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Data center / enterprise networking
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10 most powerful Wi-Fi vendors

Cisco, HPE-Aruba, Ubiquiti, CommScope are driving the transition from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6 and beyond with automation, AI and machine learning

edge computing

Juniper upgrades its intent-based software to embrace edge deployments

Juniper Networks is extending its Apstra software to edge data centers and branches offices to support intent-based networking and analytics in smaller environments.ks.

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Juniper adds security upgrades for SASE, security management

Juniper's new Secure Edge package expands security features in its cloud-based security management platform Security Director Cloud, and beefs up its secure access service edge offering.

Data center / enterprise networking

Juniper service provides AI-based network management

Juniper's Support Insights is a cloud-based service that analyzes device data to ID trouble spots, inventory networks, and more.

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Juniper targets data-center networks with flexible 400G switch

Juniper has announced QFX5700, a flexible switch that can be upgraded to support 400GbE networks and includes tight integration with the company’s Apstra intent-based networking (IBN) software.

digital fabric

Juniper enables Mist to handle network-fabric management

Juniper offers support for EVPN-VXLAN campus-fabric networks that can be managed, controlled and streamlined by its Mist management service.

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Juniper targets WAN automation with new software suite

The company’s new Paragon Automation suite promises to help eliminate manual tasks and workflow processes to ultimately make sure wide area network operations are working as expected and quickly fix problems if not.

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