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Microsoft warns of PowerPoint attack found in the wild

Microsoft this evening issued Microsoft Security Advisory (969136) which warns of an attack using malicious PowerPoint files that could allow an attacker to remotely execute code. Microsoft has not yet created a patch for the attack,...

Why are presentations so awful?

It struck me as I was attending my son's first grade class poetry reading extravaganza last week what a shame it is that people seem to put so little thought or effort into how they actually present their hard work, big thoughts or...

Google Scoops Microsoft: Delivers Mesh First

I've been head deep into taking apart Ray Ozzie's Mesh vision for Microsoft, putting thoughts to the implications of applications which can live on the desktop (installed or virtual apps), streamed, or live entirely in the cloud. ...

Data visualization: the underappreciated Web 2.0 tool

There are many data-visualization tools, from tag clouds to real-time monitoring, which give you a range of options about how to turn data into visual information that can be important strategic-planning assets.

Software tools for publishing slides, video and links

I need to put a Web presentation together that combines a slide presentation with a video of the presenter, and some additional Web links for publishing on our Web server. What software tools can help me put this together?

A blow against pretexting . . . too late for HP

Had regulators taken this action a couple of years ago there's a good chance the HP spy scandal never would have happened.

Law firm relies on traffic shaping for WAN performance

A project to consolidate servers in a central data center highlighted the need for international law firm Reed Smith to use traffic-shaping technology to ensure that its most important applications perform well on its now-critical WAN....

Open source tool released for translating between Microsoft, ODF file formats

Developers funded by Microsoft delivered on Friday the first phase of an open source tool designed to translate between the default Office 2007 file type and a competing open source document format.

After patches, Microsoft warns of PowerPoint attack

Just days after patching four bugs in PowerPoint, Microsoft is warning of a new attack targeting its presentation software.

Attackers targeting new PowerPoint bug

One day after patching a widely exploited flaw in its Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft has a new bug to worry about, this time in PowerPoint.

Microsoft fixes PowerPoint, Windows flaws

Microsoft has issued nine security updates addressing critical flaws in its Office and Windows products. The updates patch two worrisome PowerPoint flaws that could allow attackers to seize control of a PC, the company said Tuesday.

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PowerPoint gets a virus

In brief: Symantec IDs PowerPoint vulnerability

Symantec last week reported it has discovered a targeted attack that takes advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's PowerPoint software.

New PowerPoint flaw used in attacks

Attackers have found another hole in Microsoft's Office products. On Thursday, Symantec reported that it has discovered a targeted attack that takes advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's PowerPoint software.

UPDATE - Microsoft patches up Office

Microsoft has issued two security updates for its Windows and Office products, including a patch that fixes a number of critical vulnerabilities found in the Office suite.

PointeCast gives PowerPoint presentations a voice

Following our discussion of Articulate Presenter a couple of issues ago another product was recommended to us that also converts PowerPoint content to Flash and...

Microsoft going to XML as default file format in Office 12

Microsoft said Thursday that XML would be the default file format for three applications when it ships Office 12 late next year.

Blame the workman

Gibbs on PowerPoint and its connection to the Columbia Space Shuttle crash: "The ship's foam insulation was found to be the main cause of the disaster but another culprit was fingered: Microsoft PowerPoint."

New Latitude offering converts PowerPoint to Flash

Latitude Communications Friday announced a new product offering that captures PowerPoint slides, audio and other materials and outputs the resulting content into a Flash-based presentation that can be viewed in any Web browser with a...

Macromedia relaunches Presedia product

Macromedia Monday said it has folded Presedia's online presentation tools into its product portfolio and is launching them as Macromedia Breeze.

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