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IT professionals think Apple devices are easier to manage, according to new survey

But Mac integration could use some work.

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Apple stores now selling the LG UltraFine 5K Display again after Wi-Fi interference issues

LG's display is now ready to ship again after "poor shielding" caused performance issues when near a Wi-Fi router.

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New macOS ransomware spotted in the wild

A new file-encrypting ransomware program for macOS is being distributed through bittorrent websites and users who fall victim to it won't be able to recover their files, even if they pay.

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Apple gives sneak peek of spaceship-like Apple Park that's opening in April

Apple this week announced that its new 175-acre campus in Cupertino will be called Apple Park and is set to open in April. It will take six months to migrate 12,000 employees to the spaceship-like building, which Apple boasts runs...

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Russian cyberspies blamed for US election hacks are now targeting Macs

Security researchers have discovered a macOS malware program that's likely part of the arsenal used by the Russian cyberespionage group blamed for hacking into the U.S. Democratic National Committee last year.

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Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium, charging up iPhone 8 rumor

Apple has joined the consortium behind the Qi wireless charging system, supercharging rumors that owners of future an iPhone could live tangle-free.

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Tested: The truth behind the MacBook Pro's 'terrible' battery life

Most reviewers said the MacBook Pro's battery life was great. Many users said the MacBook Pro's battery life was terrible, and Consumer Reports agreed until it changed its mind. Who's right? We ran a bunch of benchmarks to find out.

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Are Apple-specific threats on the rise?

Macs are really no more secure than a PC, but for many years there just weren’t as many out there because of the expense of the hardware and other issues. They've historically been a much less popular choice among both consumers,...

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The $475 S key

Without Apple Care, a broken S key on a MacBook Air turns into an outrageous $475 repair.

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Mac malware is found targeting biomedical research

A Mac malware that’s been spying on biomedical industry may have been circulating undetected for years, according to new research.

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Apple to release MacBook Pro models with 32GB of RAM this year

Apple has exciting plans ahead for its MacBook Pro line. The company will release models that have 32GB of RAM.

How to prepare an old Mac for sale

It's good to recycle, and selling or giving away an old or unwanted Mac makes sense. But here are some essential jobs you should do first. Here's how to prepare an old Mac before you sell it or give it away

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New MacBook Pros stop Apple's skid in worldwide PC shipments

Apple's new MacBook Pros have put the brakes on a free-fall of Mac shipments globally, though they haven't provided the boost the company was looking for.

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Apple’s profit slump means a pay cut for Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total compensation took a dive for 2016, as the company missed its financial targets for the year.


Mac’s share falls to five-year low

Apple's Mac share of personal computers worldwide fell to a five-year low in last month.

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The downside of buying used gear via Glyde

Glyde and other computer equipment resellers are convenient, but they have their risks.

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Apple's 10 biggest wins, fails, and WTF moments of 2016

New iPhones, new MacBooks, and new Apple Watches were bright spots in an otherwise gloomy year of sliding iPhone sales and a legal battle with the FBI.

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The products Apple discontinued in 2016

We fondly remember the products and technologies that Apple decided to end this past year.

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Apple is dedicated to the Mac desktop. And it's not.

Conflicting reports paint a contrasting picture of Apple’s support for the Mac desktop.

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Apple shortens annual iTunes Connect holiday shutdown

Apple has alerted app developers that it will not be accepting new app or app update submissions from Dec. 23-27, so the clock is ticking...

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