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IBM Z mainframe
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ibm cloud lab

IBM launches private IoT analytics cloud platform

IBM's Cloud Private for Data brings the same flexibility and elasticity of the public cloud to your data center.

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IBM’s Watson, known for AI, takes on IoT

IBM Watson Assistant is a new artificial intelligence assistant designed to work with autonomous and IoT devices, including vehicles, hotel room devices, and home devices.

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Most powerful Internet of Things companies

The Internet of Things is predicted to grow to a $1.4 trillion market by 2020, which means there are opportunities for big businesses to make a lot of money. These are the most powerful IoT companies that will be shaping this growing...

cloud computing - metal gears - hybrid - private and public combination - sealed and open

New IBM platform turns your data center into a cloud

What if you could flip a switch and turn your stodgy old data center full of legacy apps into a cloud-enabled one capable of migrating apps and data to the public cloud with ease by containerizing your legacy apps? IBM says it has...

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IBM cranks up flash storage for greater capacity and speed

IBM says its new all-flash systems provide three times the storage capacity in the same space as the current FlashSystem 900 and reduce data capacity costs by 60%.

artificial intelligence / machine learning

AI and IoT: Like peanut butter and chocolate?

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are two hot trends that become even more powerful together.

IBM Z mainframe

Docker brings containers to mainframes

With Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06, containers can now run on IBM z Systems mainframes running Linux.

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