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hybrid clouds

Cisco software upgrades to simplify hybrid-cloud management, operations

Cisco tools look to bridge gap between DevOps and NetOps.

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Goldman Sachs to invest $500 million in data center development platform

Wall Street continues to see the data center industry as a viable investment.

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Low demand and high production create a bargain for SSD drives

Demand for PC and server SSDs has weakened, so now may be the time for enterprise IT buyers to buy or negotiate.

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Gartner crystal ball: Look to neuromorphic computing, DNA storage

New technologies will help meet IT goals, and responsibility for digital business success will rest more squarely on CIOs, Gartner says.

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Gartner: COVID-era infrastructure trends you should know about

A remote IT workforce, distributed cloud services, and core modernization efforts are driving changes in enterprise infrastructure and operations teams.

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Dell launches Apex, a per-use hardware-leasing program

Dell's Apex program is designed to accelerate adoption of IT-as-a-service, starting with storage-as-a-service across public cloud providers.

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Gartner: IT spending to grow 4% in 2021

Worldwide IT spending is forecast to reach $3.8 trillion in 2021, an increase of 4% from 2020, according to research firm Gartner, but still shy of pre-pandemic levels. IT spending in 2020 is expected to total $3.6 trillion, down...


How to enforce password complexity on Linux

Linux gives you lots of ways to create complexity in passwords that include a lot more than just length, such as mixing upper- and lower-case letters with numerals and punctuation marks along with other restrictions.

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Gartner: Top strategic technology trends for 2021

Cybersecurity mesh, AI engineering, and distributed cloud services are among the top trends that Gartner says will shape future enterprise IT operations.

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Backing up databases is critical and complex

Proper database backup is essential because of the importance of the data they contain, so understanding how the work is also a must.

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Equinix launches bare metal cloud service

Equinix Metal will provide 'lift and shift' migrations of entire operating environments, including OS, hypervisor, apps and data, from on-premises data centers to the cloud.

amd zen 3

AMD introduces Zen 3 architecture and pursues Xilinx acquisition

AMD's new Zen 3 processor architecture is socket-compatible with older designs but with faster performance.

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How building bricks could store electricity

The red pigment in bricks can be converted into a plastic that conducts electricity, allowing researchers from Washington University to turn bricks into electricity storage devices.

Two figures within a data center / server maze, strewn with clouds.

Pluribus goes big to support larger, multi-vendor data center networks

Adaptive Cloud Fabric from Pluribus can now support up to 1,024 switches in a unified fabric.

Get better simpler networking with network as a service

Intel, Nvidia launch new networking processor initiatives

Intel goes all-in for 5G radio access networks while Nvidia pushes its newly acquired Mellanox business.

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What is a service mesh what it means to data center networking

Applications that rely on microservices put demands on data-center infrastructure and personnel, but the service mesh can optimize routing requests between microservices without constant human intervention.

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VMware, Nvidia partner to boost AI, networking capabilities

A partnership between VMware and Nvidia will enable deployment of AI-ready infrastructure where data resides.

A security system involves a wall of combination locks on interconnected puzzle pieces and a shield.

VMware highlights security in COVID-era networking

VMware is tackling the challenges of securing distributed enterprise resources with product enhancements including the new Carbon Black Cloud Workload software and upgrades to its SD-WAN and SASE products.

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