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2018 state of resilience: The pressure is on

IT leaders are under increased pressure to ensures systems can withstand natural disasters, attacks, and increasing storage and data accessibility needs.

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Leverage the power of the mainframe to make sense of your IoT data

With ever-increasing IoT data, using ETL to provide real-time analysis won’t cut it. A mainframe, though, can process your data without a hiccup.

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Dell EMC patches vulnerabilities in its data protection products

The vulnerabilities affect Dell EMC's Avamar Server, NetWorker Virtual Edition, and Integrated Data Protection Appliance. Users should apply patches now.

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Admin automation: the serverless low-hanging fruit

Getting started with serverless computing.

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Breakthroughs in magnetism will change storage and computing

Solid-state memory hold your horses. Magnetic media isn’t dead yet. Neural networks and vast efficiencies are coming to help out the aging technology.

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Hyperconverged secondary storage market heats up

Cohesity saw strong momentum in 2017, indicating businesses are ready for hyperconverged secondary storage.

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Meltdown and Spectre: How much are ARM and AMD exposed?

ARM and AMD aren't as exposed as Intel to the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, but there is some risk. And vendors are issuing updates to deal with it.

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Is single tenancy the fix for the Meltdown flaw?

With single tenancy, or bare metal hosting, companies can avoid the performance hit that the Meltdown fixes can cause in virtual environments.

How VMware's vSAN provides the storage component for a hyper-converged data center.

How VMware's vSAN provides the storage component for a hyper-converged data center.

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Meltdown and Spectre exploits: Cutting through the FUD

A breakdown of what the Meltdown and Spectre exploits are, what they aren’t, the risks they pose, and what you should do.

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Intel’s processor flaw is a virtualization nightmare

An exploit of the Intel processor flaw would allow privileged memory to be observed, which would significantly impact performance.

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Tech predictions for 2018: Data center trends to watch for

In 2018, look for serverless computing, edge computing, SSDs, white box servers and hyperconvergence to all grow.

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How interconnection can set the pace as holiday shopping gets more digital

The data from interconnection is needed to keep online holiday shopping growing.

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New Seagate tech promises to double hard drive speeds

Seagate’s new dual-actuator drive can perform two different data requests simultaneously — delivering data twice as fast compared with a single-actuator drive.

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Roast chestnuts, not your data center

Data center managers that implement Cloud Monitoring Tools in their facilities will present themselves and their organizations with the best gift of all, one which will keep on giving far into the New Year and beyond.

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It's not to late! See Amazon's Last Minute Gift Ideas, On Your Doorstep By Christmas - Deal Alert

Right now you can still order lots of great gifts from Amazon, and they'll get to you by Christmas. But don't delay.

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What is a hypervisor?

A hypervisor is a process that separates a computer’s operating system and applications from the underlying physical hardware. Usually done as software, the hypervisor drives the concept of virtualization, allowing the physical host...

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Top 10 data center predictions: IDC

The global data center market will transform over the next few years as companies modernize their data center facilities, shift to more software-defined infrastructure, and adopt more autonomous IT infrastructure.

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Gartner report: Worldwide server sales revenue increases 16%

New hardware from HPE, Dell EMC and Lenovo, as well as demand for capacity, helped drive worldwide server sales in Q3 2017.

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Vapor IO announces new architecture for edge data centers

The modular design of Vapor Kinetic Edge will enable small data centers to be deployed throughout a city.

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