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cray cs500 supercomputer

hybrid solar panel

New solar panel creates power from rain, as well as sunlight

Data centers located in poor weather climates may be able to harness the power of sun and rain using a hybrid panel developed by scientists at Soochow University.

security risks in the IoT [internet of things] network

Cisco boosts IoT access control, management

Tweaks to ISE, DNA Center can better track, secure internet of things devices

accelstore logo

New marketplace for FPGA custom apps launches

Accelize's new app store, AccelStore, offers custom programmed applications for FPGA accelerators for use on premises and in the cloud.

iot data smartcity

In the IoT world, general-purpose databases can’t cut it

The constant stream of IoT data must be collected, measured, and acted upon in real time. General-purpose databases can’t handle all of that, but the InfluxData Platform can.

cloud computing business services

What is hybrid cloud really, and what's the best strategy?

The definition of hybrid cloud varies depending on who you ask, but it always involves using both private and public clouds, and you need a strategy.

broken lock amid binary code and circuits

One in five serverless apps has a critical security vulnerability

An audit by PureSec found one in five serverless apps has a critical security flaw that would allow attackers to hijack and use the app for malicious purposes.


Intel FPGAs step toward mainstream in Dell, Fujitsu enterprise servers

With Dell and Fujitsu putting Intel Arria 10 GX programmable acceleration cards into off-the-shelf servers for the data center, enterprises should find it easier to tap the benefits of FPGAs.

werner vogels aws

Is the cloud already killing the enterprise data center?

AWS CTO Werner Vogels listed multiple enterprises that are abandoning data centers to move workloads to the cloud. Don’t expect the data center to disappear completely, though.

saas kaboom

Cisco broadens Tetration security delivery with cloud, virtual buying options

Cisco's Tetration-V and Tetration-SaaS give businesses interested in the security-analytics platform the option of a cloud service or software that runs on virtual appliances.

IBM Z mainframe

IBM tweaks its z14 mainframe to make it a better physical fit for the data center

IBM is making rack-mounted versions - ZR1 and Rockhopper II - of its latest z14t mainframe, that are able to securely run containerized software.

server network data center security big data storage

Overclock puts your idle servers to work for other people

Using Overclock's Akash Network, companies can turn their unused servers into Kubernetes-orchestrated Docker containers for rent.

Five servers that exist thanks to the Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project shares specifications for servers designed to be cost effective, and here are five that are commercially available.

European Union [EU] flag and binary code

New distributed database adds international and GDPR controls

Cockroach Labs says the geo-partitioning tools in version 2 of its CockroachDB distributed database help companies comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

data center with coding overlay

The serverless cloud provider was last year – what can we expect to change?

Not all infrastructure trends will make sense for your data center or your business. However, awareness of the trends will help you understand how other firms are developing their data centers and handling their workloads, so you can...

artificial intelligence ai brain virtual

Product–services bundles boost AI

Vendors such as IBM, Pure Storage and Nvidia are providing AI product packages, cloud services and consulting help aimed at accelerating adoption of enterprise-ready artificial intelligence.

cloud network blockchain bitcoin storage

The cloud continues to drive network evolution

Arista’s new line of network switches provides greater performance and scale to meet the demands of cloud providers and cloud-first businesses.

connection network blockchain artificial intelligence ai

How converged infrastructure can accelerate the AI journey

Pure Storage's AIRI simplifies and speeds up the process of deploying infrastructure to support artificial intelligence-based systems.

nvidia dgx 2

Nvidia packs 2 petaflops of performance in a single compact server

At its GPU Technology Conference this week, Nvidia took the wraps off a new DGX-2 system it claims is the first to offer multi-petaflop performance in a single server, thus greatly reducing the footprint to get to true...

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