed up performance.

big data / data center / server racks / storage / binary code / analytics

Running LEDs in reverse could cool computers

The miniaturization of electronics is reaching its limits in part because of heat management. Many are now aggressively trying to solve the problem. A kind of reverse-running LED is one avenue being explored.

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Intel unveils an epic response to AMD’s server push

Intel introduced more than 50 new Xeon Scalable Processors for servers that cover a variety of workloads.


Intel's Agilex FPGA family targets data-intensive workloads

Agilex processors are the first Intel FPGAs to use 10nm manufacturing, achieving a performance boost for AI, financial and IoT workloads

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As memory prices plummet, PCIe is poised to overtake SATA for SSDs

Falling prices will increase use of SSDs in enterprise and data center applications, which is expected to further drive the adoption of PCI Express drives.

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Microsoft introduces Azure Stack for HCI

Microsoft has introduced Azure Stack HCI Solutions, a new implementation of its on-premises Azure product specifically for Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) hardware.

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HPE introduces hybrid cloud consulting business

HPE's Right Mix Advisor is designed to find a balance between on-premises and cloud systems.

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Nvidia launches new hardware and software for on-prem and cloud providers

The company unveils GPU blades, AI software libraries and low-power GPUs.

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Data center fiber to jump to 800 gigabits in 2019

Capacity enhancements for fiber-optic communications continue.

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Startups introduce new liquid cooling designs

One company sees an opportunity for the black art that is immersion cooling, while the other has a twist on regular liquid cooling.

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Network issues are causing more data-center outages

As enterprise computing environments grow more complex, IT system failures and network errors are bringing down data centers in greater numbers, causing more unplanned downtime.

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Cisco spreads AI across Webex meetings

Cisco Webex has integrated AI collaboration technologies it acquired from Accompany and MindMeld.

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