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Finally, a smart way for insurers to leverage IoT in smart homes

Travelers Insurance is partnering with Notion to provide customers with IoT sensors to minimize and prevent damage to homes by automatically reporting problems.

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Lab makes data sharing easier so medical IoT devices can be smarter

Medical PnP laboratory researchers are looking to save lives through smarter, more interoperable healthcare technology using open standards, medical expertise and testing equipment that simulates health conditions.

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Why blockchain is the missing link to IoT transformations

Blockchain may be the right tool to allow Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to achieve their full potential.

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An internet for everyone? Not yet

Low earth orbit systems aim to bring the internet everywhere. They’ll need interconnection.

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Arm flexes flexibility with Pelion IoT announcement

Arm's new Pelion IoT Platform software handles management of devices, data and connectivity for corporate internet of things deployments.

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Why IoT for seniors is a lot tougher than it looks

Senior citizens are often touted as a huge potential market for the Internet of Things (IoT), but progress may be slower than a retiree with a bad hip.

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Which two companies will lead the enterprise Internet of Things?

Analyst firm GlobalData reveals the two tech giants poised to lead the charge into enterprise Internet of Things (eIoT) platforms.

wireless network - internet of things edge [IoT] - edge computing

The first step to starting an enterprise IoT project

Identify your enterprise IoT project’s vision and path.

world map network server data center iot edge computing

Google’s tiny chip represents a big bet on IoT

Google announced a chip and edge software that could transform the enterprise IoT landscape.

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High-speed Ethernet bargains help meet data center needs

Cisco, Juniper, Arista, and HPE vie to sell more enterprise data-center high-speed Ethernet, which is needed to handle traffic generated by smarter applications, IoT devices, and video.

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Q&A: Jeff Wilbur of the Online Trust Alliance on why enterprise IoT security is a lot like BYOD

Enterprise IT departments are seeing odd echoes of the problems they faced during the early BYOD era in the entrance of IoT technology into the enterprise, where one of the principal threats is the use of consumer-grade (read:...

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Tech Talk: Machine learning and AI deciphered

Breaking through the hype around machine learning and artificial intelligence, our panel of Ken Mingis, Michael Simon and Serdar Yegulalp talk through the definitions and implications of the technology.

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The vital role of technology in the Thai cave rescue mission

The Thai cave rescue – How IoT and mapping played a critical role from search to rescue.

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How millimeter-wave wireless could help support 5G and IoT

Millimeter-wave technology is becoming less expensive and easier to deploy, making it a candidate for many wireless connections, including backhaul, personal area networks, LANs and even mobile devices.

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What’s so special about 5G and IoT?

The adoption of 5G for IoT product creators is still far off. Will it fundamentally transform cellular networks or is it all hype?

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Taking the temperature of IoT for healthcare

The Internet of Things promises to make healthcare cheaper and better in a wide variety of ways, but many of the benefits are still stuck in the waiting room.

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4 ways data science services is helping businesses reach IoT goals, faster

Data scientists are a key component of an IoT deployment, however in-house data science resources can become thinly stretched. Outsourcing data scientists has the dual benefit of helping keep IoT initiatives moving forward while...

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IoT, social profit and security: Georgia Tech report outlines the future of smart cities

Georgia Tech study finds smart city technology will be contingent on businesses and city governments understanding IoT technology and the way it affects business models and citizens.

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