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security risks in the IoT [internet of things] network

Cisco boosts IoT access control, management

Tweaks to ISE, DNA Center can better track, secure internet of things devices

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Will enterprise IoT become BYOD on steroids?

If you thought BYOD was a pain the neck for IT management, strap yourself in. The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the enterprise is moving beyond the hype into a much more pragmatic and operational phase of...

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In the IoT world, general-purpose databases can’t cut it

The constant stream of IoT data must be collected, measured, and acted upon in real time. General-purpose databases can’t handle all of that, but the InfluxData Platform can.


Identifying the top 6 IoT platform microservice categories for small and medium enterprise deployments

Enterprises deploying an IoT solution often won’t know the platform microservices needed for their solution. Identifying those top microservices is key to successful and timely implementation.


5G to become the catalyst for innovation in IoT

The various ways in which 5G mobile networks will support advanced IoT deployments, the key features in 5G that will benefit the IoT and the impact of 5G across major IoT industry verticals.

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Understanding Virtual Private Networks [and why VPNs are important to SD-WAN]

VPNs can create secure remote-access and site-to-site connections inexpensively, are a stepping stone to software-defined WANs, and are proving useful in IoT.

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Splunk debuts IIoT product for in-depth analytics

Splunk, known as a provider of log analysis and infrastructure management tools centered around an expertise with big data analytics, attempts to stake a claim in the fast-growing Industrial IoT sector.

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The future of enterprise IoT

To celebrate World IoT Day, we asked a trio of IEEE technical experts to share their thoughts on what’s next for enterprise IoT.

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Bringing your Internet of Things infrastructure into the digital age

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to take upgrades to infrastructure from evolutionary to revolutionary.

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Where will Microsoft spend $5B on IoT?

Microsoft says it will spend $5B over 4 years on IoT - perhaps on products, infrastructure or acquiring IoT vendors - but it's not clear yet where the money will go.

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Aruba CTO says IoT is great fun to work on

Not everybody in business IT seems like they’re having a great time at their job, but Aruba CTO Partha Narasimhan is an exception. He sat down with Network World at the company’s 2018 Atmosphere conference in Las Vegas to talk IoT,...


Malicious IoT hackers have a new enemy

A robot called HoneyBot, designed by researchers at Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, can fool bad actors into believing they have compromised an IoT device and send alerts of the attack to hasten defensive...

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Addressing IoT security with DNS and DNSSEC

Incorporating DNSSEC and ensuring the DNS setup for connected devices is secure and resilient is fundamental to IoT security and will only become more imperative in this rapidly advancing, connected world.

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Technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year.

Aruba networks

Aruba co-founder: We want to live on the edge

Tech companies of every stripe are staking their claim to the IoT, and networking vendors like Aruba are no exception. But to hear co-founder and president Keerti Melkote tell it, his company’s pitch might have a little more heat on...

Mobile phone data privacy.

People are really worried about IoT data privacy and security—and they should be

Despite rising spending on IoT security, consumers and businesses are right to worry about how data will be used and protected.

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IoT could help at-risk seniors

A chain of Ontario-based retirement homes is looking to add sensor bracelets to its Aruba Wi-Fi networks, internet of things devices that will track whether residents are starting to wander away from the facilities so staff can...

Industry 4.0 - industrial IoT internet of things

Best practices for IoT security

Given the massive scope and breadth of IoT-based infrastructures, organizations will need to bring their security programs to a whole new level to reap the benefits of the IoT.

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