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Pennsylvania sues IBM over troubled $110M IT upgrade

Pennsylvania is suing IBM over a never-finished $110 million IT upgrade to its unemployment compensation system. Such large-scale projects often run into trouble.

spam trends

Old nemesis spam becoming significant way for attackers to subvert data

Spam is once again raising its ugly head as a chief way for attackers to grab protected data. IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence group said today that one of the key findings from its forthcoming Threat Intelligence Index for 2017 is...

man computer headset speech recognition

IBM technology moves even closer to human speech recognition parity

IBM this week said its speech recognition system set an industry record of 5.5% word error rate, a percentage that lets a computer understand human conversation almost as well as the average person does. According to IBM human parity...

20170308 ibm dense atomic storage researchers

IBM fits a bit on an atom, eyeing ever-smaller devices

While many IT departments grapple with big data, IBM says it has the smallest data in the world: one bit on one atom. Researchers at IBM have written and read a bit of data on a single atom using magnetism, a feat they say is a world...

benioff rometty

IBM-Salesforce deal will bring Watson data into applications

Watson and Einstein are teaming up, and IBM and Salesforce hope the pairing proves as smart as it sounds. The two companies are working together to bring information from IBM systems into Salesforce’s products through a series of...

IBM quantum processor system

IBM's new Q program to include a 50-qubit quantum computer

A new services program called Q at IBM will be remarkable: in a few years it will have a quantum computer with more than 50 qubits, which should push conventional computers one step closer to the trash heap.

hr people promotion talent management

Face-off: SAP vs. IBM for talent management

Considering talent management software? Download this free report for side-by-side comparisons of rival products from SAP and IBM, based on reviews written by enterprise users of the products.


IBM, Vermont Electric spawn intelligent energy software company

IBM today said it would partner with Vermont Electric Power to create Utopus Insights to research develop and product intelligent analytic software for the energy industry. IBM said Utopus will bring to market a full-featured energy...

IBM Watson IoT center in Munich

IBM and Visa plot to monetize IoT with sensor-driven invisible transactions

Visa's turning to IBM so it can scale up beyond the billions of transactions it already processes - and wants to use a combination of IoT and AI so that the buyer barely notices

private cloud

IBM delivers machine learning on the private cloud

IBM has unveiled IBM Machine Learning, a new cognitive platform that brings the power of machine learning to z System mainframes and eventually IBM POWER System.


IBM’s Watson teams up with its SIEM platform for smarter, faster event detection

IBM’s Watson supercomputer can now consult with the company’s security information and event management (SIEM) platform to deliver well researched responses to security events and do so much faster than a person.

machine learning cloud ai artifical intelligence

IBM's Watson powers Invoca's call analysis suite

Frontier Communications uses Invoca's IBM Watson-powered Voice Marketing Cloud to analyze customer calls and understand the buyer's intent.

spark summit

What’s next for open-source Spark?

A crowd of more than 1,500 gathered Wednesday in Boston to hear about the future for the open-source big data engine.


Gartner: Algorithm-based technology patents are raging

Gartner wrote that according to a worldwide search on analytics vendor Aulive, nearly 17,000 patents applied for in 2015 mentioned "algorithm" in the title or description, versus 570 in 2000. Including those mentioning "algorithm"...

top and bottom images of the silicon based mmwave

IBM and Ericsson tout 5G array advance for IoT, virtual reality

IBM and Ericsson said the end result of a two-year collaboration is a silicon-based 5G millimeterWave (mmWave) phased array circuit that can operate at 28GHz and offer very high data rates for Internet of Things, virtual reality and...

mobile first

How IBM plans to expand MobileFirst for iOS program

IBM's MobileFirst for iOS initiative is now well into its third year. The head of the program and two of its customers talk to about progress, challenges and plans for 2017.

ibm irs 2

IBM Watson wants to do your tax returns

If anyone can make sense of the over 74,000 pages of the US tax code, IBM’s Watson can. Or at least that’s the plan as Big Blue has teamed up its Watson cognitive supercomputer with the tax return specialists at H&R Block to help...

apple mobility 2

Apple's Mobility Partner Program comes out of hiding

You won’t find many public references by Apple to its Mobility Partner Program, an expanding effort by the company to unite with software developers/integrators to boost sales of iPhones and iPads to businesses. But the veil of...


Cisco fosters Blockchain protocol development, IBM shows why technology could relieve security anxiety

Cisco has helped form a consortium to develop blockchain that could secure Internet of Things applications and more while new study by IBM shows why the technology could become invaluable for businesses worldwide.

s822lc hpc detail shot

IBM brings Google's AI tools to its powerful computers

Google has cool technology to recognize images and speech, and IBM's hardware can diagnose diseases and beat humans in Jeopardy.

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