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A tiny experimental optical chip can support downloads of 1,000 movies in a split second

Researchers have created a device that can greatly expand the raw data rate of existing optical networks while reducing the amount of hardware necessary.

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Is quantum computing ready to leap into the real world?

While tech industry heavyweights strive for quantum supremacy, IDC’s latest research reveals the current state of quantum computing and explains why real-world applications are only a qubit away.

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Fujitsu delivers exascale supercomputer that you can soon buy

Fujitsu has delivered all the components needed for a supercomputer in Japan that is expected to break the exaFLOP barrier when it comes online next year, and that delivery means that the same class of hardware will be available...

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Lenovo doubles down on AMD support, adds liquid GPU cooling

Two announcements from Lenovo reflect a push into the lucrative high-performance computing market.

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Cisco fortifies ACI for Amazon, Microsoft integration and multicloud management

Cisco has upgraded its core networking software to include better support for multicloud integration and management as well as tools to help telcos or hyperscalers tie together large scale data center networks.

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Schneider Electric and Aveva announce solution for multi-site data center management

By melding their products together, Schneider Electric and Aveva offer multi-site data-center operations management.

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VMware, Dell add heft to on-prem cloud service

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC 2.0 brings support for high density and high-performance data-center applications

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Nvidia unleashes new generation of GPU hardware

Nvidia used to design chips for gamers but with its latest hardware has now fully become an HPC and AI developer.

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Juniper's big push: AI in all areas of enterprise networking

Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim plans expansion of its Mist artificial intelligence technology into cloud, data center, Wi-Fi and SD-WAN environments.

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For sale: Used, low-mileage hyperscaler servers

As hyperscale service providers overhaul their data center gear with the latest technology, they're selling off their old equipment, which is likely more powerful than most enterprises use today.

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Choose flexible edge deployments carefully

Each edge-computing deployment has very specific requirements, but since the need for edge applications over time may shift, it’s important to find an architecture that works now but is flexible enough to meet future needs.

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Gartner: IT spending will drop 8% as COVID-19 hits enterprise wallets

Gartner forecasts spending on data-center systems will be hit hardest in 2020

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How IoT will rescue aviation

European airplane maker Airbus is one company exploring innovative, virus-spotting IoT sensors. Separately, American thermal sensing company FLIR is seeing a significant uptick in sales for its skin-heat-detecting cameras.

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How synthetic full backup works and why you might need it

Synthetic full backup can eliminate traditional full backup and deliver more efficiency

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Backblaze challenges dominance of cloud-storage vendors

Long known just as a purveyor of cloud backup, Backblaze is taking on Amazon, Microsoft and Google with much lower pricing.

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Dell EMC, Pure Storage upgrade storage offerings

Storage remains a popular on-premises technology and Dell and Pure have significant new products for customer needs.

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Remote access needs strategic planning right now

COVID-19 triggered what’s likely to be a permanent increase in work-from-home employees, so IT pros should start work on a better remote-access architecture, perhaps the secure access service edge (SASE).

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IBM rolls Red Hat into edge, AI, hybrid-cloud expansion

Every company will be an AI company new IBM CEO Krishna tells Think! virtual gathering

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Data centers are shrinking but not going away

Companies are putting more compute into less data-center space and shifting some workloads away from the cloud.

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NVIDIA’s aggressive purchases could signal the era of open networking

After buying Cumulus and Mellanox, NVIDIA can provide the full stack of elements with support to encourage mainstream-enterprise adoption of open networking.

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