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Your hardware order is ready. Do you want cables with that?

Cabling is as important as hardware. So, the next time you purchase hardware, pre-owned or new, remember to give the same consideration to the cables you purchase.

Network Networking Ethernet

Increased programmability brings more options to networks

Arista’s 7170 programmable network switch with Barefoot Tofino silicon enables customers to deploy one system in multiple ways.


What’s quantum computing [and why enterprises need to care]

Quantum computing is moving from science fiction to reality. Here’s what enterprise IT planners should know.


Why NVMe over Fabric matters

With NVMe over Fabric, a big limitation on SSDs in the enterprise is going away. This will be worth the upgrade.

chuck robbins cisco ceo

Cisco CEO trumpets Catalyst 9K advances, software business success

CEO Chuck Robbins talks about the shift to subscriptions for Cisco services, the company's cloud strategy, intent-based networking

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How Cisco’s Multigigabit Technology can increase network speeds

Cisco's Catalyst Multigigabit switches with NBASE-T will help users get more than 1 gig of speed from their existing infrastructure -- without having to rip everything up and replace it.

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Will Huawei become a pawn in a high-stakes U.S.-China technology war?

Huawei faces potential sanctions by the U.S. that could draw it in to a larger technology confrontation between the U.S. and China

2 data center servers

Cavium launches ThunderX2 ARM-based server processors

Cavium claims its ThunderX2 server processors have superior price-performance compared with its Intel Skylake counterparts.

HP Hewlett Packard Enterprise new signs

HPE's new Nimble flash arrays offer storage guarantee, NVMe and SCM support

HPE is rolling out the next generation of its Nimble Storage platform, overhauled to better meet the ever-increasing performance demands on data center workloads including real-time web analytics, business intelligence, and...

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Intel job posting hints at major overhaul to the processor core

Intel has hired some top talent and is looking for more, raising speculation that it is going to redesign its Core-branded CPU architecture.

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5 reasons to buy refurbished Cisco equipment

Shiny new Cisco equipment is appealing, but it is also pricey and could be overkill. Meanwhile, refurbished network equipment has many benefits you might be overlooking.


Is Facebook looking to build its own data center chips?

A job listing on Facebook has some speculating that the social media company is building a team to design its own semiconductors, ending their reliance on Intel.

cray cs500 supercomputer

Cray reunites with AMD for new supercomputers

Cray just announced the Cray CS500 product line featuring AMD's Epyc 7000 processor.


Intel FPGAs step toward mainstream in Dell, Fujitsu enterprise servers

With Dell and Fujitsu putting Intel Arria 10 GX programmable acceleration cards into off-the-shelf servers for the data center, enterprises should find it easier to tap the benefits of FPGAs.

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Closing the PC/TC experience gap for good

Digital transformation can be much easier while remaining secure – certain entrenched preconceptions just have to transform first.


Malicious IoT hackers have a new enemy

A robot called HoneyBot, designed by researchers at Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, can fool bad actors into believing they have compromised an IoT device and send alerts of the attack to hasten defensive...

nvidia dgx 2

Nvidia packs 2 petaflops of performance in a single compact server

At its GPU Technology Conference this week, Nvidia took the wraps off a new DGX-2 system it claims is the first to offer multi-petaflop performance in a single server, thus greatly reducing the footprint to get to true...

Cisco Nexus 9615

Cisco emboldens its disaggregation strategy

Cisco is separating the operating system and applications from the underlying hardware, and it is making it possible to host apps on certain switches and routers.

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