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Dell delivers lineup of on-prem, pay-per-use hardware

Dell Apex consumption-based storage, server, and hyperconverged services are designed to enable cloud-like pricing and deployment flexibility in on-premises environments.

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IBM updates its storage-systems portfolio

IBM adds higher capacity and software-defined storage systems for deployment on-premises and in the cloud.

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Red Hat buttresses edge features in RHEL 8.4

New features in Red Hat’s latest enterprise Linux release emphasize the company’s focus on edge computing.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

Arm talks 40% and 50% better performance from 2 new server chips

Arm claims a 50% performance boost for Neoverse V1 for HPC and a gain of 40% its Neoverse N2 over the previous generation.

COVID-19 coronavirus morphology is layered amid statistical models and binary code.

COVID-19 upends disaster recovery planning

Post-pandemic plans for disaster recovery and business continuity will need to reflect new business realities.

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SASE is coming, but adoption will be slow (especially for large enterprises)

Smaller organizations eye SASE to provide secure access to applications. Lack of maturity, existing security and digital transformation investments give large enterprises pause on SASE.

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Red Hat announces Red Hat Edge initiative

Red Hat has outlined how it can bundle existing and new features to better support edge networks, an effort it calls Red Hat Edge.

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Manipulating the Ubuntu dock to keep favorite apps handy

You can make accessing some applications on Ubuntu quite a bit easier by adding them to the dock. In this post, we look at how you can manipulate the dock -- adding applications, changing the size of its icons and even moving it to a...

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Data-center outages: Causes are changing, report says

Power issues are less likely to cause a major IT service outage, while IT configuration and network problems are becoming more common, according to the Uptime Institute.

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5 top open-source infrastructure projects

Open source is at the heart of many technologies pushing enterprise infrastructure forward, and here are of the five most important.

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Juniper: Managing the complexity of future networks

Juniper’s chief product officer Manoj Leelanivas explains the company's software strategies that include intent-based networking, AI, automation and the open-source SONiC network operating system.

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Linux commands for testing connectivity and transfer rates

Here are five Linux commands that can verify connection speeds, analyze delays, and test whether other systems are reachable.

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Cisco tool opens telemetry for advanced network, security analytics

Cisco Telemetry Broker works across enterprise siloes and has no ties to proprietary protocols or data.

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Round-up of Nvidia GTC data-center news

From hardware leasing to AI tools we’ve got at least a partial roundup of announcements.

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VMware, Dell split to form independent firms

VMware and Dell say separating gives both companies financial flexibility but lets them continue to grow their technology-development partnership.

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Taking control of your Ubuntu desktop

Ubuntu gives you control of what files show up on your desktop – even if they're not in your Desktop folder.

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10 of the best ways to get help on Linux

There are many ways to get help while working on the Linux command line. Here are details on some of the most useful.

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Nvidia announces a 2023 launch for an HPC CPU named Grace

CPU is meant to fill the server processor hole in Nvidia’s product line but details are scant.

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