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Review: 12-inch Galaxy Note Pro is too big for its own good

Samsung's mega tablet wants to be both a tablet and a laptop, but it's too awkward for either purpose

AT&T KitKat upgrade made my Galaxy S4 worse

AT&T finally got around to issuing an upgrade to Android KitKat for their Samsung Galaxy S4s running Jelly Bean two weeks ago. Against my better judgment and after waiting about a week, I decided that maybe it could help with the...

Gear Fit: Samsung strikes again with its 'build one of any device' plan

Samsung was already on the path to global domination of the smartphone and tablet market when it unveiled another truckload of devices last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Phablet Phrenzy: Mobile World Congress heralds the triumph of the giant smartphone

This week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, has provided new confirmation of the biggest trend in mobile computing - the inexorable growth in handset size as smartphones increasingly morph into big-screen phablets....

Samsung tops in Android enterprise usage

More than half of Android devices being used in the enterprise are made by Samsung, according to a report from mobile device management company Fiberlink that surveyed more than 250,000 devices worldwide.

Samsung beefs up Knox mobile management software

One day after announcing the Galaxy S5 smartphone with a security-focused fingerprint scanner, Samsung announced that second-generation Knox software for enterprise-level security and management of Samsung devices will ship sometime...

Tip of the hat: Samsung's Galaxy 5 vs. the rest of the smartphone pack

Samsung on Monday added the much anticipated Galaxy S5 to its flagship line of smartphones during an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Mobile platforms with 8GB memory may be on the way

Vendors who have been calling tablets 'the new PCs' can now prove it. The development of 64-bit mobile processors opens the door for more addressable memory and PC-like performance on tablets and smartphones.

The iPhone cable that's always with you

There have been any number of times that I've been out somewhere, for example, at a client's office or a friend's house, and wanted to charge my iPhone 5S but the only cables around had 30-pin connectors. This will be a problem for...

Tizen, not Android, to run Samsung's next Gear smartwatch

Samsung on Monday will unveil its second-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch, this one running the open source Tizen operating system, not the Android software that runs the first-generation model, according to reports.

Samsung hints at new UI for upcoming Galaxy S5

Samsung Wednesday dropped a hint that its coming Galaxy S5 smartphone will have an updated user interface, possibly featuring simpler, flatter icons.

4 Android e-reader apps: The latest word in reading

Sometimes even a tablet is too much trouble to tote. These Android smartphone e-reader apps will make it easy to enjoy your favorite book wherever you go.

Samsung to offer 3 new tablets starting Feb. 13

Samsung announced that three of its latest four Galaxy tablet models running Android 4.4 (KitKat) will go on sale at U.S. retailers starting Feb. 13, with online orders starting today.

Samsung Galaxy Glass wearable could be unveiled in September

Samsung will unveil a Galaxy Glass wearable computer, a competitor to Google Glass, as early as September at the IFA trade show in Germany, according to unnamed officials quoted by a Korean news site.

Have we just seen Peak Samsung?

The concept of Peak Oil has gained currency in recent years to help consumers understand what it might mean for oil production to stop growing and begin a long, slow slide from its high point. There's no firm agreement on when -- or...

Just how cool is the Galaxy S 5 going to be, anyway?

Now that the Galaxy S 5 is well and truly on its way, the initial flood of rumors has dried up a little, leaving behind only a trickle of speculation with a thin film of doubt floating on top. It's like climbers getting to the top of...

Curviest new tech devices

Tech vendors are no longer playing it straight: Rather, they’re pumping out new smartphones, TVs and other devices in curvaceous new forms to better fit your hands or improve your view. Here’s a look at some of the most...

My Samsung Galaxy S4 once again fails to meet expectations

This will be my last article about how my technology worked on our Griswold family vacation over the holidays. I have already written about how my various devices performed during our journey from South Florida up to NY/NJ. For this...

Top vendors like Google, Apple hope to take smartwatches mainstream in 2014

The smartwatch phenomenon promises to blossom in 2014 as experts expect Google to launch a model by summer followed by Apple sometime in the fall. Even Microsoft is reportedly working on one.

Blazing Samsungs, or how not to handle a product return

Just picture it – you're walking down the street, not a care in the world, when suddenly your pocket starts to get warm. Have I left one of those hand warmers in there? Is a friend pranking me with a powerful laser? Where would my...

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