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Health-care IoT remains challenged by IT concerns, practitioner buy-in

The use of internet of things technology in medicine is fraught with complications that slows widespread implementation

vapor io kinetic edge data center

Vapor IO provides direct, high-speed connections from the edge to AWS

Edge computing startup Vapor IO now offers a direct connection between its edge containers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via a high-speed fiber network link.

Pepper, a humanoid robot by Softbank Robotics

Robots extend the scope of IoT applications

IoT devices are generally designed to handle specific tasks. Robots need to react to unexpected conditions that their developer may not have anticipated. AI and machine learning help robots deal with such situations.

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IoT roundup: VMware, Nokia beef up their IoT

Everyone wants in on the ground floor of the internet of things, and companies including Nokia, VMware and Silicon Labs are sharpening their offerings in anticipation of further growth.

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No, drone delivery still isn’t ready for prime time

Despite incremental progress and limited regulatory approval in the U.S. and Australia, drone delivery still isn’t a viable option in the vast majority of use cases.

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Protecting smart cities and smart people

In the ramp-up to a smart cities utopia, many societal concerns are often left overlooked when in truth, trust and privacy need to define the future role of cybersecurity.

IoT > Internet of Things > network of connected devices

Want to the know future of IoT? Ask the developers!

A new survey of internet of things (IoT) developers reveals that connectivity, performance, and standards are growing areas of concern as IoT projects hit production.

geometric structure presents a networking pattern in lines of connection

Nyansa’s Voyance expands to the IoT

Voyance’s AIOps capabilities now cover a broad new range of devices.

transformation / conversion / data cubes shift from one color to another

Anti-lasers could give us perfect antennas, greater data capacity

Anti-lasers get close to providing a 100% efficient signal channel for data, creating more capacity for ever-increasing data demands.

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The Microsoft/BMW IoT Open Manufacturing Platform might not be so open

The new industrial IoT Open Manufacturing Platform from Microsoft and BMW runs only on Microsoft Azure. That could be an issue.

Chains of binary data.

Why blockchain (might be) coming to an IoT implementation near you

There’s a small but growing overlap between the internet of things and blockchain, but there are challenges.

4G to 5G mobile wireless network technology changeover / update / rollout

5G: A deep dive into fast, new wireless

5G wireless networks are just about ready for prime time, overcoming backhaul and backward-compatibility issues, and promising the possibility of all-mobile networking through enhanced throughput.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / Engineer conrols robotics via tablet.

Motorola taps freed-up wireless spectrum for enterprise LTE networks

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is developing. Out of the gate, Motorola is creating a private land mobile radio (LMR) system that includes enterprise-level, voice handheld devices and fast data networks.

Artificial Intelligence robotic in wheat field

Elizabeth Warren's right-to-repair plan fails to consider data from IoT equipment

Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's suggested legislation for farm equipment is just a first step. The data collected by the internet-connected equipment must also be considered.

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IoT roundup: Keeping an eye on energy use and Volkswagen teams with AWS

This week's roundup features new tech from MIT, big news in the automotive sector and a handy new level of centralization from a smaller IoT-focused company.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Identifying exceptional user experience (UX) in IoT platforms

Examples of excellent IoT platform UX from the perspectives of 5 typical IoT platform personas.

tempo automation iiot factory floor

An inside look at an IIoT-powered smart factory

Despite housing some 50 robots and 50 people, Tempo Automation’s gleaming connected factory relies on industrial IoT and looks more like a high-tech startup office than a manufacturing plant.

iot security keyboard connected

Triton and the new wave of IIoT security threats

Triton malware, which can shut down industrial safety systems, causing damage to facilities and threatening human life, targets the industrial internet of things.

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3 companies developing wearable tech for the enterprise

Theatro, Hipaax, and Notable are helping to lead the charge to wearable technology in the enterprise.

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Wearable tech in the enterprise grows, but few workplace uses exist

Even as smartwatch shipments continue to grow, significant industrial and business use cases for these internet-connected devices have yet to appear.

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