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8 LinkedIn users we love to hate

If you're a regular LinkedIn user, you've probably encountered the dreaded Spammer, the way-too-friendly Stranger and the starry-eyed Trivialist. Here's a look at eight annoying characters that are hard not to hate on LinkedIn.

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How the top social networks compare on privacy -- in one handy chart

Not all privacy settings are created equal. Here’s an in-depth look at what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ offer users.

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Facebook growth nonexistent, Pew finds, while other social-media platforms gain users

Talk of Facebook’s impending demise may be no more credible than today’s latest Twitter rumor about the death of Fidel Castro, but that doesn’t mean either one is the picture of health these days.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter earnings tell very different tales

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are often lumped together as the kings of social media. They are also often unjustly compared. The reality is the companies have little in common, as evidenced by their recent earnings reports.

15 GOTO schools for the best programming jobs

LinkedIn data reveals which schools have the most graduates working as software developers for the most desirable employers

unbundling mobile apps

An Inside Look at LinkedIn’s ‘Unbundling’ Mobile Strategy

LinkedIn has embraced a multi-app strategy and now has a family of six separate apps -- from job search to tailored news -- but is there such a thing as too many apps?

LinkedIn outage map

Twitter tells tale of LinkedIn outage

Cause of weekend outage still a mystery.

startups security

Are IT groups really ready for BYOD security challenges?

Privately-owned mobile devices, backed by a corporate BYOD policy, are still fairly rare in business, according to a LinkedIn survey. And some companies may not be as prepared as they think for mobile security challenges.

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7 ways to use social media to get work done

Social media has a reputation--well deserved, we should note--for being a bit of a waste of time. Case in point: A 2012 survey from found that 64 percent of employees visited non-work related websites every day during...

How to avoid cyberspies on Facebook, LinkedIn

The first line of defense against a social media-related attack recently perpetrated by a suspected Iranian hacker group is to teach employees how to spot cyberspies, experts say.

How GE uses social tools to support its digital strategies

Rich Narasaki is global manager, digital marketing in the GE corporate global brand marketing group and, as such, works with and supports the digital strategy efforts of the company's eight primary business divisions. While not a...

OAuth weakness threatens users of social media sites

Depending on their OAuth implementation, social media sites, such as Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo, could share users' personal information with malicious third-party websites, experts say.

Wall Street Beat: Internet stocks under the gun

Twitter, LinkedIn and eBay quarterly earnings show what Internet companies are up against.

6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career

Just because you're not posting drunken selfies doesn't mean you've got this social networking thing down. There are a number of more subtle social media mistakes that could hurt your career. Here are six to avoid.

LinkedIn tackles China with a startup approach

China has been a tough market for U.S. Internet companies to crack, but LinkedIn has high hopes it can buck the trend and increase its user base in the country to as high as 50 million over the next five years.

What's next for the Chrome extension that hacked LinkedIn profiles?

A Chrome/Firefox browser extension caused some consternation at LinkedIn because of a feature that would have let users "hack in" to profiles, even if you are not connected with that person.Sell Hack is available as a free extension...

7 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload

Email, social media, texts. Today's business and project managers have more electronic distractions than ever. So how can busy managers successfully navigate the electronic jungle? Organization and productivity experts share their...

Online Video Beats Social Media in the Enterprise

A new study from Wainhouse Research reports that viewership of live online video for business purposes is more than double that of social media. Total hours of viewership in the enterprise reached 1.12 billion hours last year and...

Tim Cook's approval ranking climbs one spot in top-50 CEO list

Even as Apple CEO Tim Cook is blasted by some investors for not being the next Steve Jobs, the company's employees boosted his approval rating to the 17th spot on an annual ranking of the top U.S. chief executives.

Ex-Microsoft employee arrested, accused of stealing Windows RT, product activation secrets

A former Microsoft employee accused Wednesday of leaking Windows RT updates and software that validates product key codes faces federal criminal charges of stealing trade secrets.

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