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Lenovo spends its 30th anniversary making 50 announcements

New Lenovo servers, storage, edge products, and liquid cooling options are each part of an announcement deluge.

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Single-core vs. multi-core CPUs

Some apps need CPU clock speed while others need multiple cores, so base your server purchases accordingly.

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Using 'break' and 'continue' to exit loops in bash

As nice as looping in Linux scripts can be, you might just want to interrupt it sometimes, and the break and continue commands can do this.


Broadcom's VMware acquisition sparks concern

But chip leader Broadcom vows to learn lessons from its CA, Symantec deals: This time it will be different.

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Linux Foundation to blaze a path forward for mainframes

The Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project is targeting the development of mainframe applications and skill sets, and now has its own Big Iron to work with.

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Nvidia GTC: Hopper processor in full production

The H100 Tensor Core GPU is in full production, and the first servers based on Nvidia's new Hopper architecture are due next month.

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Survey: Outages, staffing challenge data centers

Data center operators are working to increase IT infrastructure reliability, keep key talent from being poached, and stay ahead of environmental regulations, Uptime Institute reports.

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Kyndryl service integrates, automates infrastructure resources

The Kyndryl Bridge service brings the company's engineering expertise and vendor alliances to bear on integrating enterprise tools and platforms to provide better performance.

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Using the Linux apropos command – even if you have to fix it first

The apropos command can help you find commands or discover some you don't yet know, but if you get the response "nothing appropriate", it might need some help.


Seagate launches self-healing storage technology

Seagate's Exos storage arrays can rebuild data from failed hard drives, leaving the rest of the drives in the array operational and reducing the frequency of swapping out bad drives.

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ARM updates Neoverse enterprise processor roadmap

Nvidia’s Grace processor will be one of the first chips to use Arm’s upcoming Neoverse V2 CPU cores.

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How to configure a standby Azure AD Connect server

Here are some tips and tricks for creating redundant Azure AD Connect server that can help keep business running if the primary server fails.

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IBM launches fourth-gen LinuxONE servers

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 server uses the System Z processor and boasts better performance vs. x86 and greater power efficiency.

Edge computing

IBM, Bharti Airtel partner on edge cloud offerings in India

The collaboration between IBM and Indian telecom Bharti Airtel will complement 5G, offer new opportunities to use edge compute, and support data sovereignty.

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How to work on Linux with filenames that contain blanks

Filenames that contain blanks can add complexity to the commands you use to work with them. Fortunately, there are several handy ways to make that easier.

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Nvidia Hopper GPU slays predecessor in ML benchmarks

Benchmarks aren't the same as real world use, but they can give a good idea of what’s to come, and Nvidia's Hopper GPU performance is impressive.

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How to copy files to multiple locations on Linux

You can run a series of Linux commands to copy multiple files to a folder or copy a single file to multiple folders, but you can save time and trouble by using xargs, loops and scripts.

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IBM is leasing on-prem System i servers

IBM offers a flat-fee subscription for single-core System i servers.

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