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Salesforce warns customers of malware attack

A new version of the Dyreza online banking Trojan is stealing log-in credentials

LinkedIn beefs up account security with session management, detailed alerts

LinkedIn now allows users to see and terminate their authenticated sessions from multiple devices

K-12 schools can make the grade with identity and access management

School districts across the country are looking for ways to stretch their meager funding. An identity and access management system can help the IT budget go the distance by reducing the man-hours needed to create and manage student...

Identity and access management as a cloud-based service eliminates time, pain and cost

Gartner says that identity and access management offered as a cloud-based service (IDaaS) is an up-and-coming market for a growing need. As more enterprises utilize more applications as a service (SaaS), they need an easy way to...

Startup debuts with cloud-based open-source identity and access management software

Startup ForgeRock makes its official debut today with cloud-based open-source identity and access management (IAM) software called Open Identity Stack intended to be used by enterprises and service providers to enable centralized...

How Belo Corp. got its IAM system implemented in just six weeks

When the TV broadcasting company Belo Corp. separated from a sister company, the IT department had to build a fully functional identity and access management system in short time. Belo contracted Identity Automation to devise an...

Identity access intelligence solutions pinpoint access privilege abuse

The more things change, the more they stay the same -- at least when it comes to managing access to corporate data resources. When I started as an internal IT auditor some 20 years ago, it was a real challenge to fully understand who...

Cloud, BYOD Increases Need for Automated IAM Systems

As traditional security concepts of perimeter and end-point defense break down as a result of the proliferation of cloud services and the BYOD phenomenon, enterprises are increasingly feeling the need for greater control over access...

Expert advice on implementing role-based access control (RBAC)

Role-based access control can improve enterprise security, reduce employee downtime and improve the efficiency of resource provisioning and access control policy administration. Here's expert advice on implementing RBAC in your...

RSA and McAfee add cloud security offerings

Cloud security options are set to widen today as RSA teams with Microsoft and Citrix to support use of RSA SecurID authentication, and separately, McAfee unveils enhancements to the McAfee Cloud Security Platform.

Who are you? Non? Anon?

Gibbs ponders anonymity. At least, it might be Gibbs ... how would you know?

Saving identity

Last issue I quoted two industry visionaries, Courion's Chris Zannetos and Netmesh's Johannes Ernst, on the troubles within the identity world -- both the enterprise side and the user-centric side. They painted a bleak picture of...

Identity problems -- speed bump or brick wall?

So far it hasn't been a great year for identity and those in the business of identity.

Peeking over the IAM horizon

Ireland's Research and Markets issued a report last month ("Business and Technology Issues in IAM") with this premise: The extended enterprise needs a comprehensive identity layer.

ZORKing Identity

When I look back to what was in the newsletter 10 years ago, as I do once a month, I frequently feel that I've been dropped into an adventure game featuring "...a maze of twisty little passages, all alike" because we never seem to be...

The government really is here to help

Back in June the U.S. government issued a draft of The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. A number of good friends in the so-called user-centric identity community attended meetings where the draft was...

What does 2011 hold for identity management?

Today we’ll take one more look at some predictions for identity management and identity and access management (IAM) in the coming year.

ID management predictions from the Great White North

More predictions this issue, but we head to the great white north (Calgary) for these from Hitachi-ID's CTO, Idan Shoham. Interestingly, Idan hedges his bet with this disclaimer: "I'm more engineer than gambler, so I predict that half...

User provisioning: right access to the right people

Last issue we touched on a new definition for identity. Today I'd like to present the definitive view of the first, both historically as well as in the context of adding identity and access management (IAM) to your organization. User...

Cloud identity service gets provisioning, management

Cloud identity provider Symplified Tuesday added provisioning and management capabilities to its service platform that lets users bridge between their in-house directories and cloud-based applications.

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