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Somehow, AWS and cloud growth continues to accelerate

Amazon leads cloud vendors to even faster growth at huge scale -- is there anything left for data centers?

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Google's Partner Interconnect connects SMBs to its data centers

Google is partnering with ISPs to provide a direct connection between a SMB data center and Google's hybrid cloud platform.

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Most powerful Internet of Things companies

The Internet of Things is predicted to grow to a $1.4 trillion market by 2020, which means there are opportunities for big businesses to make a lot of money. These are the most powerful IoT companies that will be shaping this growing...

machine learning ai artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence may not need networks at all

Teaching AI machine learning systems that they don’t need a lot of resources could make neural networks portable and reduce data transmission costs.

hybrid clouds

Cisco, Google partner to simplify hybrid cloud deployments

The Cisco-Google hybrid cloud solution can help businesses connect on-premises data centers to Google Cloud Platform.

Data center in the clouds virtualization

Google, Scale Computing partner for easier hybrid cloud deployment

Google and Scale Computing have created a platform called Cloud Unity, which makes it easier to use Google Cloud Platform as your data center backup.

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Mingis on Tech: Android vs. iOS – How they stack up

Android blogger JR Raphael and Apple expert Michael deAgonia get ... animated, shall we say ... as they tackle the basics of which mobile OS is better when it comes to security, updates, app stores, customization and innovation. Can...

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Mingis on Tech: What makes Android 8.0 'Oreo' special?

Android blogger JR Raphael gives us a rundown on the cool and useful new features in Android 8.0, better known as Oreo.

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You can now plug your data center directly into Google cloud

Google’s new cloud connectivity option, Interconnect Dedicated, lets customers connect their networks directly to its cloud.

google cloud

Google finally gains traction in cloud services

Google triples the number of major cloud deals year over year, gains large enterprise customers from regulated sectors.

google transfer appliance

Google develops high-capacity cloud data transfer device

With a Google Transfer Appliance you can transfer up to 480TB of data relatively quickly to Google Cloud.

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Google’s machine-learning cloud pipeline explained

You’ll be dependent on TensorFlow to get the full advantage, but you’ll gain a true end-to-end engine for machine learning

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Google’s AI shifts from the next platform to its next products

At Google I/O, Google bids to keep users on its platform longer with faster hardware and the Google Home/Assistant conversational interface.

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Here's how Google is preparing Android for the AI-laden future

The future of Android will be a lot smarter, thanks to new programming tools that Google unveiled on Wednesday. The company announced TensorFlow Lite, a version of its machine learning framework that’s designed to run on smartphones...

Gmail Google Mail

Google adds smart reply to Gmail for iOS, Android

Google is making it easier for people to dash off a quick email reply from Gmail on their smartphones. The Smart Reply feature, which offers a handful of contextually-aware, computer-generated responses, is coming to Google’s flagship...

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Google's new TPUs are here to accelerate AI training

Google has made another leap forward in the realm of machine learning hardware. The tech giant has begun deploying the second version of its Tensor Processing Unit, a specialized chip meant to accelerate machine learning applications,...

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Google I/O 2017: What to expect from this year's developer's conference

We already know that Android O will be a hot topic of discussion, but what else does Google have hiding up its sleeves?

google io 2017

Google I/O 2017: AI, IoT and VR/AR predictions

Artificial intelligence will be a major theme at Google I/O 2017 as Google focuses on growing its new business segments: cloud, IoT, VR and AR.

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