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WhatsApp leaves IBM’s SoftLayer cloud for Facebook data center: What it really means

Facebook’s decision to move WhatsApp off IBM’s SoftLayer cloud to its own data center shows it still makes sense to run some giant workloads on-premise.

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How Facebook plans to bring Messenger to business

Speaking at the Collision conference this week, Facebook’s Stan Chudnovsky said the company remains committed to making Messenger a multi-purpose platform.

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Can the iPhone make better AR than Facebook and Snapchat? | The iPhone Show

Facebook and Snapchat have big ambitions around mobile augmented reality, but Apple might be the company that makes it actually useful.

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Social media breaks more common among teens than you might think

I did wonder whether my youngest teenage son would return from a recent week-long service trip on which electronic devices were banned quivering from some sort of social media withdrawal, but he survived just fine and the salmon in...

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Facebook's text understanding AI is coming to a phone near you

Developers have a new tool to help mobile apps understand text, thanks to a Facebook open source project update on Tuesday. The social networking company’s AI research group released a new version of FastText, a programming library...

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Quick guide to where AR stands today

Over the past few months, there have been several augmented reality developments. Here’s a quick guide to what the big AR players are up to.

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Facebook diversifies VR development with JavaScript framework React VR

Facebook extends the React family of development tools to VR, diversifying and expanding VR development to the large JavaScript community.

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Facebook beats Apple to the punch with AR announcement

Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform is more than an ante in the Snapchat competition. SLAM promises to bring 3D AR to every smartphone.

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Facebook wants you to hang out with your friends in VR

Facebook is making it possible to hang out with your friends in virtual reality using Spaces , a new app the company launched Tuesday for the Oculus Rift. The app will allow people to join a shared, immersive video call, represented...

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Most notable tech leaders delivering 2017 college commencement addresses

You’d think ponying up for a technology leader to be your school’s commencement day speaker would be so much less of a hassle than going with a high profile politician such as President Donald Trump or his rival Hillary Clinton, yet...

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The ultimate upgrade to Amazon’s Alexa

What Amazon’s Alexa really needs is some human assistance. Enhance it with a human/AI hybrid service.


Facebook throws an open source hackathon

Last Friday, Facebook’s Cambridge, Mass., office played host to an open source hackathon around the theme of GraphQL, a sophisticated data-fetching query language originally developed by Facebook to help manage its vast stores of user...

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The look of a Facebook imposter

How false friends creep into your facebook community

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Facebook shareholders would have uphill climb ousting Zuckerberg from board

A move by a watchdog group and a small group of shareholders to oust Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his post as chairman would be an uphill battle that would be unlikely to succeed and could hurt the company, analysts said.

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How Facebook and Google are battling internet terrorism

Leading platform providers are exploring new ways to actively engage in counter-messaging, building on robust systems to flag and remove extremist content.

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The sky is streaming

What’s wireless and cloud-friendly? Internet service delivered from the sky. Next-generation internet access will reach millions of new users via balloons, drones and satellites.

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3 things you need to know to effectively scale your team

Building out a technology team is as important as it is challenging. By simplifying your way of thinking and focusing on key areas, you can help yourself through the process.

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Facebook and Google dominate list of most popular apps (again)

The eight most popular mobile apps in the United States are made by two tech giants. Facebook and Google dominated the app market in 2017 and continued a duopoly that's existed for years.

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