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dell emc powermax 8000 powermax 2000

Dell EMC updates PowerMax storage systems

Dell EMC has updated its PowerMax line of enterprise storage systems to offer Intel’s Optane persistent storage and NVMe-over-Fabric, both of which will give the PowerMax a big boost in performance.

ibm z15 mainframe

IBM z15 mainframe, amps-up cloud, security features

IBM has rolled out a new mainframe – the z15 – that bolsters the speed and power of the Big Iron and promises to integrate hybrid cloud, data privacy and security controls.

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Cisco adds speed, smarts to MDS storage networking family

Cisco brings 64G, Ansible and analytics support to SAN family

radeon rx 5700 xt

Can AMD convert its growing GPU presence into a data center play?

AMD has scored high-performance computing deals recently, but to truly compete with Nvidia it needs to develop an alternative to Nvidia’s CUDA language.

amd epyc rome processor 2

Two AMD Epyc processors crush four Intel Xeons in tests

Tests by ServeTheHome found that a server running two AMD Epyc processors can outperform a four-socket Intel system that costs considerably more.

nw hpe networking chief keerti melkote

HPE's vision for the intelligent edge

HPE plans to incorporate segmentation, artificial intelligence and automation into its wired and wireless gear in order to deal with the increased network challenges imposed by IoT and SD-WAN.

university at buffalo cooling system

Data center cooling: Electricity-free system sends excess building heat into space

A polymer and aluminum film solar shelter that transmits heat into space without using electricity could drastically cut data center cooling costs.

hpe synergy

HPE introduces VMware services on GreenLake

HPE partners with VMware to integrate GreenLake and HPE’s Synergy composable infrastructure with VMware Cloud Foundation, offering an integrated cloud infrastructure.

5G mobile wireless network technology

Intel's new 10nm Agilex FPGA will help customers develop IoT, 5G solutions

Intel started shipping its 10nm Agilex FPGAs to early-access customers. It features a high-speed interconnect for IoT and networking use cases.

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Data center-specific AI completes tasks twice as fast

Researchers at MIT have developed an artificial intelligence-powered system based on reinforcement learning that could revolutionize data center operations.

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VMware boosts load balancing, security intelligence, analytics

VMware has added new features to its core networking software that will let customers more securely control cloud application traffic running on virtual machines (VMs), containers, or bare metal.

cerebras wafer scale engine

Semiconductor startup Cerebras Systems launches massive AI chip

Cerebras Systems unveils AI server offering that relies on a single massive processor rather than a slew of small ones working in parallel.

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Big Switch targets shadow IT, hybrid cloud growth with fortified software family

Big Switch's new products include a version of its Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) for Amazon Web Services virtual private cloud (VPC) management, adding support for Global VPCs (G-VPCs), and a cloud-based version of its Multi-Cloud Director...

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Real-world backup woes and how to fix them

How four enterprises solved problems with their backup and restore processes

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Powering edge data centers: Blue energy might be the perfect solution

Blue energy, created by mixing seawater and fresh water, could be the perfect solution for providing cheap and eco-friendly power to edge data centers.

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Extreme's acquisitions have prepped it to better battle Cisco, Arista, HPE, others

Extreme has bought cloud, SD-WAN and data center technologies that make it more prepared to take on its toughest competitors.

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Nvidia rises to the need for natural language processing

As the demand for natural voice processing grows for chatbots and AI-powered interactions, more companies will need systems to provide it. Nvidia says its platform can handle it.

amd epyc rome processor 2

AMD hosts an Epyc party — and everyone wants in

With the release of its second generation of Epyc processors, the Epyc 7002 series, AMD finds it has a lot of new friends -- companies that want to use their technology.

bolts of light speeding through the acceleration tunnel 95535268

Xilinx launches new FPGA cards that can match GPU performance

Xilinx unveiled a new FPGA card, the Alveo U50, that it says can match the performance of a GPU in areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

gyoukou supercomputer

Intel and Lenovo partner on HPC and AI initiatives

The multiyear agreement will combine Lenovo hardware and liquid cooling technology with Intel chips and software.

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