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Microsoft Cloud App Security

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Waiting for things to happen on Linux

If you don't want to stop everything you're doing to wait for some other Linux workload to complete, custom scripts and the bash wait built-in can set you free.

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Data center developers turn to emerging US markets

As popular locations such as Northern Virginia become saturated, data center developers are eyeing other US regions, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver.

Computex 2023 Nvidia keynote

Intel looking likely to manufacture Nvidia chips

Nvidia CEO gives the strongest indication yet it will have Intel make some of its chips.

Nvidia Hopper H100

Inside Nvidia's new AI supercomputer

Nvidia's Grace Hopper CPU/GPU combo underpins its supercomputer the company claims can crank out nearly an exaFLOP of AI performance.

nvidia dgx gh200

Nvidia’s new Grace Hopper superchip to fuel its DGX GH200 AI supercomputer

The DGX GH200 AI supercomputer is targeted toward developing and supporting large language models. Google Cloud, Meta, and Microsoft already have access to it.

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Resizing images on the Linux command line

The convert command (part of ImageMagick) can change the resolution of image files faster than you can count to F in hex.

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Intel revises its XPU strategy

Intel is switching up its data-center processor roadmap, and its proposed combination CPU and GPU, code-named Falcon Shores, will now be a GPU chip only.


Nvidia joins with Dell to target on-prem generative AI

Project Helix will see Dell and Nvidia combine their hardware and software infrastructure to help enterprises build and manage generative AI models on-premises.

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Now on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond: One slightly used data center

Its North Carolina facility may be the most valuable asset that Bed, Bath & Beyond has left to liquidate.

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Frontier still reigns as world's fastest supercomputer

The top 10 supercomputers on the June 2023 list compiled by TOP500 remain the same as last time.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Meta is working on its own chip, data center design for AI workloads

The Facebook parent said that it is working on a new AI-optimized data center design and the second phase of its 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research.

cloud server room

Ampere launches 192-core AmpereOne server processor

AmpereOne chips are the first built around cores designed in-house and promise two to three times the power savings over x86.

Man typing (ransomeware)

How to quickly make minor changes to complex Linux commands

Linux provides a number of easy ways to move back and forth on the command line, make minor changes, and execute the altered command.

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DOE funds $40 million for advanced data-center cooling

The US Department of Energy is funding 15 projects aimed at developing energy-efficient cooling technologies for data centers.


AWS to invest $12.7B to expand its cloud infrastructure in India by 2030

The investment, which is aimed at meeting growing customer demand, is expected to add $23.3 billion to the country’s GDP by 2030 while generating 131,700 jobs annually for the next seven years, the company said.

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Startup NEO Semiconductor promises 8x increase in memory density

NEO is developing a 3D DRAM architecture that uses memory stacking to solve the DRAM capacity bottleneck.

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eBay scores cost savings and a bandwidth boost with white-box switches running SONiC

Open-source software plus switches built from commodity parts transform eBay's data-center networks to a 400Gbps Layer 3 fabric.

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Google launches A3 supercomputer VMs

The A3 supercomputer's scale can provide up to 26 exaFlops of AI performance, Google says.

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