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Cisco hosts containerized firewall on Catalyst switches to protect mixed IT/OT networks

Catalyst 9300 gains Cisco Secure Firewall ASA, packaged as a Docker container, to enable more simplified, secure segmentation of network resources.

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Akamai's new cloud firewall capabilities aim to protect network edge

Akamai's Prolexic network cloud firewall now offers the ability to customize access control lists and deploy them at network edges.

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Fortinet unveils custom ASIC to boost firewall performance, efficiency

Fortinet’s new custom chip, the FortiSP5, will power its converged network and security devices.

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Microsoft Azure launches DDoS IP protection for SMBs

DDoS IP Protection for SMBs is designed to provide enterprise-grade distributed denial of service protection at a price that's attractive to small and medium-size companies.

Co-workers wear protective face masks in a post-COVID office workspace.

New from Cisco: Workplace-safety service, branch office firewall

Cisco unwraps Secure Firewall 3100 Series and SmartWorkspace, monitoring that can locate free workplace meeting rooms, report on their occupancy, even their humidity.

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What is a network operations center (NOC)?

A NOC is a centralized location where IT professionals can troubleshoot, monitor and optimize enterprise networks

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Palo Alto launches cloud-native firewall service for AWS

Cloud NGFW for AWS enables organizations to shift security responsibility to Palo Alto, allowing them to speed cloud innovation while remaining secure, the vendor says.

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Troubleshooting puzzle: What caused the streaming to degrade?

Performance of streaming applications worked for years then suddenly dropped, apparently for no reason. Was it the firewalls?

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Top 7 next-generation firewall vendors

Pros and cons of NGFWs from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Check Point, Sophos, Juniper, SonicWall

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How to shop for firewalls

Next-gen firewalls: Automation, processing power, and a roadmap to future features are key considerations for enterprises looking to buy.