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Data centers aren’t ready for AI, Schneider warns

The power and cooling demands of AI processing are far beyond what standard hardware configurations can deliver, according to Schneider Electric.

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AI startup SambaNova updates processor, software

Chips from SambaNova are positioned as an alternative to expensive and power-hungry GPUs for AI processing.

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Data storage archive options: Batch, real-time and hierarchical storage management

When choosing the appropriate archive option, enterprise storage professionals need to consider data preservation, accessibility, and resource optimization.

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What IT needs to know about energy-efficiency directives for data centers

Global regulations aimed at sustainability are increasing pressure on IT teams to create more efficient data centers.

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Cloudflare wants you to build AI applications on its edge network

AI running in serverless configurations on GPUs is coming to Cloudflare’s global network.

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HPE restructures around hybrid cloud

The company’s strategy is to accelerate hybrid cloud sales through a new organization.

IBM Z mainframe

IBM brings AI to Z series mainframes, z/OS, Cloud Paks

A new range of AI integrations is coming to IBM’s mainframes, operating systems and private clouds.

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Can anybody stop Nvidia?

GPU juggernaut Nvidia has staked out a dominant position in data center AI with a portfolio that spans chips, software and services and a strategically assembled partner ecosystem.

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DNS security poses problems for enterprise IT

Less than 31% of organizations are fully confident in the security of their DNS infrastructure, finds EMA.

Visualization of data in motion through a data center corridor of servers.

Microsoft’s data centers are going nuclear

A job posting suggests that Microsoft is planning to explore the use of small nuclear reactors for its major data centers.

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Intel updates FPGA product line

Cost-optimized products and open-source software stack are among the updates.

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Taking control of your fortunes on Linux

The fortune command might be more versatile than you realize.

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New chip designs on display at Intel Innovation 2023

Intel detailed new desktop, Xeon, AI, and GPU chips at its annual conference.

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Using curl and wget commands to download pages from web sites

The curl and the wget commands make it easy to download content from web sites.

edge computing

AMD introduces Epyc server processors for the edge

New family of 8004 processors are purpose-built for cloud services, intelligent edge and telco.

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Cisco snuffs HyperFlex development, hands HCI future to Nutanix

Cisco recommends HyperFlex customers migrate to Nutanix hyperconverged software, which can run on Cisco UCS hardware.

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Cisco shapes its strategy for Ethernet-based AI networks

Future-proofing Ethernet for AI is a priority for Cisco, which is positioning its Nexus data center switches as core elements of AI networking infrastructure.

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Sorting, joining, shuffling, skipping and numbering lines on Linux

Linux provides a lot of handy commands for manipulating text files. This post explains how to use a collection of them.

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