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iggy pop

Ticketmaster free tickets website off to rough start

Those outrageous Ticketmaster fees you've perhaps been paying for years have indeed been found to be outrageous, and now the company has been forced to dole out $400M in vouchers that can be used to pay for new tickets.

samsungunpacked 03

Why Google will not announce a VR headset at Google I/O 2016

Google might sell a partner’s VR headset, such as the HTC Vive, but predictions that it will build one are misguided.

emc world 2016 modernize

Top 5 observations from EMC World 2016

This year’s EMC user conference—the last before Dell becomes owner—marked a change of the guard and highlighted things to come.

050416blog star wars plane ama

On Star Wars Day, Japan’s ANA gives new flight to franchise's iconic theme song

Star Wars Day – May 4th – brings out the creative sides of those who love the cinematic series and marketers who recognize a viral opportunity when they see one.

032416blog first issue cover

Network World turns 30 today (please, no gifts)

The very first issue of Network World – 48 pages of glorious magazine print – was published on March 24, 1986.

U.S. Rep michael mccaul

Security, encryption experts: Congress is the answer to Apple v. FBI

Experts at RSA Conference say the law being used by the FBI is a stretch, one specifically addressing encryption is needed.

New Juniper Security CTO promises open framework for software defined network security

Kevin Walker says his experience with is helpful.

160302 d sk590 142

Setting the scene from RSAC 2016

Among the waves of noise, mutterings of threats, analysis, BYOD demands, the Great Fear of IoT, and the hyper-ptui of sales blather, I saw something at RSA. Call it a security crocus, that first brave flower of people paying attention....

brad smith crop

Microsoft's top lawyer defends encryption and Apple

Argues people can't be kept safe in the real world if they aren't safe online.

online security hacker

Hacking back will only get you in more trouble

Economic espionage is a serious problem with no demonstrably effective responses so far. But a panel of experts at the RSA conference agreed that hacking back is the worst of available options.

pat gelsinger

VMware CEO Gelsinger talks exec changes, Dell deal and his big security focus

At the RSA Conference, VMware demonstrates the security features of its NSX network virtualization product.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

US defense secretary talks offensive cyber-weapons and bug-bounty

Secretary of Defense Carter came prepared to have a substantive conversation with attendees of the RSA Congress led by Kleiner Perkins partner Ted Schlein.

Bryan Sartin

RSA: Verizon details data breaches from pirates to pwned water district

Verizon’s new Data Breach Digest tells stories about most common methods attackers used and how they were caught.

internet of things 2015

The IoT liability jumble

The endless complexity of the Internet of Things extends to legislative and regulatory efforts to manage its security. A legal panel at the RSA conference said effective standards and management of legal liability issues are likely...

maps location history

RSA: Geolocation shows just how dead privacy is

Attorney David Adler spells out how the collection of geolocation data makes invasion of personal privacy easy and incredibly detailed.

120215 hacker

Microsoft defends PCs, post network penetration

Because sometimes bad things happen, Microsoft is bringing the security fight inside.

chang and lynch credit steven max patterson

Attorney general and NSA director pitch cyber-security industry for cooperation

U.S. Cyber Command chief and NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers and United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch both took the stage at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco yesterday to appeal for cooperation with the...


NSA seeks to combine offense and defense in its spy efforts

NSA chief Michael Rogers argues against a presidential commission's proposal to restrict the NSA to foreign intelligence, and asks the tech industry for help

RSA keynotes 102334 cryptographers panel

World’s top cryptographers on encryption backdoors: No way

Backdoors to break into encrypted communications are a bad idea from a confidentiality point of view, but Congress needs to act to decide how to balance that with the needs of law enforcement to catch terrorists and major criminals,...

amit yoran

RSA president slams crypto backdoors as useful only against petty criminals

The message the security industry needs to bring to government is clear: do not put backdoors into encryption, according to the opening keynote of the RSA Conference 2016.

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