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Running LEDs in reverse could cool computers

The miniaturization of electronics is reaching its limits in part because of heat management. Many are now aggressively trying to solve the problem. A kind of reverse-running LED is one avenue being explored.

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Poor data-center configuration leads to severe waste problem

Old servers don’t just burn electricity; they contribute heavily to toxicity of the environment.

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Computers could soon run cold, no heat generated

Transistors, superconductors, and chip design have all seen efficiency breakthroughs this year. So much so, that we may see the cold-running computer before too long.

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Data centers are set to grow and become more complex, survey finds

Companies will invest more in building and renovating data centers and will look to alternative energy sources to power them, a new AFCOM survey finds.

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Wave energy to power undersea data centers

Ocean Energy's ability to create electricity from seawater may prove to be the most efficient and eco-friendly way to bring edge computing to coastal population centers.

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Excess data center heat is no longer a bug -- it’s a feature!

A small town in Norway is experimenting with using heat generated by a new data center to warm homes and businesses.

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Solar power costs half what coal costs

One megawatt-hour of solar-produced electricity in North America currently costs $50, compared to $102 for coal-originating power, according to new analysis.

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New solar panel creates power from rain, as well as sunlight

Data centers located in poor weather climates may be able to harness the power of sun and rain using a hybrid panel developed by scientists at Soochow University.

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New tech harvests electricity out of thin air

Internet of Things sensors and communications gear could be powered by air temperature fluctuations, inventors from MIT say.

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Microsoft, Daimler to use fuel cells to power data centers

Microsoft and Daimler say hydrogen fuel cells could provide better energy solutions for data centers than existing electrical grid and backup power technology.

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Researchers developing building-free data centers

A new outdoor server farm concept that uses vats of liquid-cooled computers instead of buildings could be literally located in farmland.

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First self-powered data center opens

Aruba S.p.A. operates its zero-impact data center using ‘a river of energy’ hydroelectric plant, solar panels and chilling underground water.

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Space-radiated cooling cuts power use 21%

Radiative sky cooling sends heat from buildings into space to be chilled. Electricity use ultimately will be slashed compared to traditional cooling, say scientists.

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Data center provider Equinix bets big on fuel cells

In an effort to become 100% reliant on renewable fuels, Equinix is turning to natural gas-powered fuel cells from Bloom Energy to power 12 of its U.S. data centers.

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Embrace the heat: Data center tips for summer operations

Summer and the heat it brings can be trouble for the data center without proper planning and precautions.

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