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13 debts of tunnel networks

Tunnels in networking may solve some problems but create a mammoth set of long term technical debts that will ultimately have to be paid in full.

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What are the best practices when cabling for Wi-Fi?

When trying to provide the best user experience, you need a well-planned and installed cabling system to support Wi-Fi.

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Extreme faces challenges, girds for future networking battles

Extreme Networks is grappling with how to best integrate and sell technologies it acquired from Avaya and Brocade, as well as incorporate and develop its own products.

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Machine learning takes a load off in network management

The purpose of the pervasive network is to empower innovation, but networks themselves are also benefiting from recent innovations in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. By combining human intellect and creativity...

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Quantum-secured network ‘virtually un-hackable’

A U.K.-based broadband supplier has completed a quantum-key distribution (QKD) secured fiber internet link that it says hackers can't penetrate.

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What are the options for securing SD-WAN?

A look at SD-WAN security capabilities and partnerships from vendors, including Aruba, Cisco, Riverbed, and Silver Peak.

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The rise of artificial intelligence DDoS attacks

The leaves may change color, but the roots are the same. Are you ready for AI-based DDoS attacks?

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OPAQ enables total network security from the cloud

OPAQ built a global network infrastructure and embedded enterprise-grade security services that even extend to an organization’s endpoints.

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4 considerations when replacing managed WAN services with SD-WAN

There are several implications to choosing to outsource SD-WAN to your carrier.

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Solving for serverless: How do you manage something that’s not there?

Truly ephemeral workloads make for challenges you can see.

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A taxonomy of Intent-Based Networking (IBN)

Dissecting Intent-Based Networking (IBN) terminology and defining a vocabulary that can help network engineers and architects reason about the maturity of various IBN solutions.

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Rating the best converged infrastructure systems

Converged infrastructure systems are pervasive in the enterprise. But how do you best evaluate these complex, yet promising, platforms? This report highlights 10 leading offerings and rates them based on user reviews.

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Qualcomm/Facebook gigabit Wi-Fi field trials to start in 2019

Qualcomm partners with Facebook to build a 60GHz urban Wi-Fi network, which the companies say will be faster to deploy than any fiber or copper solution.

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6 key themes shaping the future of network performance management

A new study sheds light on the latest network management trends. Here’s what you need to know to make informed, strategic decisions as you strive for network continuity.

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IEEE sets fog computing standard for compute, storage, control and networking technology

The OpenFog Consortium developed IEEE 1934, a standard shaped by ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Princeton University, to handle the massive data generated by IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence.

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5 ways the IoT must improve to achieve enterprise success

A new Deloitte report identifies five challenges that the Internet of Things (IoT) must solve — some you already know about, others maybe not.

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Want affordable SDN products? Check the secondary market

Software-defined networking is great technology, but the cost of new products is prohibitive for some companies. If yours is one, take a look at the secondary market.

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The 'made up' jargon of networking

Networking can be complicated. But keep these made up words in your back pocket, and you’ll have an easier time answering the proverbial question, “so, what do you do for work, again?”

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