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windows server 2019

microsoft natick underwater data center

Microsoft launches undersea, free-cooling data center

Underwater data centers like Microsoft's Project Natick offer the benefit of free water cooling, plus they bring the ultimate in edge computing.

windows server 2019

Windows Server 2019 embraces SDN

Software-defined networking in Windows Server 2019 includes virtual network peering and encryption, auditing, and IPv6 support.

cloud computing - data center - network servers

Somehow, AWS and cloud growth continues to accelerate

Amazon leads cloud vendors to even faster growth at huge scale -- is there anything left for data centers?


DNA data storage closer to becoming reality

DNA could replace hard drives, tape and other storage mediums one day. It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, and significant progress is being made, including new, zero-error individual-file data retrieval.

amd epyc chip 7000 series copy

AMD scores its first big server win with Azure

AMD's Epyc server processors score their first big public win, with Microsoft announcing Azure instances based on Epyc server microprocessors.

daimler hydrogen fuel cell system

Microsoft, Daimler to use fuel cells to power data centers

Microsoft and Daimler say hydrogen fuel cells could provide better energy solutions for data centers than existing electrical grid and backup power technology.

data security

Microsoft launches data security technology for Windows Server, Azure

Microsoft's Azure confidential computing aims to protect data when it is being used, encrypting data while it is being manipulated.

microsoft sailplane iot

How Microsoft’s self-soaring sailplane improves IoT, digital assistants

Microsoft researchers built an autonomous sailplane to answer a scientific question that applies to building robust digital assistants, IoT devices and autonomous vehicles.

hand holding paper cloud for Microsoft Azure logo

IoT gives Microsoft opportunity for cloud leadership

Microsoft Azure offers an end-to-end portfolio for IoT, and its biggest opportunity is in enterprise IT.


Mingis on Tech: Microsoft pulls the plug on GigJam

The collaboration tool offers forward-thinking ways of sharing information, but never gained traction. Although it's being shuttered, some of those features met yet show up in other Microsoft products.

windows server

5 Windows Server 2016 features enterprises love

A year after Windows Server 2016 has been released, these are the top capabilities organizations have been actively deploying in their enterprises.

Microsoft acquires cloud-based HPC developer

With the purchase of high-performance computing developer Cycle Computing, Microsoft hopes customers move their HPC workloads to Azure.

clouds spending money

Microsoft’s cloud revenue grows, while IBM’s fades

Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud revenue hits a new high. IBM, however, struggles with steadily declining cloud revenue.


The latest on Azure Stack, cyberattacks, the next iPhone and ... keyboards

Get the details on Microsoft's new Azure Stack, why cyberattacks never seem to end, the fate of Apple's Touch ID and why QWERTY keyboards are now tech relics.

migration migrate birds

2 reasons to migrate off of Microsoft Exchange Server

By migrating away from Microsoft Exchange, you reduce costs for your organization and improve the security of your accounts and data. One option to use instead: Kolab.

azure blue paper ream

Microsoft introduces Azure Stack, its answer to OpenStack

Both software-only and turnkey hardware systems are available for order.

microsoft cloud windows

Microsoft rumor: Company to reorganize cloud computing division

Microsoft is looking for a new approach to selling its cloud computing products, and the reorganization could mean many jobs lost.

container stack

Microsoft rolls out its first Azure container tool from Deis

Just one month ago, Microsoft acquired Deis, an open source software developer focused on making Kubernetes easier to use. One month later, the acquisition pays off in the form of the first product from the group, called Draft.

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