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cloud security

AWS secures access to cloud apps without using VPNs

AWS Verified Access uses Zero Trust principles to authenticate application requests.


Global cloud spending expected to jump 21.7% as IaaS leads the way

Infrastructure-as-a-service is fueling global end-user spending on cloud services, according to the latest forecast by Gartner.

9 systems theory global crash outage

AWS and Alexa services back online after outage

Users could not complete the account signup process and also received error messages on their billing console.


AWS to invest $8.9 billion across its regions in Australia by 2027

The company, which operates cloud regions across Sydney and Melbourne, will invest the majority share or approximately $7.45 billion to spruce up infrastructure in Sydney as part of the move.

CIO | Middle East  >  Qatar  >  Doha  >  The Pearl [artificial island]

Google picks Qatar for second Middle Eastern cloud region

The new Middle East availability region, in Doha, joins an existing one in Tel Aviv; a third is planned.

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Microsoft customers locked out of Azure and M365 services due to geolocation error

Microsoft was forced to apologize on Thursday after implementing a change that saw customers around the globe unable to access its services.

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HPE Aruba, Microsoft Azure, and reelyActive speed streaming of IoT data to the cloud

Aruba IoT Transport for Azure is a service that converts multiple types of IoT data into formats that are compatible with applications in the Azure cloud.

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Melbourne home to AWS’ second region in Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expected to support more than 2,500 new jobs with the opening of the Melbourne region, and is planning to invest an additional $4.5 billion in Australia by 2037.


AWS pledges $35 billion of additional investment for Virginia data centers

Despite the challenges its US-EAST-1 region has faced in recent years, AWS plans to establish multiple data center campuses in the state by 2040.

SD-WAN adoption

Cisco updates SD-WAN to simplify provisioning, management

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions, enabling greater redundancy and failover-centric network designs.

cloud saas

Cisco tightens its SD-WAN integration with Microsoft Azure

Cisco SD-WAN customers can use Microsoft’s Azure Virtual WAN and its multi-region fabric for worldwide, regional connectivity

5G mobile wireless network technology / connections

AWS (sort of) brings private 5G to market

New private 5G managed service from AWS lets enterprises kick the tires on a private mobile network, but so far it only supports 4G LTE.

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UK data centers can’t handle the heat

Multiple UK-based cloud data centers suffered outages this week, as record temperatures hit the country.

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AWS WAN service aims to simplify global network deployments

AWS Cloud WAN service supports SD-WAN packages from Aruba, Aviatrix, Checkpoint, Cisco Meraki, Prosimo and VMware.

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How to reduce cloud costs

These tools and services can help organizations get their arms around spiraling monthly charges for cloud services

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AWS moves towards quantum networking

AWS Center for Quantum Networking will focus on communication hardware, software and apps

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AWS turns-up mainframe-migration service

AWS Mainframe Modernization, offers a set of tools for migrating and running mainframe workloads in the cloud

youtube tv

Google Cloud launches Media CDN based on YouTube’s network

Google Cloud has launched a new content distribution network which combines YouTube’s global network infrastructure with developer tools and machine learning-powered analytics.

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