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A robotic hand activates/manages a network of integrated security.
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CHIPS and Science Act becomes law, as US chipmaking investments rise

Subsidies and investment for US silicon manufacturing will mean jobs and a lessened dependence on East Asia for badly needed semiconductors, according to the Biden administration.

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AMD: The phoenix of tech

Left for dead five years ago, AMD has engineered a stunning comeback, but there is more to do.

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How to choose an edge gateway

With the processing and analyzing of data happening closer to the endpoints that gather it, edge gateways are becoming essential. Here’s what you need to look for in edge gateways and who can provide them.

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Intel's 2nd-gen neuromorphic chip is 10x smarter than the first

With the Loihi 2 neuromorphic chip, machines can perform application processing, problem-solving, adaptation,and learning much faster than before.

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Intel: Under attack, fighting back on many fronts

Intel faces challengers AMD, Arm, Nvidia and others as it implements a new fabrication strategy, develops new classes of processors, and embraces competitors as customers.

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Working around a memory leak in Cisco Cat 9000 switches

With switches crashing and causing network outages, we found two workarounds that kept the network going until Cisco found a permanent fix.

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White boxes in the enterprise: Why it’s not crazy

Integrating white-box switches and routers into business networks has its challenges, but properly scaled and vetted deployments can save money.

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The chip shortage is real, but driven by more than COVID

Demand for lower-end processors and a belief that the supply chain would never fail have fueled shortages.

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CEO Gelsinger shakes up Intel

Big changes at Intel include two new business units and splitting of an existing one to focus on data center, networking, and software.

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IT vendors push on-prem, pay-per-use hardware

Cisco, Dell, HPE, and others are ramping up efforts to deliver usage-based pricing models and managed services for on-prem servers, storage and networking gear.

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Nvidia competitor Graphcore preps US initiative

UK-based startup Graphcore believes its AI-focused processor can take on GPU Goliath Nvidia.

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Arm's latest: A CPU design to better serve AI, ML

The new Arm9 microarchitecture from Arm will cater to the demands of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and add security features.

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Scientists work to lower costs of using quantum computers

Superconductor researchers at MIT are working on the nano-cryotron, a computer switch that could reduce the cost of making and running quantum computers.

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Objections mount to Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm

Big names are urging antitrust officials to intervene in Nvidia's $40 billion bit to buy Arm.

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Samsung adds an AI processor to its High-Bandwidth memory to ease bottlenecks

Samsung claims its new HBM-PIM power-in-memory architecture will more than double system performance and reduce energy consumption by over 70%.

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