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processors design fabrication

Intel: Under attack, fighting back on many fronts

Intel faces challengers AMD, Arm, Nvidia and others as it implements a new fabrication strategy, develops new classes of processors, and embraces competitors as customers.

hybrid cloud

Nutanix offers virtual private cloud HCI, multicloud workload management

Nutanix’s AOS 6 enables enterprises to build virtual private clouds, while Era update eases data-management software for hybrid and multicloud environments.

A businessman walks through futuristic data repository.

14 things you need to know about data storage management

Data storage and management experts discuss what steps you need to take to properly manage and store data and why just backing up data is not enough.

A binary matrix overlays a network / datacenter / server room.

Lenovo extends TruScale as-a-service model to its entire portfolio

Everything Lenovo sells, from devices to servers, is now a part of the consumption-based, pay-as-you-go model.

configuring virtual machine laptop

How to add virtual-machine drive space in Microsoft Server Hyper-V

Adding more disk space to virtual machines is important to keep systems running properly and can be accomplished using Microsoft Server Hyper-V with either Hyper-V Manager or Failover Cluster Manager.

businessman holding virtual interface iot internet of things icon network connection abstract globe

Looking at your Linux system's network interface with ethtool

The ethtool utility provides information about your network-driver and interface-card settings, including speed, whether the interface uses auto-negotiation, and whether it runs in half- or full-duplex mode.

tape drive rack

Tape backup as a defense vs. ransomware

Tape isn’t close to being the perfect backup, but it is pretty impervious to ransomware.

xeon w 3175xsocket 2

Supermicro updates one-socket server line

The single-socket server used to be the lowest end of servers, but potent new chips are raising its value.

It engineer inserts backup tape 167242245

IBM ships high-density tape drives based on lastest spec

IBM's Linear Tape-Open 9 (LTO-9) Ultrium magnetic tape drive promises greater density, performance and resiliency.

linux penguin

Managing and monitoring swap space on Linux

Swap space can play an important role in system performance. Learn how to determine how much swap space your system has available and how much it's being used.

edge cloud

Lenovo and VMware partner for resilient edge servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers will ship with VMware edge software installed.

IBM Power10 in socket

IBM intros new generation of IBM Power servers

The last Unix vendor left promises 2.5x greater per core performance vs x86-based servers.

tired / resting / sleeping / man with eyes closed

Sleeping and waiting on Linux

The sleep and wait commands can provide useful ways to observe system and script activity.

container blue binary cloud storage shipping by victoire joncheray via unsplash

AWS, NetApp team up for a cloud-native file system

Amazon brings its file storage service to NetApp’s ONTAP storage system.

big data / data center / server racks / storage / binary code / analytics

Western Digital announces a hybrid hard drive

Western Digital hopes to get hybrid storage right by combining HDD with NAND and a CPU.

ai artificial intelligence circuit board circuitry mother board nodes computer chips

Are Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer claims valid?

If accurate, the performance of Tesla’s homegrown supercomputer as measured in FLOPS outperforms the recognized world’s fastest supercomputer by a factor of two.

A lost businessman wanders amid conflicting directional signs through the fog.

Using the Linux set command

The Linux set command offers a lot of interesting options for working with your scripts.

nw how to shop for data center network servers shopping cart

How to buy hyperconverged infrastructure: What to ask before investing in HCI

HCI purchases start with deciding software vs. appliance and considering scalability, orchestration capabilities, and cloud compatibility to narrow the options.

adding processor to circuit board computer hardware

Will Intel's new desktop-CPU design come to its Xeon server chips?

The innovations Intel is putting in its Adler Lake desktop processors could also be valuable in chips developed for servers.

virtual data center servers

Getting more than expected from a virtual-server training exercise

Sometimes it’s enough to fix an IT problem without discovering the root cause.

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