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What is a private cloud?

Private clouds offer a safe haven for applications and data not suited to the public cloud for compliance, regulatory, security or other reasons.

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Western Digital unveils 26TB hard drives, 15TB enterprise SSD

Storage giant updates its high-capacity hard drives and SSDs and debuts a new portable storage device.

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Cisco issues alert for defective memory sticks in its servers

Cisco says manufacturing errors are to blame for flaws in its 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB dual in-line memory modules (DIMM).

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Red Hat debuts edge features for Linux, Kubernetes platform security

At its annual Summit event, Red Hat is rolling out new edge-computing features for the company’s well-known enterprise Linux distribution, and security features for its Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes platform.

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Juniper's enterprise networking business on a roll

Enterprise networking led the company in Q1 revenue for first time in Juniper's history, surpassing its service provider and cloud segments.

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AMD integrating Xilinx tech, pushing software development

AMD CEO says, ‘You should see us investing a lot more in software.’

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IBM wants a 4,000 qubit quantum computer by 2025

IBM lays out a quantum computing roadmap that incorporates classical computer hardware, quantum parallel processing, and error mitigation.

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Intel details IPU roadmap to free up CPUs

Intel unveiled plans for its next-gen infrastructure processing units (IPU) at its inaugural Intel Vision event.

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Running a Linux terminal in your Windows browser

Here's an introduction to running a Linux terminal inside a browser and some of the tools available to you.

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The three-way race for GPU dominance in the data center

Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are about to slug it out for a share of the growing graphics-processing-unit market that’s being fueled by the needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Intel's Gelsinger predicts chip shortage will run through 2024

Intel CEO linked ongoing chip shortage to a lack of manufacturing equipment and difficulty building semiconductor fabrication plants.

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IBM announces first major update to Power9 servers in three years

The scale-out servers are descendants of the AS/400 mid-range server dating back to the 80s.

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Cisco warns of critical vulnerability in virtualized network software

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Cisco's Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS), the worst of which could let an attacker escape from the guest virtual machine (VM) to the host machine.

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Dell offers data, app recovery support for multicloud assets

Dell is adding data recovery solutions to its APEX portfolio, for data centers and public clouds including Azure and AWS.

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Using strace and ltrace to help with troubleshooting on Linux

strace and ltrace provide a flood of information about system and library calls being made by Linux processes, and sorting through it all can help discover the cause of problems.

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Dell bolsters storage lineup with 500 software upgrades

Updates to Dell's PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex product lines are aimed at boosting automation, data mobility and security.

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5 reasons restores can take longer than backups

Backing up data can be fairly quick, but because the steps needed to access the backup and restore it to the live network, restores can be surprisingly slow.

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How to cheat on Wordle using Linux

Figuring out Wordle can be a lot of fun, but if it gets too frustrating, this Linux bash script can be your friend. Enjoy taking a look at how the cheating process works.

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