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Chrome streaks past Internet Explorer to become world's top browser

If the numbers at StatCounter are accurate then the world has a new Web browser champion: Google Chrome.

Critical Patch Tuesday bulletin addresses Microsoft Office attack seen in the wild

While four of the six security bulletins that Microsoft issued for April's Patch Tuesday release are rated "critical," one in particular has already been targeted by an attack lurking in the wild.

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday will address exploits in Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins Microsoft will release on next week's Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address vulnerabilities in everything from Windows 7 and Office 2010 to the .NET framework and Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer: The Underdog?

A decade after it succeeded in strangling Netscape, both the company and the browser, Microsoft is trying to position itself as the underdog in the renewed browser fight. While that would be like a five-term Senator positioning...

Microsoft: Don't hate on IE 10

Microsoft says its latest version of Internet Explorer clears out a lot of clutter and creates a more immersive browser experience when paired with Windows 8's touch environment, and that it can be navigated by mouse and keyboard as...

How to get more honest search results

Setting your browser to get the search results you want "Google it" has become a synonym for "do a Web search." But Google recently began manipulating its search results to both favor users' own content (a puzzling choice for a...

Google Chrome share suffers with tweak of browser use calculation

A change in the way Net Applications calculates browser usage led to a slight decline in web browser market share for Google Chrome.

Privacy spat: Microsoft vs. Google vs. the truth

Hoping to fuel the controversy created news that Google sidesteps privacy controls within Apple's Safari Web browser, Microsoft over the holiday weekend accused Google of taking similar liberties with Internet Explorer, a charge...

Security roundup: Security concerns slam Google Apps rollout in LA; 760 companies and research institutions hacked?

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to halt efforts to bring the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) into the Google Apps services used by 17,000 other Los Angeles employees.

Chrome 15 tops IE8 as the world's most popular browser

Google's Chrome 15 browser is currently the most-used browser in the world, according to new data from Web analytics firm StatCounter.

Microsoft to start automatic updates of IE without asking the user

Microsoft next year will change its automated update process for the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser to push out the latest version of the browser for XP, Vista and Windows 7 without the notification-style install prompt presented...

Chrome takes No. 2 browser spot from Firefox

Google's Chrome has overtaken Mozilla's Firefox as the second most popular desktop browser behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is holding onto its market-leading share of the market, according to one Web analytics firm.

Browser wars: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Opera

All eyes are on Google's Chrome browser as it battles Mozilla's Firefox in a tight fight for the No. 2 position behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is holding onto its market-leading share of the desktop browser market.

Microsoft woos developers with Windows 8 demonstration

Microsoft took the wraps off Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 on Tuesday, revealing a dramatically different Windows for both users and application developers. It validated some of the rumors about the new OS and squashed others.

The big, bad browser quiz

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari -- you know the names of these Web browsers, but do you really know them?

Pheeeew! I dodged the 'IE users are dumb' hoax story

Regular readers know my quirks, pet peeves and phobias, with the latter list - at least professionally speaking - topped by a paralyzing fear of falling for and helping to spread one of those hoax news stories.The latest example of...

Grandson Of Browser Wars: Open Source Is Not Enough

It seems for as long as there has been an Internet, there has been a browser war. Lynx, Mosaic, Netscape Navigator are names that conjure up browsing the web in a simpler time. I still remember well Microsoft coming out with IE and...

Microsoft exploits uproar over Firefox 4's retirement to beat IE drum

Addressing the IT furor over Mozilla's plan to pull support for Firefox 4, Microsoft issued an open letter affirming its commitment to support the current Internet Explorer edition through 2020.

6 changes in Windows Phone Mango target business users

The Windows Phone Mango release, due this fall, includes changes that improve Microsoft's mobile OS for business users and IT groups.

Ninite automates installation of Windows, Linux apps

Without doubt, there is a core set of applications and tools you need on all PCs, whether it's your own machine or those of users. That set typically includes one or more Web browsers along with messaging, media and imaging...

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