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How to stress test your Linux system

Stressing your Linux servers can be a good idea if you'd like to see how well they function when they're loaded down. In this post, we'll look at some tools that can help you add stress and gauge the results.

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How to assess user activity in Linux

In this post, we look at commands that Linux server admins can use to view user activity

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How to loop forever in bash on Linux

Looping forever on the command line or in a bash script is easy. Coming up with the reasons why you want to interrupt an infinite loop and how you want to do that requires a little more effort.

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How to use the && operator: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look at the && operator that provides a useful functionality in scripts. It represents an AND operator. But, first, to demonstrate how this operator works, we’ll run some simple commands on the...

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5 ways to examine the content of files on Linux

How to use the cat, more, head and tail commands to look at the content of Linux files, not just text files.

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How to find and remove broken symlinks on Linux

A symlink or "symbolic link" is a Linux file that simply points at another file. If the referenced file is removed, the symlink will remain but not indicate there's a problem until you try to use it. Here are some easy ways to find...

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How to use the chage command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how to use the chage command. The name stands for “change age” and allows Linux admins to manipulate aging settings for user accounts – when passwords will must be changed or accounts will expire.

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How to use tmux to create a multi-pane Linux terminal window

tmux is a terminal multiplexer – a tool that allows you to open multiple panes in a single terminal window and run separate commands in each of them. This post provides an introduction to tmux including how to navigate between the...

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How to use the mv command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, learn how to use the mv (move) command. It allows you to rename files, move files to other places in the file system or do both of those things at the same time.

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How to use Windows Subsystem for Linux to open Linux on Windows 10 machines

Opening a Linux terminal on a Windows 10 desktop can help you practice your Linux skills and explore Windows from an entirely different point of view. In this post, we look at Ubuntu 18.04 running through Windows Subsystem for Linux...

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How to use the script command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

How to use the script command to capture a series of commands that you run along with any output that they generate. This be helpful when you are documenting a process or testing a series of commands.

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How to examine processes running on Linux

The ls command is far from the only command that can let you examine running processes on Linux. Let's run through some command options and what they can tell you.

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How to repeat a Linux command until it succeeds

You can easily set up a Linux command that keeps trying until it succeeds. Let's look at how to loop your way to success

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NVIDIA’s aggressive purchases could signal the era of open networking

After buying Cumulus and Mellanox, NVIDIA can provide the full stack of elements with support to encourage mainstream-enterprise adoption of open networking.

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How to use the xz command: 2-Minute Linux Tips

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look at xz command. It’s a relatively new command for compressing and decompressing files and works a lot like zip and bzip2. With xz, compressed files will take on the extension “xz”.

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Red Hat Summit 2020 virtual experience

Attending Red Hat Summit 2020 from my home office was not just informative. It was encouraging and reassuring. And, while it's over now, you can still go.

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IBM's big hybrid-cloud gamble

Red Hat OpenShift, containers and Kubernetes are all part of Big Blue's hybrid-cloud vision as laid out by IBM's new CEO Arvind Krishna.

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What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2

RHEL 8.2 has new capabilities for management of hybrid-cloud environments and container tools to help fuel cloud-native development.

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