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Linux Foundation works toward improved data-center efficiency

The Linux Foundation Open Programmable Infrastructure Project seeks to make it easier to offload tasks from CPUs and onto DPUs and IPUs for more efficient data centers.

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High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) delivers impressive performance gains

Chip-level breakthrough boosts supercomputers and artificial intelligence (AI) applications

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Broadcom targets enterprise infrastructure with $61B VMware acquisition

The chipmaker’s acquisition of VMware is the latest in a lengthy string of high-ticket deals, as Broadcom moves to focus on its software portfolio.

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Nvidia introduces Spectrum-4 platform for AI, HPC over Ethernet

Based on a new ASIC, DPU, smartNIC, and SDK, Nvidia ups the speed and efficiency of its switching platform.


Gartner: By 2025 half of enterprise IT spending will be for cloud

Gartner study finds application and infrastructure software, business process services and system infrastructure will increasingly shift to the cloud.

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Supply chain woes forcing more workloads to the cloud

Chip shortages are driving enterprises to shift applications to the cloud, avoid ad-hoc hardware purchases, and work to improve their equipment forecasting capabilities.

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Gartner: Diversity, equity and inclusion is key to better I&O teams

Infrastructure and operations technology needs to be less brittle and more agile, and DEI can help.

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Gartner: Key infrastructure and operations trends to dominate 2022

Hyperautomation, just-in-time infrastructure, and composable technologies are among the key trends infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can expect to see in the coming months, according to Gartner.

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Kyndryl has spun off from IBM as a $19B managed service firm

Kyndryl starts off big but faces challenges in a fragmented, competitive services market.

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How to right-size edge storage

Enterprises need to consider capacity, power and connectivity when choosing storage options for edge computing deployments.

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5G base stations could be powered by lasers

PowerLight Technologies has teamed up with Ericsson to power up a 5G base station using a laser system rather than a wired electrical connection, which could lead to faster 5G deployments.

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A dive into Kyndryl, IBM’s managed-services spin-off

The managed-infrastructure-services unit of IBM's Global Technology Services faces stiff competition when it goes solo as Kyndryl later this year.

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Facebook outage was a series of unfortunate events

A badly written command, a buggy audit tool, a DNS system that hobbled efforts to restore the network, and tight data-center security all contributed to Facebook’s seven-hour Dumpster fire.

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Juniper targets data-center networks with flexible 400G switch

Juniper has announced QFX5700, a flexible switch that can be upgraded to support 400GbE networks and includes tight integration with the company’s Apstra intent-based networking (IBN) software.

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The new internet speed record twice as fast as the old one

Researchers in Japan hit long-haul data-transmission rates of 319Tbps.

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Next-gen networks: Feds have cash for good ideas

The National Science foundation will be doling out research dollars for innovations in software-defined networking, network function virtualization, cloud computing, analytics, more.

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