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The Open Compute Project is quickly gaining ground

Sales figures from companies participating in the Open Compute Project are starting to come in, and they are close to what was forecasted in 2017 and growing.

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Western Digital launches SSDs for different enterprise use cases

Western Digital, a company synonymous with hard-disk technology, introduced a pair of SSDs for markedly different use -- the Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 NVMe SSD and the Western Digital CL SN720 NVMe SSD.

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Arm introduces Neoverse high-performance CPUs for servers, 5G

The first two chips in Arm Holdings’ cloud-to-edge platform, Neoverse N1 and Neoverse E1, promise greater performance and improved power efficiency.

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HP's President's Day Sale Continues With up to 56% off Select Products - Deal Alert

For the next few days, HP's online store is offering some steep discounts on laptops, desktops, printers and other products you might have had your eye on.

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Light-based computers to be 5,000 times faster

New light absorption techniques in semiconductors get clock rates 5,000 times quicker than current PCs. It’s one more step towards an all-light computing environment.

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How to harden Windows workstations and servers from attack

Use these basic settings to make it harder for attackers to Windows hardware.

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Intel promotes Swan to CEO, bumps off Itanium, and eyes Mellanox

Intel announced the promotion of CFO Bob Swan to CEO, ending a seven-month search, set a deadline for the life of its Itanium processor, and is looking to buy Mellanox.

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SGI tech lives on in the form of a French AI-focused supercomputer

Old SGI technology lives on in Jean Zay, an HPE SGI 8600 supercomputer designed for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads.

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How to monitor activity on your Linux server

The watch, top, and ac commands provide some effective ways to oversee what is happening on your Linux servers.

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Time to stock up on memory; prices to fall 20% this quarter

Contract prices for server DRAM are expected to fall by more than 20 percent this quarter thanks to slow demand and over production.

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Huawei introduces AI-driven data center switch

Huawei's new data center switches, the CloudEngine 16800 series, use an AI-powered chip to improve network operations.

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Intel announces new data center processors and more

New Xeons, AI processors, and 5G capabilities are among the announcements Intel made at CES this week.

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Server sales projected to slow, while memory prices drop

Global server shipments are expected to slow down as new processors appear on the horizon, according to TrendForce. Meanwhile, an oversupply of NAND flash memory causes prices to drop.

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Why does Mellanox have four potential suitors?

Microsoft, Xilinx, Intel, and Broadcom are all reportedly interested in acquiring network chip maker Mellanox.

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10 things the perfect IoT battery should do

Battery and power issues could slow the spread of the Internet of Things. Here’s a list of the capabilities IoT batteries need to make sure that doesn’t happen.


New chip techniques are needed for the new computing workloads

With complex new computing workloads becoming the norm, and Moore's Law approaching its limit, it's time to rethink how we create computer processors.

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Investigator finds no evidence of spy chips on Super Micro motherboards

A third-party organization tested a sampling of Super Micro motherboards and found no evidence of any spy chips.

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Computers could soon run cold, no heat generated

Transistors, superconductors, and chip design have all seen efficiency breakthroughs this year. So much so, that we may see the cold-running computer before too long.

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