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Suprise! The internet of things doesn’t necessarily include the internet

Connected devices need a safe, reliable network of things (NoT) that ties them together, but that glue is likely IoT-specific protocols, not the internet.

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Arm launches new IoT processors

Arm's Cortex-M85 micro controller will support internet of things devices while the Corstone-1000 supports AI at the edge.

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John Deere gets more connected with Samsara integration

New integration with edge devices to allow more visibility into connected agriculture support equipment

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7 emerging network jobs that could boost your career

Hot trends such as cloud, edge and remote work, plus new approaches including SASE, SD-WAN and ZTNA, are reshaping network job titles and skills requirements

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Global enterprise IoT market strong but faces challenges

Enterprise IoT growth has to battle skills and chip shortages, but maturing 5G and AI will help drive it forward.

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CISA warns of attacks against internet-connected UPS devices

Threat actors have targeted power supplies whose control interfaces are connected to the internet, and CISA says that they should be disconnected immediately.

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What is NAC and why is it important for network security?

NAC plays a key role in Zero Trust network access (ZTNA), and is a powerful tool for securing IoT devices and protecting mobile and remote workers

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Surprise! The metaverse could be great news for the enterprise edge

High-bandwidth, low-latency services needed to support the metaverse could also mean a better, cheaper way to provide access for edge applications like IoT.

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What is IPv6, and why is adoption taking so long?

IPv6 has been in the works since 1998 to address the shortfall of IP addresses available under Ipv4, yet despite its efficiency and security advantages, adoption is still slow.

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What is a digital twin and why it's important to IoT

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed. Digital twins can also take real-time IoT data and apply AI and data...

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Critical flaws in remote management agent impacts thousands of medical devices

The Axeda platform, used by hundreds of IoT devices, has seven vulnerabilities, three of which allow for remote code execution.


5 best practices for making smart-building LANs more secure

Smart-building controllers can reduce risk of smart devices being used as entry points to the LAN, but they should be chosen and managed carefully.

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Outdated IoT healthcare devices pose major security threats

Ransomware has emerged to become the worst nightmare in healthcare and hospital devices running on outdated Windows versions or open-source software like Linux are the easy targets, according to research by Cynerio.

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IoT in 2022: IoT turns into a service

As IoT matures, vendors are creating application bundles to simplify deployments, but security remains a worry.

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IBM, Samsung team on unconventional, super-efficient semiconductor

By reorienting transistors on the semiconductor, IBM and Samsung say their technology can cut power consumption by 85%.

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LoRa takes a trip to the moon and back, chirping all the way

LoRa wireless that's used in IoT networks is known as a low-power, long-range technology—long-range enough to carry a message between Earth and the moon.

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Researchers show how to exploit Bluetooth Classic security flaws

A set of Bluetooth Classic vulnerabilities has a new proof-of-concept from a Singapore-based security research team, as chipset makers scramble to deploy patches.

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Report: Chip shortage and edge/IoT will drive IT change in 2022

Forrester Research says IT pros now think of IoT and edge as inextricably connected and that the two will be used to help enterprises comply with US government regulations.

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