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A heart-shaped leaf lies on a circuit board. [Green IT / environmental impact / climate change]

Startup ECL promises off-the-grid green data centers

ECL says its hydrogen fuel cells will provide electricity to power its data centers while producing enough water to cool the servers.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux arrives in Oracle’s cloud

Old rivals Red Hat and Oracle have teamed up for RHEL-based virtual machines running in Oracle’s OCI service.

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Using Linux hexedit and xxd commands to view and modify binary files

The hexedit command provides a way to edit binary files, but to view and save the content in a file for later analysis without editing, try the xxd command.

IT professionals converse in a network server room / data center.

Juniper targets data-center automation with Apstra update

Apstra intent-based networking software from Juniper gains new configuration capabilities, multivendor support and improved environmental analytics.

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Melbourne home to AWS’ second region in Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expected to support more than 2,500 new jobs with the opening of the Melbourne region, and is planning to invest an additional $4.5 billion in Australia by 2037.

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Working with image files on the Linux command line

There's a lot to learn about image files on the command line, from verifying file format to finding out where and when photos were taken and maybe even getting an unusual view of what they look like.

A heart-shaped leaf lies on a circuit board. [Green IT / environmental impact / climate change]

IT to shoulder more responsibility for data center sustainability

Data-center IT teams must balance the need to consume less electrical power with the need to use power-hungry next-gen silicon, Uptime Institute says.

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Roundup of server vendors using new Xeon processors

From HPE to Inspur, server vendors are coming out with dozens of new configurations.

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IBM boosts Power CPU core count…for Oracle

IBM will quadruple the core count of its RISC CPUs specifically to benefit one of Oracle’s databases, perhaps to get around licensing issues, but won't say exactly why.

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Commands and settings for managing user accounts on Linux

To manage user accounts on Linux systems, you'll need to be familiar with some important files and commands.

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Top 10 outages of 2022

The biggest outages of 2022 hindered services from AWS, British Airways, Google, Twitter and more, according to Cisco-owned network intelligence company ThousandEyes.

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Nvidia, others promise to use new Intel Xeon processors

New server processors include virtual machine security as well as AI accelerators.

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Cisco amps-up its UCS server line with new Intel processors

New high-end Cisco Unified Computing System servers with the 4th Generation Xeon processors will be more powerful and energy efficient.

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Intel boosts VM security, guards against stack attacks in new Xeon release

Intel’s TDX framework gains a new capability, and a “shadow stack” in Xeon’s fourth generation aims to knock out a dangerous cyberattack method.

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Linux files: creating, listing, updating, and more

Linux provides a number of handy commands for managing file permissions, understanding who has access to the files and checking on file content.

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AMD unveils exascale data-center accelerator at CES

The Instinct MI300 server accelerator from AMD looks like an absolute beast on paper, with eight times the performance of its predecessor.

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Gigabyte spins off its enterprise business to better serve enterprises

Giga Computing Technology is a new Gigabyte subsidiary focused on supporting servers and other enterprise gear as well as liquid cooling.

IT professionals converse in a network server room / data center.

Microsoft to acquire Fungible for augmenting Azure networking, storage

Fungible acquisition is aimed at accelerating networking and storage performance in datacenters with high-efficiency, low-power data processing units.

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