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What’s really behind the Cisco-Google hybrid cloud partnership

Cisco and Google have teamed up on a hybrid cloud partnership that will allow IT managers and application developers to use Cisco tools to manage their on-premises environments and link it up with Google’s public IaaS cloud. But...

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Fidelity Investment’s key to hybrid cloud: Application flexibility

How Fidelity Investments is evolving its application-development strategy to adapt to the future of infrastructure

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What is hybrid cloud computing?

How to architect a hybrid cloud and what Amazon, Microsoft and Google mean by hybrid

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Mixing and matching massively hybrid applications: the future of cloud

Numerous hybrid cloud studies tell us that companies aren’t choosing just one IaaS vendor. Instead, they’re choosing multiple, but they tend to think of the building blocks of choosing more than one as full applications. Really...


Oracle leverages machine learning to manage, secure enterprise systems

Oracle Management Cloud suite provides real-time, proactive monitoring and outage prevention, and Oracle Identity SOC helps forecast, detect and resolve security threats.

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Google, Scale Computing partner for easier hybrid cloud deployment

Google and Scale Computing have created a platform called Cloud Unity, which makes it easier to use Google Cloud Platform as your data center backup.

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How the hybrid cloud has made the digital transformation possible

Competition in the 21st Century economy is fierce. Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever, as we all carry around more computing power in our pockets than Neil Armstrong took to the moon—and potential customers pay attention to...

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How will you connect AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to your SD-WAN?

How will SD-WAN connect to the cloud? SD-WAN technologies have different approaches to their ease of implementation with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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Arista reaches for the hybrid clouds

Arista Any Cloud brings consistency to the cloud network and reduces complexity, so network professionals can deploy networks in hybrid clouds like they do in data centers.

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Iron Mountain introduces cloud backup and management service

Iron Mountain’s hybrid cloud solution, Iron Cloud, serves both on-premises and cloud storage services.

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Private cloud use grows, and ZeroStack wants to help spin them up

ZeroStack CEO David Greene discusses the accelerated growth of private clouds, why companies are turning to them, and the role ZeroStack plays in their deployment.

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You can now plug your data center directly into Google cloud

Google’s new cloud connectivity option, Interconnect Dedicated, lets customers connect their networks directly to its cloud.

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Dell EMC flexes some HCI muscle at VMworld 2017

Dell EMC and VMware announced two joint solutions, VxRail 4.5 and VxRack, enabling users to take advantage of HCI and quickly integrate it with existing VMware software.

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On-premises data center spending drops in priority

The cloud is having an impact on data center spending, according to a new Computer Economics survey. Bad news for HPE, Dell EMC and Lenovo.

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The future of disaster recovery lies in a future without the public internet

What are the building blocks of an effective DR strategy? And, with cyberattacks like ransomware and DDoS escalating at an alarming clip, how can enterprises implement a DR strategy that’s able to keep pace with this threat?

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8 steps to IT control in a self-service cloud world

How the “Minimum Viable Operating Model” (MVOM) allows IT to harness the cloud securely

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Oracle expands database offering to its cloud services

Oracle’s Exadata can now split your database between on-premises and the cloud.

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IoT hype cycle antidote: Sitting with the engineers

Internet of Things CTO Joe Biron explains how to engineer IoT for innovative customers now and in the future.

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Data center construction increases thanks to the cloud

New research shows data center construction increased 43% in North America due to cloud computing companies needing more server space.

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The very real dangers of betting on hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud architectures are very popular right now, but they could turn out to be little more than a transitional strategy.

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