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AI boosts data-center availability, efficiency

Today’s hybrid data-center environments often span on-premise data centers, cloud, and edge computing deployments, and enterprises are finding a traditional approach to managing data centers isn’t optimal. With artificial intelligence...

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Access management is critical to IoT success

With Aerohive's secure access management solution, A3, administrators can manage the lifecycle of all devices, including IoT devices, on the network.

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Magnetic smart fabrics will store data in clothes

University of Washington researchers have found a new use for conductive thread that could allow you to store data in clothing.

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What the big four U.S. mobile ISPs are doing with IoT

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are trying to carve out their share of the billions of dollars to be made off the internet of things

security risks in the IoT [internet of things] network

The Enterprise of Thing's troubling lack of security

Enterprise deployment of IoT devices brings a unique requirement to enterprise security that is distinct from normal end points and data centers. Here are three strategies to address it.

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How we chose 10 hot IoT startups to watch

Innovation, market fit, founders and funding all helped us winnow down the initial 79 contenders for our list to the final 10 hot IoT startups.

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10 Hot IoT startups to watch

With 20 billion internet of things devices online by 2020, the challenges and rewards are great for the top 10 startups hoping to capitalize on connected devices.

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IoT sensors, advanced ESRI mapping and Alexa warn residents of impending floods

Global warming and floods are an increasing threat to coastal communities. StormSense is an innovative project in Virginia that warns residents of impending floods using IoT sensors, advanced mapping and Alexa.

nw ie getting grounded in iot networking and security tease2

Getting grounded in IoT networking and security

A guide to the basics enterprises need to know about the internet of things.

HP Hewlett Packard Enterprise new signs

HPE's new Nimble flash arrays offer storage guarantee, NVMe and SCM support

HPE is rolling out the next generation of its Nimble Storage platform, overhauled to better meet the ever-increasing performance demands on data center workloads including real-time web analytics, business intelligence, and...

Raspberry Pi 3 and Android Things

Google could be getting serious about IoT with release of Android Things

Android Things 1.0, Google's connected-device framework, could boost IoT security by assuring critical updates while providing a unified software option for developers of constrained devices.

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OSISoft: old-school process-control company on IoT cutting edge

From beer to boxes, an unheralded name in IoT technology has quietly leveraged its expertise in process monitoring and management to compete in a world dominated by Google and IBM, as well as high-profile operational tech firms like...

security risks in the IoT [internet of things] network

Why intent-based networking is important to the Internet of Things

Cisco brings the benefits of intent-based networking (IBN) to the IoT to help customers scale, secure, and optimize their environments.

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Schneider Electric announces Edge Module for IoT processing

Schneider Electric's Edge Module is a prefabricated, self-contained IoT solution that includes integrated power and cooling systems, designed for edge computing scenarios.

IT in healthcare

What networks and the Internet of Things are doing for health care

Why service assurance matters more than ever.

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Hello, cellular IoT

Alone, IoT devices are just a bunch of “things.” But working together across cellular networks, these devices can secure our homes, monitor our health and make sure our eggs aren’t going bad in the fridge.


5G is overhyped and expectations need reining in

Why 5G doesn’t yet have the use cases to justify the excitement

industrial supply chain management - ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Improving supply chains with the IoT and blockchain

IoT (the Internet of Things) sensors and blockchain have the potential to solve complex problems for supply chains.

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Keys to getting ROI on your IoT investments in the first year

Companies that take the time to make concrete plans for measuring ROI typically find it easier to attain and in a faster amount of time.

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5 key enterprise IoT security recommendations

The Online Trust Alliance has published a checklist of enterprise IoT security best practices. Ignore its advice at your own risk.

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