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Forecasting a warming world via thousands of PCs

A recently released study that found global temperatures may be rising faster than expected was developed with the help of thousands of PCs.

IBM battles dire mainframe myths

The perception of mainframe technology as outmoded or inefficient is wildly inaccurate in a number of important ways, according to IBM's chief architect for cloud computing, Frank DeGilio.

Europe Outspends U.S. on Exascale

In the global push to fund and build exascale technologies, the U.S. is just getting out of the gate.

IBM Touts Quantum Computing Advance

Scientists at IBM Research say they have achieved a major breakthrough in quantum computing that will allow engineers to begin creating a full-scale quantum machine.

Europe plans exascale funding above U.S. levels

The European Commission plans to double its investment in the push for exascale computing, even as European governments impose austerity measures elsewhere.

HP's new x86 servers attack management, power costs

Hewlett-Packard's new x86 server line generation, announced Monday, aims to wring out as much management overhead as possible through automation and improved energy management.

U.S. to use climate to help cool exascale systems

In a picturesque spot overlooking San Francisco Bay, the U.S. Department of Energy's Berkeley Lab is building a new computing center that will one day house exascale systems.

IBM's Watson Advises at Cancer Center

The Watson supercomputer is about to begin evaluating cancer treatment options that can be delivered to physicians in a matter of seconds.

IBM's Watson shows up for work at Cedars-Sinai's cancer center

IBM's Watson supercomputer has begun work with the Cedars-Sinai cancer center to develop applications that will assist doctors in diagnosing and prescribing treatments for patients.

Russia building 10-petaflop supercomputer

T-Platforms, a Moscow-based tech company that is behind some of that nation's largest systems, is building a 10-petaflop supercomputer for M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the company said this week.

China beefs up its HPC training

China can use its power of government control to bring major changes quickly, and it is moving to expand parallel programming training to help its supercomputing efforts.

U.S. HPC Lead in Danger

Programs to develop ever-higher performance exascale computing systems are underway around the world -- but the U.S. isn't yet leading the way after dominating high-performance computing development for decades. (Insider, registration...

IT's most wanted: Mainframe programmers

As students study other technologies, vendors try to develop new talent and offer tools to fill the gap for these critical systems

Automotive supplier doubles in size after adopting HPC

L&L Products, an automotive supplier in Michigan, grew dramatically after adding high performance computing to its manufacturing process.

Five reasons the U.S. tech lead is in danger

There is a worldwide race to build the next generation of supercomputers, but U.S. efforts have stalled.

Exascale now a global race for tech

The international competition to build an exascale supercomputer is gaining steam. Peter Beckman, a top computer scientist at the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, explains why the effort is important.

Better Windows support due on IBM mainframes

IBM said its mainframes will soon be able to manage Windows applications, bridging one of the last major divides in data centers.

Exascale computing seen in this decade

There is almost an obsessive focus at the supercomputing conference in Seattle on reaching exascale computing, a level of computing power that is roughly 1,000 times more powerful than anything running today, in this decade.

Intel's 'Knights Corner' chip hits supercomputing speed

Intel has produced a new chip that can operate at a sustained speed of one teraflop -- the type of supercomputing speed the U.S. government paid $55 million for 15 years ago.

Cray to build supercomputer with new AMD chips

Cray Inc. is building a supercomputer for federally funded scientific research under a contract valued at $188 million that was originally won by IBM.

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