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mingis on tech ep 45

Mingis on Tech: Is the new iPad Pro enterprise-ready?

Apple's top-end tablet hardware was already workplace worthy, but iOS still required some workarounds for things to go smoothly. iOS 11 may change that when it arrives later this year.

Mingis on Tech - Drones

Mingis on Tech: Energy microgrids, what's up with Apple TV -- and drones!

Here's one way to re-build the electric grid: Do it piecemeal -- with microgrids. With that squared away, we turn to figuring out what Apple is up to with Apple TV and get the details on DJI's new $1,000 Mavic drone.


How to use iOS 10.3's new Find My AirPods feature

Follow the beeps to find your missing AirPods.


Apple acquires Workflow automation app, offers it free

Apple has acquired the Workflow automation app, which allows iOS users to trigger a sequence of tasks across apps with a single tap.

05 passwords

iPhone, Mac owners: How to stymie hackers extorting Apple, threatening to wipe devices

Hackers claiming to have hundreds of millions of iCloud credentials have threatened to wipe date from iPhones, iPads and Macs.


Hackers threaten to wipe millions of Apple devices, demand ransom

A group of hackers is threatening to wipe millions of iOS devices in two weeks if Apple doesn't pay them US$150,000.

cbrs 2a

CBRS workshop to focus on burgeoning shared spectrum ecosystem

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) gold rush is on, and the Wireless Innovation Forum is hosting a workshop in Las Vegas next week for those interested in becoming part of this new shared spectrum ecosystem.

apple augmented reality2

Maybe iPhone 8 will gain augmented reality — or maybe AR will replace the iPhone

Growing in stature among the many iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) rumors is that Apple might bring augmented reality to iOS 11 this summer and to its 10th anniversary iPhone this coming fall.

HP Pavilion x360 hybrid

5 tips to help you find the right hybrid tablet

There's a hybrid device for everyone, but to find the model that is right for you, consider these five things before you buy.


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Gentler curves and facial recognition security

Don't let talk of Apple announcing iPads and low-end iPhones in March or April distract us from our obsession with iPhone 8 possibilities to be revealed in the fall of 2017.

apple computer 1

Super rare functioning Apple I computer could fetch hundreds of thousands at auction

An auction house in May will look for the highest bidding fanboy or fangirl who'd like to get his or her hands on what it claims is just one of 8 functioning Apple I computers.

iphone locked

DOJ: No, we won't say how much the FBI paid to hack terrorist's iPhone

The Justice Department says it should not have to reveal the maker of a tool used last year to crack an alleged terrorist's iPhone or disclose how much it paid.


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: The Great iPhone 8 freak-out, no worries about Galaxy S8, new concept design

This past week featured the Great iPhone 8 freak-out, with more rumors that the 10th anniversary Apple smartphone would be delayed past September and that it might not even be called the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X.


Microsoft updates Cortana for iOS with a fresh look

Microsoft gave its Cortana app for iOS a facelift Friday, replacing its old black and blue aesthetic with a new look that puts the assistant’s key features at users’ fingertips.

phone picture conference

Protecting the enterprise against mobile threats

Mobile devices have transformed the digital enterprise allowing employees to access the information they need to be most productive from virtually anywhere. Has that convenience come at a cost to enterprise security, though?


How to create a mobile hotpsot with your iPhone or iPad senior writer Sarah White demonstrates what it takes to get your mobile hotspot access working so you can hit the open road.


CIA-made malware? Now antivirus vendors can find out

Thanks to WikiLeaks, antivirus vendors will soon be able to figure out if you have been hacked by the CIA.

google mac primary2

Is Google pushing Apple out of U.S. classrooms?

Chromebooks are quickly becoming the standard device in U.S. schools while Apple’s market share continues to slide.


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: new Lightning twist; Apple getting schooled; delivery delay?

Despite the fact that Apple had no presence at the big Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this past week, rumors about the iPhone 8 or iPhone X did not subside.

IDC projects Windows Phone share to be big fat goose egg by 2021

Market watcher IDC anticipates the worldwide smartphone market will bounce back over the next few years from a sluggish 2016, but Microsoft Windows Phone is not expected to take part in that celebration.

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