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Digital platform conductors help manage hybrid networks

DPC orchestration aggregates multicloud monitoring data and recommends ways to speed business processes.

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Cyberattacks hit data centers to steal information from global companies

A malicious campaign against data centers stole the access credentials of some of the world's biggest companies — including Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft — according to reports.


Dell launches new PowerEdge servers, private 5G partnerships at MWC

Dell’s announcements at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona include new edge-specialized servers and partnerships with 5G networking services and hardware providers.

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Tailoring your Linux command prompt

Here's how to change your Linux command prompt to something you might like better.

Samsung DRAM

Server DRAM to exceed mobile DRAM, as enterprises adopt emerging tech

As businesses adopt AI, high performance computing and cloud technology, servers gobble up memory chips to the point where there is more DRAM inside servers than in all mobile devices combined, TrendForce reports.

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Bash scripting tips that can save time on Linux

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your bash scripts work as intended and are easy to update.

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Broadcom, VMware extend deadline to complete acquisition by 90 days

The companies have now given themselves until May 26, 2023, to complete Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware.

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Cisco chips away at product backlog but challenges remain

Cisco, Arista and Juniper continue to struggle with product backlogs but are optimistic supply-chain issues may ease up by yearend.

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AMD gains share in server market while overall x86 sales take a hit

After a dip due to surplus inventory and economic concerns, server CPU market expected to rebound.

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Akamai targets cloud computing’s middle ground with Connected Cloud

The prominent CDN (content delivery network) provider announced a range of data center build-outs as well as new cloud egress pricing and regulatory compliance plans.

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Joining lines of text on Linux

There are a number of commands on Linux that can help you turn a series of lines of text into a single line. This article explains two of them and provides some scripts to make the job even easier.

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VMware ESXi server ransomware evolves, after recovery script released

The FBI and CISA have released a recovery script for the global ESXiArgs ransomware campaign targeting VMware ESXi servers, but the ransomware has since been updated to elude former attempts at remediation.

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Hard-drive failure rates tied to age in latest Backblaze analysis

Hardware durability metrics are drawn from the cloud storage provider’s portfolio of more than 230,000 hard drives under management.

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IBM denies suggestion that AIX being deprioritized

IBM says its roadmap for AIX development and new features runs through 2030, countering a published commentary.

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Manipulating text with awk, gawk and sed

The awk, gawk and sed commands can turn tedious work into quick fixes. Check out the ways these commands can help get work done smoothly and easily.

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Oracle to invest $1.5 billion in Saudi Arabia to expand cloud capacity

The planned investment with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will result in Oracle expanding its existing cloud region in Jeddah and opening a new one in Riyadh.

Data center in the clouds virtualization

What is a virtual network

Virtual networks are vital for cloud computing, and virtual LANs can transform networks

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AMD issues firmware fixes for Epyc, Ryzen processors

AMD issued 31 alerts covering client and desktop that allow for a BIOS attack.

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Startup ECL promises off-the-grid green data centers

ECL says its hydrogen fuel cells will provide electricity to power its data centers while producing enough water to cool the servers.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux arrives in Oracle’s cloud

Old rivals Red Hat and Oracle have teamed up for RHEL-based virtual machines running in Oracle’s OCI service.

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