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An incredibly shrinking Firefox faces endangered species status

Mozilla's Firefox is in danger of hitting the endangered species list for browsers if current trends continue.

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Departing Firefox chief takes shots at doomsayers

Mozilla's head of Firefox took shots at doomsayers this week, calling those who wonder whether the iconic browser long ago peaked "dead wrong."

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After being dumped by Firefox, Google wants users back

After Google's share of the U.S. search market slipped in December, the company has been trying to entice Firefox users back to the fold.

Mozilla plans Firefox OS for wearables, targets Apple, Google

With Firefox OS for wearables, Mozilla wants to open up communication among all devices, regardless of OS

As Firefox turns 10, Mozilla trumpets privacy

Mozilla today trumpeted the 10th anniversary of Firefox and released an interim build of Firefox 33 that includes a new privacy tool and access to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

You might be surprised at which Web browser aced this security test

Microsoft IE9 blew away Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari in new tests by NSS Labs to measure the ability of web browsers to block malware and catch click fraud.

Microsoft exploits uproar over Firefox 4's retirement to beat IE drum

Addressing the IT furor over Mozilla's plan to pull support for Firefox 4, Microsoft issued an open letter affirming its commitment to support the current Internet Explorer edition through 2020.

Upgrade offer boosts Firefox 4 share by 30%

Last week's Firefox upgrade boosted the browser's market share by 30% in four days, putting it quickly ahead of Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 offering.

IE9 tops Firefox 4, if you just ignore all those Windows XP users

Microsoft hyped the release of Internet Explorer 9 as much as it could, but it wasn't enough to stop the juggernaut of Firefox 4. Within days, it was clear Mozilla won the war to get the most user downloads. But Microsoft complained...

Analysts: Firefox 4 security a step up

Mozilla this week released Firefox 4, the newest version of its free and open source Web browser. The product includes a number of features designed to enhance security.

Firefox 4 performance lags behind Chrome 10 and IE 9

When it comes to browsers, faster is better. Chrome 10 kicks the butts of the brand new Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 in benchmark tests run on my 2Ghz Intel-based Windows 7 PC. All three new editions of browsers released this...

Mozilla sets Firefox 4 release for Tuesday

Originally scheduled to ship last November, Firefox 4 will wrap up a development cycle that started in February 2010 with several developer previews, but began in earnest last July when Mozilla released the first of what would...

Mozilla likes HTML5 over Flash

Mozilla has joined the chorus in declaring HTML5 as the way of the future.While Mozilla isn't going quite as far as Apple - Flash is still supported in Firefox - vice president of production Jay Sullivan told The Register the Adobe...

Firefox Mobile arrives on Nokia N900 smartphones

The mobile version of the Firefox browser is now available to owners of the Nokia N900 smartphone, after several months of beta tests. Mozilla is also working on versions for smartphones running Windows Mobile and Android.

Porn plus Facebook can lead to embarrassment, perhaps worse

The mechanism behind a click-jacking attack that was spread by luring in Facebook users with a link to a porn site has the potential to do more damage than just embarrassing those who fall for it.

IE8 ship date gets pushed back to 2009

The current beta version of IE8 was released in August. Speculators at that time said this meant a final version would be ready in 2008. However, Microsoft yesterday promised that the next version of IE8 will be a release candidate...

Better privacy options in IE8 are good for the consumer, bad for online media companies

If your company depends on online advertising in any way -- either to produce revenue or to market products/services, beware of ad-blocking technologies in next-generation browsers. Firefox 3 offers its AdBlock Plus extension that...

Firefox SSL-certificate debate gets gnarly

Debate is reaching a fever pitch over a new security feature in Firefox 3.0 that throws out a warning page to users when a Web site's SSL certificate is expired or has not been issued by a trusted third party.

Mozilla's Firefox 3 sets geeky world record

It's official: Mozilla has set possibly the geekiest world record ever with the release of Firefox 3.

They knew Firefox 3 was coming so IE baked a cake

In what is becoming a traditional gesture of goodwill, the Microsoft IE team sent Mozilla a cake in honor of shipping Firefox 3, reports Ars Technica. The IE team apparently sent a cake to Mozilla in 2006, too, following the release...

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