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Network room and mainframes with virtual city in the cloud

Linux Foundation to blaze a path forward for mainframes

The Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project is targeting the development of mainframe applications and skill sets, and now has its own Big Iron to work with.

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Using the Linux apropos command – even if you have to fix it first

The apropos command can help you find commands or discover some you don't yet know, but if you get the response "nothing appropriate", it might need some help.

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2-Minute Linux Tip: How to use the if command

In this Linux tip, we’ll explore some ways you can check the status of files using the if command.

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How to work on Linux with filenames that contain blanks

Filenames that contain blanks can add complexity to the commands you use to work with them. Fortunately, there are several handy ways to make that easier.

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2-Minute Linux Tip: How to use the CD command

In this Linux tip, we’re going to look into several uses of the cd command. While it’s routinely used to move into a different directory, there are some more unusual ways to use this command.

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How to copy files to multiple locations on Linux

You can run a series of Linux commands to copy multiple files to a folder or copy a single file to multiple folders, but you can save time and trouble by using xargs, loops and scripts.

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Checking exit codes in bash

No matter what command you run when using bash, an exit code is returned and the code can tell you if your command was successful or you ran into a problem. Exit codes and error messages are related, but you have to ask to see an exit...

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2-Minute Linux Tips: How to use the yes command

The yes command provides a stream of output for you – a single “y” on every line by default – and it moves very quickly down your screen.

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24 ways to check the status of files using if commands on Linux

The Linux if command can help find types, permissions, and content of files, among many other things.

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How to find files on Linux and make it easy to find them again

The cd command is easy to use, but adding a couple tricks to your toolbox can make moving around, finding, and remembering the locations of files and directories simpler.

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2-Minute Linux Tips: How to use the which and the whereis commands

The which command tells you where the command executable being asked about is stored on your system, and the whereis command shows you that information and more.

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The simplicity and complexity of using quotes on Linux

Using single and double quotes on Linux is easy if you know a few essential rules.

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Using the watch command on Linux

The watch command allows you to rerun commands in a loop until you stop it or run into a condition that stops the looping for you. It can be very useful when you're waiting for something to change before you can move on to the next...

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2-Minute Linux Tips: How to use the figlet command

Figlet allows you to display messages using very large letters in a terminal window on Linux.

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Using the yes command to automate responses

The Linux yes command allows you to automate responses to scripts and commands, but how it responds is up to you.

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Linux Tips: How to work with the eval command

In this Linux tip, we’re going to work with the eval command. It’s a bash built-in that can run a variable as a command. This means that you can set up a complex command by saving it as a variable and then run it using eval. Doing...

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Repeating commands on Linux with or without changes

There are a lot of ways on Linux to make repeating commands easier than retyping them, and here's a nice collection of them.

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Rocky Linux 9 arrives with Peridot

New to Rocky Linux 9 is Peridot, a tool that makes it easy for anyone to replicate and extend Rocky Linux.

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