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The ins and outs of high-performance computing as a service

HPC services can be a way to meet expanding supercomputing needs, but depending on the use case, they’re not necessarily better than on-premises supercomputers.

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Neural computing should be based on insect brains, not human ones

Insect brains are a better model for artificial intelligence in IoT than human brains are because they are simpler and focus on key processes, scientists say.

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5 metrics you need to know about your backup and recovery system

Enterprises need to gather key data to determine whether their backup and recovery plans match up with reality.

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Survey: Most data centers don't meet the needs of their users

You don’t need to downsize your data center, you need to expand it, according to a Forbes Insights survey

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Tips for cleaning data-center gear in response to coronavirus

Dell has some suggestions on how to disinfect sensitive electronics

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COVID-19: Tech giants, government agencies add supercomputing to the fight

The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, which ncludes IBM, AWS, Google, HPE and Microsoft as well as NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and U.S. Department of...

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Coronavirus challenges remote networking

COVID-19 sends IBM, Google, Amazon, AT&T, Cisco, Apple and others scrambling to securely support an enormous rise in teleworkers, and puts stress on remote-access networks.

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COVID-19 best practices for data-center operators

Uptime Institute has created a COVID-19 response guide based on tips and recommendations from its network of data center operators and partners.

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Electronics should sweat to cool down, say researchers

Scientists think that in much the same way the human body releases perspiration to cool down, special materials might release water to draw heat from electronics.

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Mellanox, Inphi boost network feeds with new hardware

Mellanox delivers fast new switches, while Inphi focuses on high-speed interconnects for massive data movement.

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Data-center power consumption holds steady

Data centers account for roughly 1% of electricity consumption worldwide, according to a new study. While computing capacity has exploded in recent years, power consumption is growing more slowly thanks to greater energy efficiency.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Containers + Virtualization [ Network World / March 2020 ]

Essential things to know about container networking

Networking is a crucial component in the container ecosystem, providing connectivity between containers running on the same host as well as on different hosts.

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COVID-19 affects IT pros at work

From canceled tech conferences to shutdowns of hardware suppliers, the coronavirus is disrupting the professional lives of networking staffers.

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Seawater, humidity inspire new ways to generate power

Researchers around the globe are working on new ways to generate huge amounts of power that will be needed for the shift to a data-driven society.

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8 reasons to consider hyperconverged infrastructure for your data center

Hyperconvergence offers speed and simplicity compared to the old ways of server configuration.

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For secure data backup, here’s how to do the 3-2-1 rule right

The venerable 3-2-1 rule for backing up data remains a tried-and-true method for insuring the integrity of copied data that is essential to disaster recovery efforts, but it has to be done properly.

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What the new Cisco certification requirements mean for you

Cisco's CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications have changed as of Feb. 24 to emphasize areas such as network programmability, multi-cloud, Internet of Things, SD-WAN, and other software-focused initiatives.

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Japanese firm announces potential 80TB hard drives

Using some very fancy physics for stacking electrons, Showa Denko K.K. plans to quadruple the top end of proposed capacity.

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