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Cisco-AWS marriage simplifies hybrid-cloud app development

Amazon Web Services and Cisco have teamed to help customers build apps in the cloud or data centers and move easily between the two.

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AMD now wants to take on Nvidia in the data center

AMD’s new GPUs designed for the data center give it a chance against Nvidia, but the software is still an issue.

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Bell Labs: Nokia's Future X 5G networking can help boost business productivity

Cloud-assisted driving, remote surgery, touch-sensitive VR, along with a jump in industrial productivity, are coming. But they depend on the evolution of network infrastructure toward 5G.

AMD 64-core Rome CPU to be used in new Epyc

AMD continues server push, introduces Zen 2 architecture

AMD revealed the Zen 2 architecture for its family of microprocessors. Sold under the Epyc brand for servers, it’s expected to double the performance of the previous generation.

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Intel responds to the Epyc server threat from AMD

Intel formally announced a new class of Xeon Scalable processors that in many ways leapfrogs the best AMD has to offer.

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Tariffs on China cause new data center equipment prices to increase

Networking and server equipment are among those affected by the U.S. tariffs on China, causing OEMs to increase their prices. There are ways, though, to offset the increases.

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What’s hot in network certifications

As organizations look to next-gen architectures like multi-cloud and SDN, network professionals are getting a leg up with software-fluent certifications. Are they worth it?

Sierra Lawrence Livermore supercomputer

Latest supercomputer runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Sierra -- the newest supercomputer and the second-fastest in the world -- runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which isn't surprising given the role Linux plays in supercomputing in general.

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Is Oracle's silence on its on-premises servers cause for concern?

Oracle was disturbingly quiet about its Exadata and Exalogix on-premises servers at the recent OpenWorld. But IDC's Ashish Nadkarni says not to worry yet.

Cray-1 supercomputer

Cray introduces a multi-CPU supercomputer design

The company says this is the last design before exascale, but it’s a big leap in its own right.

fiber optics

Optical networking breakthrough will run networks 100x faster

Forming light waves into a spiral pattern allows multiplexing within fiber cable, adding throughput to traditional networks, researchers say.

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The IBM-Red Hat deal: What it means for enterprises

IBM hopes the acquisition of Red Hat will give its customers the tools to expand their use of cloud by creating and deploying cloud-friendly applications on a larger scale, a goal shared by IBM competitors Google, Amazon and...

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Understanding mass data fragmentation

Data is viewed as the primary source of fuel for digital transformation, but mass data fragmentation is holding companies back.

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Virtual ADCs: Where application delivery controllers fit in software-defined data centers

SDN and virtualization are driving a shift from hardware-based application delivery controllers toward a microservices model that enables more flexible ADC licensing options

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Rackspace launches disaster recovery as a service program

Rackspace's fully managed disaster recovery service promises improved business continuity for on-premises, colocation, and multi-cloud environments.

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Xilinx lines up three major Chinese hardware vendors as OEM partners

Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, and server vendor Inspur will begin offering data center platforms based on Xilinx’s FPGA-as-a-service model, mostly targeting AI inference workloads.

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Windows 10 glitch delays Windows Server 2019

So far, there’s no issue with Windows Server 2019, but because it shares a code base with Windows 10, and Windows 10 has a problem, Microsoft has made the server unavailable for download until it clears things up.

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Lenovo, Scale partner for hyperconverged edge servers

The HCI platform combines Lenovo's hardware with Scale Computing's HC3 software platform to create edge computing systems designed for a single user's private corporate network.

How we selected 10 hot business continuity startups to watch

Here's the process used to winnow down the possible candidates for mention in our business-continuity roundup.

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10 hot business-continuity startups to watch

A crop of well-funded young businesses embrace blockchain, machine learning, data analytics and more to stave off costly disaster downtime.

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