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Network giants unite to fight security risks

Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Intel, AT&T and Verizon are among the founding members of the Network Resilience Coalition, which will encourage enterprises to patch systems, fix holes, and prepare defenses for routers and switches.

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Gartner: Generative AI not yet influencing IT spending, but enterprises should plan for it

Most enterprises will incorporate generative AI in a slow and controlled way, Gartner says.


Juniper MISTifies ChatGPT, Zoom and NAC security service

Juniper is adding ChatGPT integration to its Mist management system, expanding its Zoom support capabilities, and offering a cloud-based NAC service.

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Cisco wants you to buy now, pay later

Cisco's new Capital Business Acceleration Program will let customers defer payment until 2024 if they buy new and used gear by July 29.

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Juniper aims at simplifying campus fabric deployment

Juniper introduces campus fabric workflow to reduce set-up time for wired networks, announces a new EX series campus switch.

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Cisco chips away at product backlog but challenges remain

Cisco, Arista and Juniper continue to struggle with product backlogs but are optimistic supply-chain issues may ease up by yearend.

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Juniper targets data-center automation with Apstra update

Apstra intent-based networking software from Juniper gains new configuration capabilities, multivendor support and improved environmental analytics.

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Data center networking trends to watch for 2023

Hybrid and multicloud initiatives are driving changes in data center networks, including new security rollouts, greater automation, and evolving netops strategies.

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Shortages force network vendors into creative product redesigns

Scarcity of mundane hardware components have Cisco, Arista, Juniper, and others looking to redesigns, re-engineering, and alternate sources.

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Juniper increases flexibility of its data-center automation and assurance platform

Juniper Networks broadens the scope of its Apstra intent-based networking software to include broader configuration and multivendor support as well as a new licensing scheme.

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Top IT vendors report good financials, onging supply woes

Arista, Extreme, Juniper, F5 say supply-chain challenges will likely persist through 2023.

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Juniper upgrades management platform, adds a switch

Juniper has added troubleshooting features to its flagship Mist AI/ML cloud-based management platform and announced the EX4100 Series Ethernet access switch.

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AWS moves towards quantum networking

AWS Center for Quantum Networking will focus on communication hardware, software and apps

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Juniper's enterprise networking business on a roll

Enterprise networking led the company in Q1 revenue for first time in Juniper's history, surpassing its service provider and cloud segments.

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Cisco urges software update to thwart counterfeit switches

Semiconductor material shortages and other supply chain disruptions are contributing to a spike in counterfeit IT gear, Cisco warns.

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10 most powerful Wi-Fi vendors

Cisco, HPE-Aruba, Ubiquiti, CommScope are driving the transition from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 and beyond with automation, AI and machine learning

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Juniper upgrades its intent-based software to embrace edge deployments

Juniper Networks is extending its Apstra software to edge data centers and branches offices to support intent-based networking and analytics in smaller environments.ks.

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Juniper adds security upgrades for SASE, security management

Juniper's new Secure Edge package expands security features in its cloud-based security management platform Security Director Cloud, and beefs up its secure access service edge offering.

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