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Industrial robots could 'eat metal' to power themselves

Scavenging energy by foraging for metal could power Internet of Things electronics and robots, suggest researchers at University of Pennsylvania.

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IoT offers a way to track COVID-19 via connected thermometers

The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted one manufacturer of connected thermometers to national prominence, as Kinsa provides a possible window into the spread of the disease.

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How underwater Internet of Things will work

Lasers will be used to power underwater devices and transmit data below the ocean's surface.

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Contact tracing via Bluetooth could help track COVID-19 transmission

MIT scientists may have a way to quickly – and privately – follow the spread of the coronavirus.

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Harvesting ambient energy will power IoT, scientists say

Magnetic fields found naturally around electrical devices could be diverted and converted into electricity to power the IoT.

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IoT roundup: Tech companies step up to help fight against COVID-19

This month, we look at some of the ways the IoT sector is helping to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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How AI will be used to manage 5G networks

Artificial intelligence will play an important role in how future networks become sliced, supporting multiple uses, including IoT and private 5G networks.

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Cisco goes after wireless IoT with Fluidmesh acquisition

Cisco wants Fluidmesh to bolster wireless connectivity applications in large-scale distributed sites

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Neural computing should be based on insect brains, not human ones

Insect brains are a better model for artificial intelligence in IoT than human brains are because they are simpler and focus on key processes, scientists say.

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COVID-19 vs. Raspberry Pi: Researchers bring IoT technology to disease detection

Researchers from UMass say that a Raspberry Pi edge device can help identify flu-like symptoms in crowds, broadening the range of tools that can be used to track the spread of disease.

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Electronics should sweat to cool down, say researchers

Scientists think that in much the same way the human body releases perspiration to cool down, special materials might release water to draw heat from electronics.

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'AI everywhere' IoT chips coming from Arm

Two new microprocessors from Arm promise to miniaturize artificial intelligence.

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Report: Shadow IoT is prevalent, insecure

Zscaler data shows huge amounts of unencrypted IoT traffic moving in and out of enterprise networks.


Report: Most IoT transactions are not secure

Data gathered by security provider Zscaler shows that not only are most internet-of-things transactions unsecured, they are also unauthorized as IoT creeps in as shadow-IT devices.

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Chinese auto giant Geely plans a private satellite network to support autonomous vehicles

Geely is developing a satellite network to provide high-bandwidth wireless needed by on-board applications in self-driving vehicles.

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Key Takeaways from Cisco’s Annual Internet Report

Cisco's report on internet use says businesses need to be ready for the massive wave of devices and need for bandwidth that are coming in the next five years.

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Cisco, Microsoft team to control growing IoT networks

Cisco will meld its recently released Intelligent Edge software with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub to make transferring data from edge devices to applications in the Azure cloud simpler.

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Seawater, humidity inspire new ways to generate power

Researchers around the globe are working on new ways to generate huge amounts of power that will be needed for the shift to a data-driven society.


Getting closer to no-battery devices

Combining wake-up receivers with the parasitic use of ambient radio waves could drastically slash IoT power consumption.

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IoT Roundup: VMware buys, ARM pushes for the edge and IoT in the walls

Virtualization pioneer VMware continues its streak of IoT-related acquisitions, ARM rolls out silicon for the edge, and your walls may be lined with IoT sensors.

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