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Cisco runs out two “critical” security warnings for IOS, Apache Struts (again)

Cisco today issued two “critical” security advisories, one for Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XE Software, the other for the ongoing discovery of problems with Apache Struts2

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Major zero-day flaw found in Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word vulnerability is exploited via attached .rtf files. If you click on it, malware is installed without you knowing. A fix is in the latest Patch Tuesday release.

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DARPA to eliminate “patch & pray” by baking chips with cybersecurity fortification

DARPA program wants to have hardware-anchored security become a standard feature of integrated circuit

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Authentic8 wants to protect users from bad websites

Authentic8's secure web gateway for Silo lets organizations selectively redirect URLs for safe rendering within an isolated browser.

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The IoT of bricks: Someone is bricking insecure IoT devices

BrickerBot takes IoT security into its own hands. It finds vulnerable IoT devices and disables them, creating potentially dangerous situations.

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Is it crazy to be afraid of password managers?

Password managers help users have strong, unique passwords for all their web services. But what happens when the password manager gets hacked?


IBM: Tax-related spam up 6,000% since Dec.; Darkweb tactics net billions

From Dec 2016 to Feb 2017, IBM X-Force researchers saw a 6,000% increase in tax-related spam emails.

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Information security in an insecure world

A guide for current and aspiring CTOs about the process of securing your data and platforms and receiving security certification

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IBM on the state of network security: Abysmal

IBM says cybercriminals are starting to grab unstructured data, spam has rebloomed 400% and ransomware has just gone nuts

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Smyte wants to get biblical on all those bad online actors

Smyte wants to do some biblical-level smiting of its own and strike down credit-card fraud, scams, spam and other devious online activities.

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The insecurities list: 10 ways to improve cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever. But there are some basic things you can do to protect your company and your users.

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Cisco Talos warns of Apple iOS and MacOS X.509 certificate flaw

Cisco Talos today warned of a flaw in the X.509 certificate validation feature of Apple macOS and iOS that could let an attacker remotely execute code and steal information.


Fortinet CISO on securing critical infrastructure: ‘We can no longer bring a knife to a gunfight’

Fortinet CISO Philip Quade explains why organizations have to adjust their security strategies to protect critical infrastructure.

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Complete security deception includes detection and incident response

Finding a threat solves only part of the problem. A complete security deception solution will also enable better incident response.


FTC warns on “Can you hear me now” robocall: Hang up!

The Federal Trade Commission this week issued a warning about the irritating and illegal “Can you hear me now?” robocall scam making the rounds on phones across the country.

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Cisco: IOS security update includes denial of service and code execution warnings

Cisco warns on IOS/IOS XE features: DHCP client (L2TP) Zero Touch Provisioning HTTP server and Web user interface

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Stop using password manager browser extensions

Browser-based password manager extensions such as those in LastPass are risky and have the potential to steal your credentials without your knowing.


Pwn2Own 2017: Your stuff as mincemeat

Security teams gathered at Pwn2Own 2017 to hack your favorite software and found plenty of bugs, proving nothing is foolproof.

Experts divided on value of Cyber National Guard

This past weekend at SXSW, two Congressmen suggested that the U.S. create a cybersecurity reserves system, similar to the National Guard, but the idea has received a mixed welcome from the cybersecurity community

Apple downplays importance of CIA's iPhone hacking capabilities

Apple claims most of the CIA iPhone exploits referenced by the WikiLeaks data dump have been patched.

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