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pcw record audio win10 1

Using the script command on Linux to record command line activity

The script command not only makes a record of what commands you run but also allows you to save the output generated so that you can examine it later or easily turn your command sequences into scripts.

Server racks with illuminated indicators in a dimly lit data center.

Xilinx launches a data-center accelerator for HPC

The Xilinx Alveo U55C data-center accelerator is smaller, has more memory, and draws less power than its predecessor, making it more attractive for high-performance computing.

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How to inventory server hardware with PowerShell

Prioritizing hardware upgrades for Windows Servers need not be a lengthy manual process with knowledge of the Get-WmiObject cmdlet.

Data center / enterprise networking

Nvidia announces new InfiniBand networking hardware

The new Nvidia Bluefield-3 DPU will be used to provision next-gen firewall services from major providers.

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Report: Chip shortage and edge/IoT will drive IT change in 2022

Forrester Research says IT pros now think of IoT and edge as inextricably connected and that the two will be used to help enterprises comply with US government regulations.

security monitoring

Monitoring Linux system resources with bpytop

The bpytop tool works a lot like other performance monitoring tools, but gives you tremendous control over what it shows you.

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RHEL 8.5 caters to multicloud, predictive analytics, containerization

The latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux strengthens tools for vulnerability identification, compliance, and remediation.

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AMD launches big data-center push vs. Intel, Nvidia

Powerful new server CPU and a GPU it says tops Nvidia’s best are part of the parade.

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Juniper's marketing lags its technology

Juniper Networks recently made a crisp, aggressive technology presentation to analysts, but for enterprises looking to buy, it’s tough to find an equally clear story on its website.

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ITRenew integrates Pluribus Networks software with its hyperscale servers

Pluribus software on ITRenew hardware means an open architecture for compute and storage infrastructure.

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Using chpasswd to change account passwords on Linux

The chpasswd command allows Linux admins to change passwords one at a time or many at a time. Here's what you need to watch out for.

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Rockport Networks debuts the “switchless” network

Billed as a drop-in replacement for Ethernet and InfiniBand cabling and switches, Rockport's switchless network relies on endpoint network cards.

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Kyndryl has spun off from IBM as a $19B managed service firm

Kyndryl starts off big but faces challenges in a fragmented, competitive services market.

Network World - Insider asset - Invaluable Tips + Tricks for Troubleshooting Linux [Winter 2018]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 drops in beta version

Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 9 is edge-friendly and has plenty of new features, but a surprisingly forgiving learning curve.

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Using the cheat command on Fedora Linux

The cheat command, available for installation on many Linux systems, provides an easy way to make cheat sheets available for hundreds of commands.

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How PowerShell can find features and roles on Windows servers

Learning about the PowerShell Get-WindowsFeature command is a good introduction to the time-savings that Powershell scripting can bring to server admins.

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Searching through compressed files on Linux

There are a number of ways to search the contents of compressed files while leaving the files intact. This post examines how to view, browse and search through many types pf compressed files.

edge computing

How to choose an edge gateway

With the processing and analyzing of data happening closer to the endpoints that gather it, edge gateways are becoming essential. Here’s what you need to look for in edge gateways and who can provide them.

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