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Google Docs voice commands

Google Docs now lets you dictate formatting edits

Last year, Google introduced a Voice Typing feature for the desktop Web version of its Docs word processing software that let users dictate their documents. Now, it's getting upgraded with the ability to let people control document...

google docs templates

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides get better mobile commenting

One of the key components of the Google Apps productivity suite has been the tech giant's focus on providing collaboration tools so that people can work on the same document together, wherever they happen to be. Those capabilities got...

google drive photos

Google gives administrators more control over sharing Apps files

Google is continuing its push to make its Apps collaboration suite useful for enterprises with a new feature that lets administrators set how their users are able to share files.

google drive photos

Google makes it easier to manage a Drive stuffed with files

Google has made it easier for users of its Drive cloud storage product to move files around into exactly the right folder and store them to find later.

microsoft office vs. google docs android

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office: Which suite rules productivity on your Android tablet?

We break down the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you decide which apps to use for getting work done.

Google VS Microsoft

Microsoft Office vs Google Docs: The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet

I was reading ComputerWorld's Preston Gralla's article on Microsoft Office whipping Google Docs. I just don't see it. While I agree that you can't compare the feature set of power tools that MS Office gives you compared to the...

What happens when your Office 365 subscription runs out? Ransom

It's no secret that Microsoft would like to move as many customers as it can to a subscription model for Office instead of the traditional version installed on PCs. That was the impetus behind the restrictive licensing terms in...

Office 2003 is a bigger threat to Microsoft than Google Docs

Market research firm Forrester Research has just published a report that shows Microsoft has little to fear from the free office application suites gunning for Office's dominion, though the company will also have a devil of a time...

Open-Xchange takes aim at no less than Microsoft Office, Google Docs

As his interviewer stumbles for an appropriately careful term to describe the state of open-source office software development, Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange, offers to help.

Oxford University briefly blocks Google Docs in anti-phishing effort

Blamed 'persistent failures' by Google to stop abuse, but removed block after two hours

Oxford overreacts to phishing, temporarily blocks Google Docs

Fed up with phishers using Google Forms to commandeer campus email accounts as spam engines, Oxford University recently blocked access to Google Docs for two-and-a-half hours in what it called an "extreme action" designed to get the...

Review: Office Web Apps v. Google Docs

For years, folks looking for free online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations have turned to Google Docs. However, Microsoft recently released an updated set of Office Web Apps, accessible to individual users from their...

5 Free Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Small businesses don't always need Microsoft Office software for word processing, spreadsheets, email, database and publishing tools. We look at five free, open source alternatives to Microsoft Office.

UC&C observations on Google Drive

Google has entered the digital storage and collaboration market with Google Drive, the latest in a portfolio of Google services that extend beyond Google's traditional search business. Initially, Google Drive is accessible from PCs,...

You are the product for The Google

As of March 1, if you hadn't erased your Google Web History and switched the feature off, you will have made a big mistake because Google has set itself on a course that will allow the company to find out way too much about you ... at...

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business

The battle between Microsoft and Google for office cloud dominance reminds me of the clash of the Titans. Microsoft and its classic on-premises business model is like Gaia, the earth goddess, and Google with its disruptive lightening...

Pharmaceutical firm retires Microsoft environment for cloud services

Amag Pharmaceuticals, based in Lexington, Mass., has almost eliminated its internal server network, and couldn't be happier about it. That's because the company, with about 240 employees, is now largely riding on cloud services.

Microsoft matches Google Docs with collaboration in Word Web App

Microsoft closed the gap between its Office Web Apps and Google Docs somewhat today by adding co-authoring to the free Word Web App, letting multiple users edit a document simultaneously in the Web browser.

Who needs a cloud? Microsoft sold 31 million copies of Office 2010

Microsoft is lording it over its cloud computing competitors with big sales of Office 2010.

Nonprofit treats Microsoft Outlook frustration with Google Apps

Frustration with Microsoft Outlook and a free offer lured one nonprofit to Google Apps.

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