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Private data centers still alive and kicking

Cisco's Global Cloud Index indicates public cloud services are growing rapidly, but so are private clouds.

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Leveraging a hybrid cloud model to cope with data growth

For most businesses that rely on their data for their core competence, it’s safe to say that some type of hybrid cloud architecture will serve best.

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Cloud strategy: hybrid and multi cloud are not the same

But IT ops Is stuck in between the two.

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Multicloud mania: what to know

Multicloud puts more emphasis than ever on connectivity itself, which makes networking itself more relevant.

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Cisco unveils container management on HyperFlex

Cisco Container Platform brings order to containers and enables applications to run the same way on premises as they do in public clouds.

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Cisco HyperFlex prepares businesses for a hybrid, multi-cloud world

Cisco HyperFlex 3.0 includes several new features that let businesses migrate to a hybrid, multi-cloud model and maintain visibility, application performance and scalability.

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Cisco acquires Skyport Systems to bolster its hybrid cloud positioning

Skyport will bring some unique technology to Cisco, making it easier for businesses to secure and manage hybrid cloud environments.

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Large enterprises abandon data centers for the cloud

At AWS re:Invent, big, traditional companies say they want to abandon their data centers and move to cloud computing.

What does hybrid cloud mean in practice?

Cloud providers and the big players in enterprise IT are pairing up to tempt organizations seeking a route to a hybrid future

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The cloud is here to stay

While embracing a hybrid cloud environment drives positive outcomes – it helps enhance flexibility, productivity and engagement, for starters – it can be tough to know where to start. Here are some key steps to take as you begin your...

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5 predictions for the hybrid cloud market in 2018

The public cloud computing gets the most attention, but private and hybrid cloud have been growing, as well, and are expected to gain importance in 2018 and beyond.

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Making digitalization work

Complexity, the pace of innovation and dynamic systems make digitalization a real challenge.

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Resiliency in the age of cloud services

Introducing cloud service redundancy starts with managing application workload: how do you direct work across multiple cloud service providers?

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Why hybrid cloud will turn out to be a transition strategy

Hybrid cloud computing is hot right now, but its long-term future is … cloudy at best.

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How to better manage mixed data center environments

There are tools and methods to help IT teams better understand how their cloud infrastructure is performing.

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The benefits of multi-cloud computing

The model of using multiple cloud services to house your business’s functions and features has an impressive list of advantages.

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Amazon and Google make it easier to connect to the cloud

As more organizations look to enable hybrid cloud computing, a big question remains: How do I connect my network to the cloud? This week Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services each released new products that make that process...

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Cisco aims to simplify multi-cloud deployments

Cisco’s new portfolio of solutions takes the complexity out of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, reduces costs and speeds up time to market.

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The multiple cloud mindset

Utilizing multiple clouds has become commonplace, but as a strategy it’s not without pitfalls.

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IBM’s latest private cloud is built on Kubernetes, and is aimed at Microsoft

IBM announced a new version of its private cloud platform that supports the popular open source application container platform Kubernetes.

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