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IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Edge Computing [ Network World (intro) / September 2020 ]
IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Edge Computing [ Network World / September 2020 ]

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Chip maker Nvidia takes a $40B chance on Arm Holdings

Nvidia's deal to buy Arm would launch the processor maker as a world-class power with reach into servers and cell phones - if regulators allow it.

IoT > Internet of Things > network of connected devices

IoT power: battery, wired or wireless?

Powering small IoT devices spread over a wide area is an important issue, and efficiency is the name of the game.

ipv6 new IP

What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet?

IPv6 has been in the works since 1998 to address the shortfall of IP addresses available under Ipv4, yet despite its efficiency and security advantages, adoption is still slow.

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IoT roundup: A wide-scale security flaw and energy-sector botnets

Monitoring water treatment using IoT will become $3.5 billion business.

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Industry groups prep Ethernet for operational, wireless networks

The Ethernet Alliance and Avnu Alliance separately are moving Ethernet technology forward with a standard for twisted-pair Ethernet and a push for time-sensitive networking over wireless.

healthcare technology / medical data

Federated learning improves how AI data is managed, thwarts data leakage

Researchers from Penn Medicine are studying new AI models using federated learning to improve how brain tumors are detected and treated.

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Cisco-challenge winners use AI, IoT to tackle global problems

Top prize goes to a startup in Kenya with a milk-chilling transit system that uses AI and IoT to optimize inventory management.

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Organic data-transfer technology holds promise for IoT

Newcastle University researchers propose using organic LEDs for optical wireless communications because they're cheaper than regular LEDs, easy to distribute and eco-friendly.

A virtual brain is wired with technology connections.

Juniper adds a service to find and quickly fix WAN glitches

Juniper now features WAN, LAN and wireless management under a central AI-based service called WAN Assurance to better compete with Cisco, VMware, HPE/Aruba, and others.

iot security

Are newer medical IoT devices less secure than old ones?

Legacy medical IoT devices may lack security features, but newer ones built around commodity components can have a whole different set of vulnerabilities that are better understood by attackers.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / automation

6G wireless? Samsung is already outlining its plans

Connected machines and digital twins will help drive 6G networks, Samsung says.

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Balloon-powered internet service goes live in Kenya

Alphabet spinout Loon uses balloons to create a floating network of cell towers.

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Project OWL: IoT trying to hold connectivity together in disasters

IoT devices configured in a wireless mesh network can be quickly deployed to provide basic connections when natural disasters knock out traditional communications links.

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NIST aims to make frequency sharing more efficient for wireless networks

Machine-learning formula will help different radio protocols, such as Wi-Fi and LTE, work together more efficiently in the same wireless spectrum.

network security / network traffic scanning

Ripple20 TCP/IP flaws can be patched but still threaten IoT devices

A serious security flaw in a TCP/IP library used by thousands upon thousands of IoT devices remains difficult to address even though a fix exists.

iot security

Microsoft is buying CyberX to bolster its Azure IoT security

Azure IoT users can look for additional security and monitoring capabilities as Microsoft announces plans to buy CyberX

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Ambient 'T-rays' could help power IoT devices

Terahertz radiation, some of it generated by Wi-Fi, and converted to DC current could charge batteries for cellphones, IoT devices, medical implants, researchers say

CSO > Security mechanisms vs. fiery threats

Machine learning in Palo Alto firewalls adds new protection for IoT, containers

With machine learning added to Palo Alto Networks' PAN-OS firewall operating system, the firewalls are better equipped to defend IoT devices and containers, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

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