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Nvidia rises to the need for natural language processing

As the demand for natural voice processing grows for chatbots and AI-powered interactions, more companies will need systems to provide it. Nvidia says its platform can handle it.

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AMD hosts an Epyc party — and everyone wants in

With the release of its second generation of Epyc processors, the Epyc 7002 series, AMD finds it has a lot of new friends -- companies that want to use their technology.

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Xilinx launches new FPGA cards that can match GPU performance

Xilinx unveiled a new FPGA card, the Alveo U50, that it says can match the performance of a GPU in areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Intel and Lenovo partner on HPC and AI initiatives

The multiyear agreement will combine Lenovo hardware and liquid cooling technology with Intel chips and software.

vmware vmworld sharpen focus

VMware opens, reinforces hybrid-cloud migration software

HCX includes a number of services, including routing and WAN optimization, and can utilize other VMware products and services, such as the firm’s core networking software, NSX.

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Intel pulls the plug on Omni-Path networking fabric architecture

Omni-Path Architecture, which Intel had high hopes for in the high-performance computing (HPC) space, has been scrapped after one generation.

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Cisco assesses the top enterprise SD-WAN technology drivers

Cisco SD-WAN customer National Instruments touts benefits of the technology: Speed, efficiency, security, cost savings

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VMware’s Bitfusion acquisition could be a game-changer for GPU computing

VMware will integrate Bitfusion technology into vSphere, bolstering VMware’s strategy of supporting AI- and ML-based workloads by virtualizing hardware accelerators.

ip primary hyperconvergence

Inside Hyperconvergence: Combining compute, storage and networking

We explain what hyperconvergence is and how the latest breakthroughs in hyperconverged infrastructure make it a flexible IT framework for small and large enterprises alike.

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Coming soon: Eco-friendly data centers | TECH(feed)

As the push for sustainability across all businesses intensifies, so too will the push for greener IT infrastructure. Data centers are notorious for giving off thermal energy and being somewhat energy inefficient. Researchers at Rice...

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Verizon launches interconnect service through Equinix

Verizon's proposed software-defined interconnect service (SDI) will help the company's customers connect Equinix colocation data centers.

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Storage management a weak area for most enterprises

Companies are adopting technology for such things as AI, machine learning, edge computing and IoT, but still use legacy storage that can't handle those workloads.

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IBM expands its storage management software to support competitor products

Users of non-IBM storage systems can now use IBM's metadata management software, Spectrum Discover, for unstructured data.

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Data centers may soon recycle heat into electricity

Rice University researchers are developing a system that converts waste heat into light and then that light into electricity, which could help data centers reduce computing costs.

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Intel unveils new 3D chip packaging design

Intel has unveiled a new packaging innovation for creating 3D chip packages and multiple chip connections, which is important for server processor technology.

Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory [ORNL]

The Titan supercomputer is being decommissioned: a costly, time-consuming project

Titan, a supercomputer deployed in 2012 at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is going into retirement, but the task of decommissioning it is not trivial.

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Cisco goes deeper into photonic, optical technology with $2.6B Acacia buy

Cisco: Optical-interconnect technologies are becoming increasingly strategic for data centers, service providers

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Colocation facilities buck the cloud-data-center trend

Lower prices and latency plus easy access to multiple cloud providers make colocation facilities an attractive option compared to building on-site data centers.

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