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How Mozilla keeps its MySQL database tidy

Keeping track of a MySQL databases may have just gotten easier for Mozilla after installing a database management tool from ScaleBase.

7 hard truths about the NoSQL revolution

Forgoing features for speed has its trade-offs as these NoSQL data store shortcomings show

MySQL vulnerability allows attackers to bypass password verification

Security researchers have released details about a vulnerability in the MySQL server that could allow potential attackers to access MySQL databases without inputting proper authentication credentials.

10 essential performance tips for MySQL

From workload profiling to the three rules of indexing, these expert insights are sure to make your MySQL servers scream

Database In The Cloud: Which Option Is Best?

The perfect storm of the cloud, mobility and big data has led to a blooming in the database market. After years and years of Oracle's dominance with Microsoft's SQL server carving out the Windows-only market and MySQL offering a...

Master MySQL in the Amazon cloud

Amazon Web Services offer new challenges and flexibility for database admins -- here's how to avoid the pitfalls and tune for performance

Rackspace launches new OpenStack-based cloud portfolio

Company unveils array of new services, including a MySQL offering optimized for the cloud

Flexing NoSQL: MongoDB in review

MongoDB shines with broad programming language support, SQL-like queries, and out-of-the-box scaling

Programming Opa: Web development, reimagined

MLstate's Opa streamlines Web app development with a single language for client and server, but the bright promise is not without pitfalls

The Oracle flaw: Clarifications and more information

In the wake of InfoWorld's exclusive story on a flaw in Oracle's flagship database product, Oracle weighs in and new developments emerge

Fundamental Oracle flaw revealed

A design decision made by Oracle architects long ago may have painted some of Oracle's largest customers into a corner. Patches have arrived, but how much will they correct?

Oracle's 'thrown in the towel' on database patching, researcher claims

A security researcher today criticized Oracle for neglecting to patch its core database products, noting that the massive update slated for later Tuesday will set a record for the fewest fixes.

Oracle to issue 78 patches, including 27 for MySQL

Oracle is set on Tuesday to release 78 security fixes for vulnerabilities in its database, middleware and applications, according to a preview announcement posted to the company's website this week.

SchoonerSQL - MySQL On Steroids

While MySQL has been an unqualified success, there have always been whispers and regrets from those looking to use the open source database in mission critical situations. If you need five 9's type of availability and other large...

MySQL hits new development milestone

Oracle is making the open-source MySQL database more stable and feature-rich through a shift in development philosophy, MySQL Vice President of Engineering Tomas Ulin said during a keynote address Monday at the OpenWorld conference in...

MySQL.Com Website Hacked

Hackers have hacked the website and injected code that will unknowingly infect visitors with malware according to the security firm Armorize. If you are using an older browser version or not kept up with Flash and other... hacked to serve malware

The website for the open-source MySQL database was hacked and used to serve malware to visitors Monday.

MySQL Moves Closer to Closed

MySQL founder and developer Monty Widenius announced on his blog that the MySQL relational database management system would no longer be a free software project and will instead be under an Open Core model. Widenius pointed to an...

Oracle further commercializes MySQL database

Oracle has added additional commercial extensions to the enterprise edition of its open-source MySQL database, further differentiating it from the community version available to anyone at no charge.

What's New in PostgreSQL 9.1?

"What this release really shows is that PostgreSQL is done playing catchup to the big proprietary database vendors, and is now innovating beyond them," says Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Core Team Member. "As Linux does for operating...

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