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Cisco adds to its Nexus data-center-management software

Cisco has added support for traditional network environments to the company’s recently available data center management console.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

After Intel CEO Swan’s cleanup job, Gelsinger will move the company forward

Bob Swan didn’t fail, he succeeded in righting the ship, but Intel has tapped Pat Gelsinger, who started working there right out of high school, as the visionary to move the company forward.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware loses CEO Gelsinger to Intel

Intel says it will bring on current VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger Feb. 15 to replace Intel CEO Bob Swan.

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IT specialist Atos makes bid for DXC

The French IT giant continues to push into the U.S. market through ambitious acquisitions.

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Disaster recovery lessons from an island struck by a hurricane

Prepping for disaster recovery needs a plan, testing, and thinking about non-technical necessities like food and shelter for the recovery team.

hybrid cloud

Lenovo unveils hybrid-cloud management tools

The new solutions are designed to enable businesses to harness data more securely and efficiently, from edge to core to cloud.

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HP Enterprise expands GreenLake program to cover HPC systems

Enterprises can now lease high-performance computing systems and only pay per use via HPE's GreenLake.

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AWS improves SD-WAN-to-cloud connectivity with Cisco, Aruba, Arista and others

Cisco taps into AWS Transit Gateway Connect with SD-WAN, ACI integration

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Hyperconvergence as a service offers hands-off data-center management

A managed hyperconvergence service can provide data-center operators with cost benefits, reduced staff workloads, and cloud-related scalability benefits.

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Aruba unveils new data-center orchestration software, switches

New Aruba CX 8360 switches plus Fabric Composer software is intended for distributed data centers.

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AWS enlists partners to encourage mainframe-to-cloud migration

AWS expands its Competency Program with help from consultants Deloitte and Tata, plus tech partners Micro Focus, Blu Age, Advanced - Modern Systems and TRSI.

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SUSE’s Rancher acquisition brings containerization support

Rancher’s Kubernetes management capabilities should set up SUSE for supporting digital transformation.

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Schneider Electric plans U.S. expansion, announces new micro data centers

Ruggedized enclosures are meant for a factory floor and other harsh indoor environments.

Data center in the clouds virtualization

What are data centers? How they work and how they are changing in size and scope

The future of data centers will rely on cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure and more powerful devices.

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Facts about backup security that should scare you to death

How to tighten up security for backup systems and avoid malicious activities carried out by lone wolves.

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Edge computing: When to outsource, when to DIY

Enterprises can choose on-premises edge computing options or hire public edge services, but the right choice depends on factors including budget, in-house expertise and regulatory requirements.

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Apstra arms SONiC support for enterprise network battles

The SONiC community has been expanding and includes Dell, Arista, Nokia, Apstra, Alibaba, Comcast, Cisco, Broadcom, Juniper, Edgecore, Innovium, NVIDIA-Mellanox and VMware. According to IDC, a SONiC data-center switch market will be...

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Nvidia shows off at Supercomputing 20

Nvidia is under the covers for a slew of the world's fastest supercomputers; Intel and AMD talk future products at supercomputing conference.

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