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UK authority OKs Broadcom’s VMware buy but regulatory hurdles remain

The UK’s Competetion and Markets Authority has approved Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware, but the deal still faces hurdles, including Chinese regulatory approval.


Supply chain improvements, AI demand propel Cisco earnings

Cisco was eager to talk up an eased supply chain situation and strong demand for hyperscale AI technology in its fourth quarter earnings call this week.

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Intel’s Tower Semiconductor acquisition fails, as China withholds OK

Intel's planned $5.4 billion acquisition of Israel-based Tower falls apart, as China fails to approve the deal before the companies' agreement deadline.

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Cisco bolsters mobile core technology with Working Group Two buy

Cisco has made nine acquisitions this year to reinforce everything from BGP support, security and application performance to AI development

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TSMC, NXP, Infineon and Bosch team up for German chip foundry

The pact to set up a manufacturing plant in Dresden and form a new company is part of a general move by global chip makers to build plants in the West and shore up supply chains.


Chip makers team up to take on Arm with RISC-V

Five Arm-dependent semiconductor manufacturers including Qualcomm, NXP, and Infineon are launching a RISC-V joint venture.

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Gen-AI HPC infrastructure provider CoreWeave scores $2.3 billion financing deal

CoreWeave, a specialized, AI-focused cloud provider offering high performance compute services, has landed a whopping $2.3 billion in debt financing from several private equity firms.

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UK competition agency provisionally OKs Broadcom’s $6B VMware acquisition

Eight months after launching an investigation into whether the deal would reduce competition in the UK, the CMA has provisionally cleared the acquisition.

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EU OKs Broadcom acquisition of VMware, with strings attached

Broadcom’s bid to buy up VMware clears a key regulatory hurdle with the conditional approval of EU authorities.

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UK regulator refers cloud infrastructure market for investigation

Three months after the UK regulator announced its concerns around the market dominance of AWS and Microsoft, it's asking for an investigation to take place in order to improve the market for customers.

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Annual public cloud revenue reaches half a trillion dollars

Worldwide spending on public cloud services reached $545.8 billion in 2022, new data from IDC says.

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China seeks to improve reliability of its chip manufacturing sector

A new report from China’s Ministry for Industry and Information Technology states that the country’s manufacturing abilities are less advanced than other countries and improvement is needed across three core industries.

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EU and Japan announce Digital Partnership to strengthen chip supply chain

The EU and Japan have formed a new partnership to improve cooperation on digital issues, after recently pledging billions of dollars in investments to shore up their domestic chip industries.

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US weighs further restrictions on chip exports to China

The Biden administration is reportedly considering placing new restrictions on the export of AI chips to China, in a move that could specifically target products previously compliant with the rules.

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Japan bolsters its chip industry with buyout of equipment maker JSR

In its latest bid to support home-grown chip manufacturing, the Japanese government has sought to consolidate the country’s grip over some chemicals that are vital to the chip making process.

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AMD to spend $135M on chip R&D in Ireland for AI, data center, mobile tech

A year after AMD acquired Xilinx, the chipmaker has announced plans to build on the semiconductor ecosystem Xilinx had already established in Ireland.

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EU Parliament approves AI Act, moving it closer to becoming law

EU lawmakers have approved a draft of the AI Act, setting it up for debate by EU member states before enactment into law.

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EU countries reject plan for big tech companies to fund 5G rollout

A proposal to have big tech companies that account for heavy internet traffic finance 5G and broadband expansion in Europe is facing criticism from ministers.

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