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Data freshness, not speed, most important for IoT

IoT is creating wireless network innovation. But it isn’t just about low latency and reliability promises. Data freshness and better security are getting attention, too.

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Enterprises evaluate the costs of building versus buying an IoT platform

Enterprises have lots of options when considering IoT application enablement and device management. Understanding the total cost of building an IoT platform and buying platform services from a vendor helps enterprises make sound...

cisco devnet

Cisco developer push yields 500,000 DevNet members working on programmable networks

Cisco’s developer program, DevNet, is on a hot streak. Speaking at Cisco Live 2018, DevNet CTO Susie Wee said the group, which was founded in 2014, now has 500,000 registered members. DevNet includes curated list of sample code,...

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IoT has an obsolescence problem

The Internet of Things is still an emerging technology, but the $17,000 gold Apple Watch Edition shows it already has a problem with obsolescence. Can anything be done?

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What is digital twin technology? [and why it matters]

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed. They are also changing how technologies such as IoT, AI and analytics are...

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The 6 ways to make money in IoT

Connect your things, solve problems, make money. Learn how you can deliver recurring, continuous value with these six IoT business models.

IoT data flood

You’re probably doing your IIoT implementation wrong

When designing networks and deploying gear for the Industrial Internet of Things, it's important to bring in members of operational technology teams to make sure business goals are met.

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For IoT, alternative location services are better than GPS

Sensor-to-sensor and other alternative location-awareness services will consume less power and will be faster and cheaper than traditional GPS services.


What happens if IoT security doesn’t get solved?

A new Bain & Company report says security concerns are slowing IoT adoption. Is this problem fixable — and what if it isn’t?

Define your organization's culture

Winning together in the co-economy: a new mindset for the 21st century

By embracing the co-economy, your organization’s processes and culture around co-development will change.

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REVIEW: 6 enterprise-scale IoT platforms

Here are the building blocks of successful enterprise internet of things deployment, plus details about AWS IoT and IoT 1-Click, Cisco Jasper, Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT and Google Cloud IoT Core.

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Compelling ways the C-level can leverage the IoT

The C-level is rapidly getting their hands on IoT data. What they are doing with it might surprise you.

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4 criteria enterprises use to pick best-in-class IoT device management

When bedazzled by IoT data management and analytics tools, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance and complexities of IoT device management.

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Blockchain, service-centric networking key to IoT success

IoT needs monetization, security, and a strong edge network. Researchers say they have the solution — Blockcloud — blockchain along with a service name addressing system.

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Building IoT-ready networks must become a priority

IoT is here and expected to grow immensely. Organizations must plan now for how to accommodate it and build IoT-ready networks, says Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Heitor Faroni.

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Q&A: Cisco's Theresa Bui on the company's Kinetic IoT platform

Cisco director of IoT strategy Theresa Bui talks to Network World about the company's progress in IIoT, making complex systems digestible for non-expert users and partnerships with IBM and Microsoft

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Soil to sale, ranch to register: IoT connects producers, distributors, retailers and consumers

The Internet of Things (IoT), everyone’s talking about it. And there is no question that, today, all the technology needed for the transformation of businesses – from the most industrially focused to the most consumer-facing...

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AI boosts data-center availability, efficiency

Today’s hybrid data-center environments often span on-premise data centers, cloud, and edge computing deployments, and enterprises are finding a traditional approach to managing data centers isn’t optimal. With artificial intelligence...

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