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Lenovo and VMware partner for resilient edge servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers will ship with VMware edge software installed.

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IBM intros new generation of IBM Power servers

The last Unix vendor left promises 2.5x greater per core performance vs x86-based servers.

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Sleeping and waiting on Linux

The sleep and wait commands can provide useful ways to observe system and script activity.

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AWS, NetApp team up for a cloud-native file system

Amazon brings its file storage service to NetApp’s ONTAP storage system.

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Western Digital announces a hybrid hard drive

Western Digital hopes to get hybrid storage right by combining HDD with NAND and a CPU.

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Are Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer claims valid?

If accurate, the performance of Tesla’s homegrown supercomputer as measured in FLOPS outperforms the recognized world’s fastest supercomputer by a factor of two.

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Using the Linux set command

The Linux set command offers a lot of interesting options for working with your scripts.

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How to buy hyperconverged infrastructure: What to ask before investing in HCI

HCI purchases start with deciding software vs. appliance and considering scalability, orchestration capabilities, and cloud compatibility to narrow the options.

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Will Intel's new desktop-CPU design come to its Xeon server chips?

The innovations Intel is putting in its Adler Lake desktop processors could also be valuable in chips developed for servers.

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Getting more than expected from a virtual-server training exercise

Sometimes it’s enough to fix an IT problem without discovering the root cause.


Western Digital, Kioxia could be talking merger

If Western Digital does merge with Kioxia, WD would be a storage giant far ahead of the competition.

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IBM updates its mainframe processor to help AI

IBM's Telum processor will have on-chip acceleration for artificial intelligence inferencing.

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Private 5G: Tips on how to implement it, from enterprises that already have

If you’re considering private 5G for an IoT project, you’ll need to learn a lot, choose between white-box switches and servers, and maybe decide that Wi-Fi 6 is a better idea.

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A closer look at two newly announced Intel chips

Intel's Sapphire Rapids next-gen Xeon chip and Ponte Vecchio GPU promise performance boosts, new architectures.

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Linux turns 30

It's doubtful that even Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, imagined it would play such a major role in everything from supercomputers to tiny embedded devices.

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Choosing and changing your Linux shell

If you don't love the shell you're using on your Linux system, change it! There are plenty, including bash, fish, ksh, tcsh, zsh.

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How to choose the best NVMe storage array

NVMe arrays are the highest performance storage solutions available, offering a massive speed boost for enterprises willing to make the investment. Here’s how to select the right NVMe solution for you.

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Intel shifts to multiarchitecture model

x86 is just one of many architectures under the new strategy.

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