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Microsoft being evil and a CMS being very, very good.

I usually admire Microsoft in equal measure to how much it annoys me, but today the balance is seriously in favor of annoyance. The reason? I foolishly installed Microsoft's Office Live Workspace Beta some time ago and then got...

Microsoft still thwarted from selling Word 2007

So what's the latest on the case that issued an injunction forbidding Microsoft from selling new copies of Word 2007.  On Wednesday yet another ruling has been made against Microsoft, with a judge upholding the $290 million dollar ...

Microsoft asks for rehearing in Word case

Microsoft asked an appeals court for a rehearing in the patent case that requires the software giant to pay US$290 million in damages and prevents it from selling the current version of Word starting on Monday.

Microsoft Word and Patent Infringement

The story: i4i sued Microsoft for patent infringement in Word 2003 and later versions. The feature in question was "custom XML."i4i wins lawsuit, Microsoft fined $290 million, and Microsoft is told they cannot sell Word 2007 with the...

Microsoft loses appeal: can't sell MS Word

A U.S. federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a patent infringement judgment against Microsoft which bars Redmond from selling current versions of its Word program, the Wall Street Journal reports. A Texas jury had ruled in...

Can You Work On A Virtualized Windows Desktop?

I’m using a Macbook Pro laptop running OS X and I have Windows 7 installed on the Bootcamp partition. Normally this kind of setup only lets you boot up either Mac OS X or Windows, but with VMware Fusion 3 for Mac OS X I can run...

Microsoft appeals Word injunction, rails against the judge

Microsoft has filed an appeal against a verdict that awarded a Canadian developer nearly $300 million in damages and an impending ban on sales of Word. The company is arguing that the judge overseeing the court case was...

The Curse of the Ribbon Menu

Everyone wants to take their shot at what's wrong with Microsoft these days so here's mine. Ribbon menus. I've long detested Microsoft's ribbon menu user interface. The biggest issue is what you once knew how to do, you now have to...

Microsoft Warns of Chaos if Word Sales Are Halted

Microsoft warned of 'massive disruptions' to sales of Office if the injunction that prevents it from selling Word 2003 and Word 2007 in the United States after Oct. 10 is not set aside.

Microsoft appeals Word ruling, asks for stay

- Microsoft on Tuesday asked a court to stay an injunction that could put a stop to sales of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft: 'Massive disruptions' if Word injunction not lifted

Microsoft late Tuesday warned of "massive disruptions" to sales of Office if the injunction that prevents it from selling Word 2003 and Word 2007 in the U.S. after Oct. 10 is not set aside.

Microsoft knew of the XML patent is was allegedly violating in Word

A patent infringement case brought by Toronto-based i4i resulted in $290 million judgment against Microsoft and an injunction that bars Microsoft from selling Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word for Mac 2008 in their current forms....

'Easy workaround' could solve Microsoft Word's legal woes, says expert

Microsoft can likely sidestep a recent injunction by a Texas federal judge that bars it from selling Word with an "easy technical workaround," a patent attorney said.

Injunction on Microsoft Word unlikely to halt sales

A judge on Tuesday ordered Microsoft to stop selling Microsoft Word products in their current form in the U.S., but legal appeals or technical work-arounds make an actual halt of sales unlikely.

Microsoft Office Web Apps still cloaked in mystery

Microsoft Monday shed little light on its forthcoming Office Web Applications, which were announced nine months ago, leaving more questions about the depth of features, their integration with Office on the desktop, how they would run...

Another pair of deadline-extending dodges

An item here last week about the Web site had one reader reaching deep into the memory bank for similar tale that also deserves sharing.Corrupted-Files, if you missed it the first time, sells unreadable Word,...

More than the files are corrupted

What could be more frustrating than a corrupted Word file? How about not having one handy when your term paper or work project is due ... but alarmingly incomplete?If you're not getting the connection off hand, check out...

Rigged Word docs exploit 2008 bug, say researchers

Attackers, probably based in China, are exploiting a December bug in Microsoft Word to hijack Windows PCs, Vietnamese security researchers warned Thursday.

When it comes to Google Docs, there are no good numbers

No matter which set of numbers you believe, Google Docs has a lot of market share ground to gain, not only against Microsoft Office but also's free office suite. Google's Matt Cutts takes issue with a recent study by...

Symantec warns of new Word attack

Criminals have found a new way to attack PC users, taking advantage of what appears to be a new bug in Microsoft's Word software, according to Symantec.

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