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4 catastrophe vulnerable disaster fiber optic cables

Data center fiber to jump to 800 gigabits in 2019

Capacity enhancements for fiber-optic communications continue.

gyoukou supercomputer

Startups introduce new liquid cooling designs

One company sees an opportunity for the black art that is immersion cooling, while the other has a twist on regular liquid cooling.

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Network issues are causing more data-center outages

As enterprise computing environments grow more complex, IT system failures and network errors are bringing down data centers in greater numbers, causing more unplanned downtime.

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Cisco spreads AI across Webex meetings

Cisco Webex has integrated AI collaboration technologies it acquired from Accompany and MindMeld.

Secretary Rick Perry announces the Department of Energy will build new exascale supercomputer Aurora

DoE plans world's fastest supercomputer

Aurora, the planned Department of Energy supercomputer, will be three powers of 10 faster than the current fastest supercomputer when it is delivered to Argonne National Laboratory in 2021.

VMware headquarters

Exec: How SDN, SD-WAN, security fit in VMware's strategy

VMware networking and security chief Tom Gillis looks at competing with Cisco and how the company will bolster NSX and more.

Facebook / privacy / security / breach / wide-eyed fear

How did Facebook go down despite multiple data centers?

The Mercury retrograde kicked in big time on Wednesday as Facebook suffered an eight hour-outage that also affected Instagram and Facebook Messenger. No one was believed to be harmed; a few might have even had offline interactions...

fiber optics

The noise in fiber could be used to increase data capacity

One normally wants to get rid of noise in data links, but scientists at ETH Zurich say you can harness it to increase the capacity of fiber-optic cables.

Binary stream passing over rows of monitors, each also displaying binary streams.

Data center giants announce new high-speed interconnect

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HPE, Cisco, Dell-EMC, Huawei and Alibaba join forces to create Compute Express Link, a high-speed interconnect for chip-to-chip communication.


Nvidia grabs Mellanox out from under Intel’s nose

GPU leader Nvidia is buying networking company Mellanox for $6.9 billion, further cementing Nvidia company as a data center player.

4 catastrophe vulnerable disaster fiber optic cables

Facebook gets into the fiber-optic connectivity business

Facebook created a subsidiary called Middle Mile Infrastructure to sell excess capacity on its fiber, starting with new fiber-optic routes between its data center campuses in Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina.

big data / data center / server racks / storage / binary code / analytics

The data center is being reimagined, not disappearing

While many workloads are shifting to the cloud, on-premises server hardware continues to be vital to the workplace, a new Spiceworks survey finds.

data center / network servers

The Open Compute Project is quickly gaining ground

Sales figures from companies participating in the Open Compute Project are starting to come in, and they are close to what was forecasted in 2017 and growing.

atom model

New chemistry-based data storage would blow Moore’s Law out of the water

If successful, a computing technique being developed by researchers at Arizona State University would allow transistors to fit on individual molecules – smaller than Moore ever envisioned.

virtual data center servers

VMware preps milestone NSX release for enterprise-cloud push

VMware's NSX-T 2.4 includes network-configuration automation, management and security among 100 new features to better support corporate hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

rotating square frames around a bridge path / future / change / transformation

How to adopt a disruptive network technology with minimal disruption

Emerging network technologies such as SDN, SD-WAN and intent-based networking promise to improve service and streamline operations, but don't let the transition process throw a wrench into existing activities.

linux penguin security

What is Linux? Everything you need to know about the open-source operating system

Linux has long been the basis of commercial networking devices, but now it's a mainstay of enterprise infrastructure.

3 patch training update software band aid laptop with virus binary

Cisco warns on HyperFlex security vulnerabilities

Weaknesses in Cisco's HyperFlex hyperconverged data-center gear could allow command-injection exploits.

abstract digital network mapping concept / virtual globe of connections

How managed network services are evolving to simplify the global WAN

The managed network services market has traditionally been dominated by telcos that provide a common MPLS network, but that is slowly changing as new approaches are developed.

power best of the best rule the world

VMware’s ongoing reinvention

Virtualization mainstay VMware wants to build and manage multi-cloud infrastructures…and more.

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