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Network professionals should think SD-Branch, not just SD-WAN

To better manage remote networks, in-office networks and WANs, network engineers must think of the end-to-end network. Aruba’s SD-Branch solution helps them do that.

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A first-hand account of Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando

The Cisco Live experience – from the perspective of a long-term attendee and speaker. A peak behind the curtain, learning Cisco technology, culture, education, beer and even kilts! See the options that are available to you through...

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HPE puts enterprise software applications at the edge network

HPE moves to certify complete enterprise software stacks, allowing enterprises to run the exact same applications in the data center, in the cloud or at the network edge.

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SD-WAN: Hardening external connectivity

Traditionally, SD-WAN was used to connect internal resources. Nowadays challenges arise as to how we connect external identities such as remote partners and mobile workers from multiple locations.

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HPE places a $4B bet on its edge-network portfolio

HPE a $4B plan to build out a computing architecture that spans the data center, the edge network and the cloud over the next 4 years.

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When will your company ditch its data centers?

It’s important to weigh up the costs and limitations of traditional data centers and consider transitioning your business to the cloud. By modernizing your infrastructure, you can focus on gaining a competitive edge in your core...

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Digital businesses need a smarter network edge

With its Smart OmniEdge, Extreme Networks provides some much-needed innovation at the network edge.

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Prepare for the future without net neutrality

With the end of net neutrality, it is important for organizations to prepare for any potential changes in their internet service.

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Cisco’s David Goeckeler talks security, networking, software and SD-WAN outlook

Goeckeler, Cisco executive vice president and general manager, masterminds the company’s network and security strategy which now features ever more emphasis on software.

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Oracle launches global internet ‘health’ map

Oracle's free internet "health" map allows enterprises to see where bottlenecks are to their public cloud connection and perhaps route traffic around them.

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3 providers fixing the middle mile problems of internet-based SD-WANs

The shift away from MPLS to SD-WAN is more than just a move to a less expensive networking service. It’s a change in how enterprises think about their networks.

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Cisco makes SD-WAN integration a top priority

After acquiring Viptela last year for its SD-WAN technology, Cisco says integration of the technology is progressing with plans to integrate it into Cisco’s DNA Center.

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A new era of campus network design

Technologies invented 30 years ago won’t cut it in today’s networking environments. A new era of campus fabric design has evolved, providing consistent management, contextual insights and intelligent segmentation.

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Our vision of the ideal network is as easy as adaption itself

It’s universal thought that network automation is inevitable, but concerns remain that it’s not enough to handle future network conditions. That’s why the ability for a network to intelligently adapt to the unexpected is most vital of...

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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins: Get ready for the network's next act

At Cisco Live, CEO Chuck Robbins outlines Cisco’s vision for the future of networking -- and it’s never been brighter.

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Cisco developer push yields 500,000 DevNet members working on programmable networks

Cisco’s developer program, DevNet, is on a hot streak. Speaking at Cisco Live 2018, DevNet CTO Susie Wee said the group, which was founded in 2014, now has 500,000 registered members. DevNet includes curated list of sample code,...

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Living on the edge: 5 reasons why edge services are critical to your resiliency strategy

As enterprise organizations look to extend their corporate digital channel strategies involving websites with rich media and personalized content, it is vital to have a strong resiliency strategy.

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Network-intelligence platforms, cloud fuel a run on faster Ethernet

At 45 years old, Ethernet, the ubiquitous networking technology, is having a banner year in the data center where in the first quarter alone it's recorded the strongest year-over-year revenue growth in more than five years, and 100G...

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