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3 IoT challenges that keep data scientists up at night

Data scientists are the MVPs of any IoT program, but difficulties preparing and leveraging data threaten how quickly they can deliver. Knowing what’s lurking in the shadows can streamline the most difficult processes.

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6G will achieve terabits-per-second speeds

Initial 5G is going to be a disappointment, a University of Oulu researcher says. 6G, with frequencies up to terahertz, will be needed for true microsecond latency and unlimited bandwidth.

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Vapor IO secures new funding for major U.S. rollout

Edge computing vendor Vapor IO details how it will connect all of its computing containers using its Kinetic Edge Platform.

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Logistics and delivery – Embracing the IoT before it was 'IoT'

The path that IoT has taken in disrupting every vertical is different, because of differing levels of technology maturity in each one. It is exciting to see how other industries have been increasingly implementing it. But we need to...

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IoT alphabet soup: when should an enterprise use MQTT versus LWM2M?

Enterprises need a way to ensure their IoT devices communicate to platforms and apps. Identifying when to use the popular MQTT or the newer LWM2M protocol will save enterprises time and money later.

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Low-heat radios could replace cable links in data centers

A more efficient design that combines antenna and electronics could replace traditional radio links, improving energy and spectral efficiency, Georgia Tech researchers say.

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Guarding against the threat from IoT killer drones

Weaponized drones trained to kill on their own? Are we there yet?

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IoT gets smarter but still needs backend analytics

Most IoT devices lack the computational power to carry out the level of machine learning necessary in truly smart IoT deployments, but they can act on the lessons machine learning provides.

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Ideas this bad could kill the Internet of Things

A new IBM patent for a coffee delivery drone is so silly it makes me question the ultimate value and purpose of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Private LTE, using new spectrum, approaching ‘market readiness’

Private LTE networks, using brand-new frequencies, will be available 2018 Q4 or 2019 Q1 says an expert.

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IoT vendors talk open buildings, black hats and a jam conspiracy

A roundup of recent IoT news from to keep you in the loop.

How we chose the 10 AI-powered startups to watch

This is the selection process for the Network World 10 AI-powered startups to watch

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10 Hot AI-powered IoT startups

The Internet of Things generates a lot of data that needs to be processed, and some innovative startups recognize that artificial intelligence can lighten the load.

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Are microservices about to revolutionize the Internet of Things?

Microservices have helped reinvent software development, and now a new startup says it's going to combine them with edge computing to transform the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Evolution of IT departments to support IoT and digital transformation

Successful IoT deployments require bridging the gap between operations and IT.

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Finally, a smart way for insurers to leverage IoT in smart homes

Travelers Insurance is partnering with Notion to provide customers with IoT sensors to minimize and prevent damage to homes by automatically reporting problems.

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Lab makes data sharing easier so medical IoT devices can be smarter

Medical PnP laboratory researchers are looking to save lives through smarter, more interoperable healthcare technology using open standards, medical expertise and testing equipment that simulates health conditions.

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Why blockchain is the missing link to IoT transformations

Blockchain may be the right tool to allow Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to achieve their full potential.

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An internet for everyone? Not yet

Low earth orbit systems aim to bring the internet everywhere. They’ll need interconnection.

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Arm flexes flexibility with Pelion IoT announcement

Arm's new Pelion IoT Platform software handles management of devices, data and connectivity for corporate internet of things deployments.

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