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Zuckerberg's goal of connecting 5B people could take 20 years

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's plan to connect five billion people to the Internet is feasible, anlysts said today. But it it could take 20 years to complete.

Facebook's Zuckerberg wants to connect the rest of the world

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is launching a global initiative to try to speed the delivery of Internet access to the two-thirds of the world that are not yet connected.

Facebook, six other tech companies partner to bridge the digital divide

Facebook and six other tech companies have launched a joint project called which aims to connect the two-thirds of the global population that is not currently linked to the Internet.

LTE and smartphones drive mobile traffic, says Ericsson

The spread of smartphones, powered by fast 3G and LTE networks used to watch ever more video content, are pushing up the volume of mobile data traffic. The challenge for operators will be to turn that into more revenue, as users...

Network builders tackling cell vs. Wi-Fi choices

Mobile users can probably look forward to being automatically transferred from cellular to Wi-Fi networks in the near future, but going back and forth for the best possible performance is another matter.

Ericsson makes bus windows part of a Wi-Fi network

Ericsson may have a contender for oddest networking product if it commercializes the wireless bus windows it demonstrated at this week's CTIA Wireless trade show.

Ericsson software automates Wi-Fi vs. cell choice in mixed networks

New network software from Ericsson is designed to make sure mobile users get the best possible connection when there is both a Wi-Fi and a cellular network available.

EU investigation could affect business from China's 4G deployment

The European Union may be trying to protect its telecom equipment industry with its recent threat to investigate China over networking equipment imports. But the move could end up hurting the chances of Western vendors intent on...

Ericsson and China Mobile test small cell base station with integrated display

China Mobile and Ericsson have joined forces to trial the City Site, a four meter tall panel that includes a base station and an antenna customized for hotspot coverage.

Microsoft sells IPTV platform to Ericsson

Microsoft has sold its Mediaroom IPTV platform to Ericsson in order to solely focus on the Xbox. For Ericsson, the deal will make it the largest provider of "IPTV and multi-screen solutions," it said on Monday.

Ericsson in dispute over standards patents in India

Ericsson has sued Indian mobile handset vendor Micromax in an Indian court, alleging infringement of eight of its patents without payment of any consideration.

1,600 laid off as Ericsson and ST agree to split ST-Ericsson

Chip maker ST-Ericsson will be wound down as parents STMicroelectronics and Ericsson have decided to take over some parts of the company, including LTE modems and application processors, and close or sell the rest.

CEO at chip maker ST-Ericsson steps down

ST-Ericsson's CEO Didier Lamouche has decided to resign from his post as owner Ericsson looks for a way to ensure its future.

Mobile carriers, vendors eager to virtualize networks

There has to be a sea change in how mobile operators build their networks and implement new services, and virtualization will make it possible, carriers and equipment vendors say.

SAP and Ericsson join forces on M2M services

Ericsson and SAP will jointly market and sell cloud-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to enterprises via operators around the globe.

Small-cell goodness will depend on crucial, complicated backhaul links

Adding small cells to mobile networks made up of full-sized base stations should help to fuel more voice and data calls, but outdoors, linking those dispersed cells to wired networks presents its own problems.

ITU group OKs H.265 video standard to cut bandwidth use in half

An ITU group has approved a successor to the H.264 video encoding standard, opening the door to future video transmission using only half the bandwidth that's now required.

USITC to investigate patent complaint against Ericsson

The U.S. International Trade Commission has voted to investigate whether Ericsson has infringed Samsung Electronics patents related to wireless communication equipment, the agency said Friday.

Adaptix files wireless patent complaint against Ericsson

Mobile 4G technology company Adaptix has filed a patent complaint related to wireless base stations against Ericsson at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

IPv6 can boost mobile performance, battery life, proponents say

IPv6, the next version of the Internet Protocol, could make life easier and battery life longer for electronics-addicted consumers.

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