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Did IoT cyberattacks cause NY power transformers to explode?

MadIoT attacks cause blackouts with an IoT botnet of compromised appliances.

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10 things the perfect IoT battery should do

Battery and power issues could slow the spread of the Internet of Things. Here’s a list of the capabilities IoT batteries need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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How blockchain will transform the IoT

Supply chain, automotive, and sales of industrial sensor data emerge as initial use-case contenders for blockchain and its ilk in the Internet of Things.

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Six IoT predictions for 2019

From security issues to skills shortages, these are the most important Internet of Things things to look for in 2019.

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10 questions to ask when selecting enterprise IoT solutions

If you're embarking on an enterprise IoT monitoring project, be sure to allocate enough time to dig deep and exhaustively test your top picks.

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Industrial IoT, fog-networking groups merge to gain influence

The Industrial Internet of Things Consortium and the OpenFog Consortium have wed to bring together the clout of member vendors Arm, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Juniper Microsoft, others.

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Does IoT come with that burger?

How the Internet of Things is changing the restaurant business.

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Enterprise systems to monetize and bill for new IoT services

Enterprises can’t make money on new IoT services unless they can capture data from and bill their customers for those services. There are 5 capabilities that enterprises require in their IoT monetization solutions.

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GE rolls out its industrial IoT platform Predix out into separate company

Spinning the company’s Predix IIoT platform into its own company pulls GE's approach to the technology back into line with the competition.

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Data sharing is the main driver for IoT projects

IoT spending will increase in 2019 due mostly to companies' need to integrate real-time intelligence into their business models.

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What's hot in enterprise networking for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner there's a lot of  developments and advances coming that will affect how enterprises make use of technologies for SD-WAN, IoT, Wi-Fi, data centers, the cloud and more. Here's a selection of some of...

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IoT roundup: Retrofitting vehicle tracking, plus a new IoT standard

With Internet of Things traffic poised to explode, vendors take on fleet management and the ISO ratifies an IoT standard addressing security, management, and interoperability.

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Using the Internet of Sound to transfer IoT data via speakers

Ultrasonic sounds could be overlaid onto audible sounds for Internet of Things (IoT) communications, says IoT startup Trillbit.

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6 ways IoT is transforming retail

These six trends cover everything from what you buy to how it’s sold and even how stores work — and those are only the ones we can see right now.


HPE edge offerings merge analytics, applications and IoT systems control

HPE is uniting information and operational technology in edge-network hardware and software systems.

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Cisco predicts nearly 5 zettabytes of IP traffic per year by 2022

Cisco's annual look at the state of the internet finds that IoT, tons of new internet users, video surveillance, and IP WAN traffic drive traffic growth.

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3 types of IoT platform analytics

Enterprises rely on 3 types of IoT analytics from their selected IoT platforms. By testing multiple IoT platforms, an enterprise can identify best-in-class analytics capabilities.

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How to tell which IoT predictions to pay attention to

There’s a blizzard of vendors and analysts issuing IoT predictions for 2019 and beyond. Here’s a primer on how to read them.

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Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends for 2019 and beyond

Gartner shares its key trends and technologies for the Internet of Things. Social issues and user experience are the most intriguing among them.

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Retail IoT is still coming into its own in 2019

The use of IoT tech in the retail sector is growing fast, but where’s the killer app?

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