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Instant, secure ‘teleportation’ of data in the works

Quantum teleportation, where information is sent instantaneously, will secure the Internet, researchers say. Scientists are making progress.

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DIY communications networks to trend in 2020, says major telco

An across-the-board shift to privatizing communications networks is underway.

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Johnsonville Sausage cuts MPLS costs with SD-WAN

Johnsonville Sausage’s IT department modernized its wide-area network, getting costs down and simplifying the overall enterprise network environment, to move the business forward.

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Industrial Internet Consortium teams up with blockchain-focused security group

A merger between a prominent industrial IoT umbrella group and a blockchain-centered corporate membership program highlights a new focus on bringing finished IoT solutions to market.

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Top tech stories of 2019

The new Apple Card, the battle for cryptocurrency dominance, cybersecurity skills shortage – just a few of the stories that made headlines in 2019. Watch as IDG TECH(talk) hosts Ken Mingis and Juliet Beauchamp discuss the top tech...

Edge Computing

Will 5G accelerate edge computing as a service?

The key to making edge computing as a service practical is the capability for network operators to deploy a fast, low-latency connection – that is, they need 5G.

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IoT security: Why it’s your biggest nightmare

The internet of things encompasses connected devices on a massive scale, actionable data and innovative business models – and it also brings unprecedented security headaches.


Space-data-as-a-service prepares to take off

Development of IoT services in space will require ruggedized edge computing. OrbitsEdge, a vendor has announced a deal with HPE for development.

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Blockchain/IoT integration accelerates, hits a 'sweet spot'

IoT and blockchain may be a natural fit, but it will still take five to 10 years before kinks are worked out and the two technologies can reach their full potential, according to Gartner.

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IoT roundup: Quantifying growth, medical imaging and 5G (have you heard of it?)

As 2020 approaches, we look at quantifying trends and ROI around the internet of things, an advance in medical imaging tech and bringing another type of network to the IoT game.

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What's big in IT tech for the coming year

From data centers to the edge to the WAN, 2020 promises to be an active year for enterprise-technology development

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Good tech talent is still hard to find (how to bridge the gap)

Companies have big plans for digital transformation, but the lack of skilled IT talent remains an obstacle. Here’s how to cope.

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IT certifications and training center

Certifications show that you’re committed to your job, have specific skills and are willing to up your game. Check out our online training courses and guides to top certifications -- all part of your Insider Pro subscription.

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IoT sensors must have two radios for efficiency

To extend battery life, IoT radios that send data should be powered only when there's data to send, and a second, power-sipper radio should just listen for a wake-up signal for the principal radio. Academics say they’re making...

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Become a certified IoT business leader

Insider Pro subscribers can take this free course and earn an associated credential to boost collaboration skills and drive informed IoT business decisions.

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IoT in 2020: The awkward teenage years

The internet of things will see more growth in 2020, along with more growing pains - security, lack of complete solutions

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Space-sourced power could beam electricity where needed

Harvesting solar energy in space would provide off-grid electricity at night, and for areas that don’t receive much sunlight. A project has just received funding.

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What is edge computing and why it matters

With deployments of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G fast wireless, placing compute and analytics close to where data is created is making the case for edge computing.

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