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Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends for 2019 and beyond

Gartner shares its key trends and technologies for the Internet of Things. Social issues and user experience are the most intriguing among them.

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Retail IoT is still coming into its own in 2019

The use of IoT tech in the retail sector is growing fast, but where’s the killer app?

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What network pros need to know about IoT

The impact of IoT on data centers will be staggering, experts says. Here are four essential things network professionals will need to know before they get started.

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Securing the IoT has become business-critical

Investments in IoT security can have significant positive business implications, a 
recent survey from DigiCert finds.

802.11ax Wi-Fi routers: Aerohive AP650, ASUS Rapture GT-AX11000 and D-Link AX6000

Spectrum shake-up to deliver more Wi-Fi, connections

Large swaths of additional unlicensed spectrum will become available in the U.S. for connected devices, including Wi-Fi, if various proposals and schemes by the FCC come about.

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The perils of using voice commands with IoT machines

Combine the IoT, voice commands and machines, and you’re creating a potentially disastrous recipe of unintended consequences.

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Sigfox president on building a one-stop shop for IoT cloud communications

Sigfox USA President Christian Olivier talks IoT device service strategy and how the company will continue to push its low-power IoT network across the U.S.

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How to add IoT functions to legacy equipment

Is it really possible to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things to older systems? Yes, according to one edge/IoT company.

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IDC: Data scientists are key to reaping IoT value in 2019

The key to creating real business value from data gathered by the Internet of Things lies with including data scientists at every step of IoT implementation.

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Bell Labs: Nokia's Future X 5G networking can help boost business productivity

Cloud-assisted driving, remote surgery, touch-sensitive VR, along with a jump in industrial productivity, are coming. But they depend on the evolution of network infrastructure toward 5G.

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Private 5G networks are coming

Control over security is prompting big industrial companies to explore private 5G wireless networks.

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Right-to-repair smartphone ruling loosens restrictions on industrial, farm IoT

Forget smartphones — the U.S. Copyright Office’s new DRM exemptions could be a big deal for farmers and other heavy equipment operators and vendors.

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What’s the IoT doing to your data center?

The internet of things devices gather massive amounts of data in corporate settings, and that puts a range of demands on networks and data centers.

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OpenStack Foundation releases software platform for edge computing

The Open Stack Foundation's StarlingX is designed to help organizations build mission-critical edge clouds needed for industrial IoT deployments.

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5G and 6G wireless technologies have security issues

5G and 6G wireless network technologies promise faster speeds and greater reliability, but they have security issues that must be addressed before they launch, researchers say.

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Is the IoT in space about to take off?

The Internet of Things has largely been an earthbound phenomenon. That could be about to change as NASA and vendors start exploring IoT apps and use cases in space.

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Lenovo, Scale partner for hyperconverged edge servers

The HCI platform combines Lenovo's hardware with Scale Computing's HC3 software platform to create edge computing systems designed for a single user's private corporate network.

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IoT roundup: Content delivery networks make a play for IoT business

Akamai and Limelight ramp up edge networking, while Splunk gets into industrial Internet of Things (IoT) management and monitoring.

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Gartner: Top 10 2019 tech trends you should know

AI, augmented analytics, quantum computing, and blockchain are among technologies that soon could dominate the IT landscape, according to Gartner’s annual Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends.

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How industrial predictive maintenance can prevent equipment failure

Google offers a framework for designing your own Industrial IoT predictive maintenance solution to accurately determine when to replace manufacturing equipment.

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