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Cisco adds proactive problem solving to data-center software

Additions to Cisco's Data Center Network Assurance and Insights suite of software can detect problems in network switch fabric before they affect network services.

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Beyond Moore's Law: Neuromorphic computing?

Some researchers think brain-copying architectures should replace traditional computing. One group explains how that might work.


Why multicloud security is your next big challenge

Companies deploy an average of three to five different cloud services. With an increased emphasis on security and regulatory compliance, the capability to manage these disparate systems is crucial.

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It’s the end for Windows Server 2008 support

Microsoft recommends migrating Server 2008 workloads to Azure cloud services while enterprises modernize their apps for Windows Server 2016 or 2019 deployments.

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Serverless computing: Ready or not?

Like any disruptive technology, serverless computing is surrounded by plenty of hope and hype. Getting at the truth and deciding if the technology is right for your organization requires an objective attitude and careful planning.


HPE and Cumulus Networks partner for open storage

The deal between HPE and Cumulus Networks is designed to address the increased network and storage demands of techs like AI, IoT.

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Price of NAND memory chips projected to rise up to 40%

SSD drives could become very expensive this year if one projection is accurate.

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8 best practices for all-flash storage

IT Central Station offers advice from users of HPE Nimble Storage on how to work optimally with all-flash storage arrays.

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Johnsonville Sausage cuts MPLS costs with SD-WAN

Johnsonville Sausage’s IT department modernized its wide-area network, getting costs down and simplifying the overall enterprise network environment, to move the business forward.

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Researchers aim for transistors that compute and store in one component

Materials incompatibilities have stalled efforts to integrate transistors and memory in a single on-chip, commercial component. That might be about to change.

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A new spin on interconnects for colocation data centers

Stateless, Inc. launches its Luxon platform that enables provisioning of network functions as microservices.

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What to know before upgrading to Windows Server 2019

Even though it’s only been one refresh cycle, the changes to the latest version of Windows Server are considerable. Microsoft makes the process of upgrading from Windows Server 2016 easy.

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Cisco issues critical security warnings its Data Center Network Manager

Cisco warns of vulnerabilities that can let attackers issue arbitrary actions with administrative permissions.

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Do containers need backup?

It’s not always the case, but there are circumstances when it’s important to back up Docker and other containers to avoid costly loss.

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Bamboo Systems redesigns server motherboards for greater performance

Bamboo Systems, formerly Kaleao, claims its motherboard architecture is more power efficient than traditional designs that cater to x86 processors.

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Cisco: 5 hot networking trends for 2020

Cisco exec says SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6, multi-domain control, virtual networking and the evolving role of network engineers will be big in 2020

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Data center operators not keen on green: survey

Most IT leaders making data center equipment purchases don't prioritize energy efficiency or environmental impact.

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Cisco grabs Exablaze for low-latency chip technology

Cisco continues to build up its internal electronics tools, saying it will acquire Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology designer Exablaze for an undisclosed amount.

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