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Microsoft issues a fix for on-prem Exchange mail servers

Due to a “date issue,” mail was being queued up instead of sent.

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Spinoffs Kyndryl and VMware team up on multicloud

Under the agreement Kyndryl and VMware said they will focus on developing unique services aimed at multicloud infrastructure and management, digital workspace, managed applications, resiliency and security, and network and edge...

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Kyndryl weds Microsoft to grow cloud services

Kyndryl's partnership with Microsoft is the first of what will likely be many cloud deals for the IBM managed-services spinoff.

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Microsoft lets Windows 11 loose on the world

PCs running Windows 10 that meet Microsoft's hardware requirements are immediately eligible for the free Windows 11 download. And new devices with Windows 11 factory installed are now on sale.

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The TPM chip controversy for Windows 11 is a non-issue for Windows Server

In announcing the next version of Windows Server, Microsoft set the stage for TPM, so hardware makers know what’s coming.

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Review: 6 top videoconferencing services put to the test

We compared Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting in real-world tests to see which videoconferencing platforms perform best for business users. Here’s how they stack up.

IPv6 wireless network protocol

IPv6: How to configure static and DHCP IP addressing and deal with DNS

IPv6 offers several ways that aren’t possible in IPv4 to assign IP addresses, and DNS set-up has differences as well.

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