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Microsoft, Amazon go after enterprises with new SAP cloud offerings

There are some fresh public cloud offerings on the horizon for SAP database customers, thanks to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Both companies have announced new infrastructure services for the HANA database software aimed...

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China

China pays for Windows XP addiction as 'WannaCry' hits

The WannaCry ransomware has wormed its way into tens of thousands of Windows PCs in China, where Windows XP remains relatively popular.

terry myerson build 2017

So, what did we get from Microsoft's Build conference?

A lot of news came out of Microsoft Build 2017—some of it expected, some not.

powershell script

Microsoft posts PowerShell script that spawns pseudo security bulletins

A Microsoft manager this week offered IT admins a way to replicate -- more or less -- the security bulletins the company discarded last month.

Windows 10 devices

Microsoft now claims half a billion Windows 10 devices

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella touted a new number for Windows 10, saying the operating system now powers 500 million devices.

0406 primary windows linux

18 things you should know about using Linux tools in Windows 10

Windows 10 can now run (many) Linux binaries. Yes, really. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

scott hanselman microsoft build 2017

Microsoft's new tools help devs manage cloud deployments on the go

Microsoft is making it easier for developers to manage their cloud deployments on the go, using a new mobile app and browser-based command line.

scott gu build 2017 microsoft

Microsoft takes its databases worldwide with Cosmos DB

Developers will have an easier time scaling their applications to meet global needs with a database product Microsoft updated on Wednesday. Called Cosmos DB, the service lets developers store data that can be replicated across any of...

vi insights

Microsoft brings customization to its pre-built AI services

Microsoft is doubling down on its cloud AI services for business customers with a fleet of new offerings aimed at helping businesses deal with video and supporting customers with unique problems not solved by Microsoft’s off-the-shelf...

microsoft build 2016 sign

What to expect at Microsoft Build 2017

A lot will be happening at Microsoft Build 2017 this week. Here's a rundown of the speculative list of what to expect.

Computerworld Cheat Sheet - Microsoft Excel 2016

Excel 2016 cheat sheet

Are you getting the most from Microsoft Excel 2016? Get to know the key new features.

microsoft edge browser resized

New Windows build brings more new features

Build 16188 of Windows has two major new features of note—both centered around the Microsoft Edge browser.


The real-world guide to Windows 10 migration

Our deployment guide preps you and your organization for the final upgrade to Windows


7 things Microsoft left out of Windows 10

As usual in the tech industry, not everything that’s previewed by a vendor shows up in the final product. That’s what happened with the latest update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, which was released last month. Microsoft showed...

microsoft education event usb image pc setup

Windows 10 S will lock you into the Edge browser and Bing

Windows 10 S forces users to run the Edge browser and Bing search. You can install third-party browsers, such as Chrome, but you can’t change the default browser.

windows 10 my people

New Windows build adds two significant features

Microsoft adds two significant features to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16184: My People and Focused Inbox support for Gmail accounts.

windows 10 s

Windows 10 S: It's for enterprise, too

Microsoft may have stuck to the script when it unveiled a Windows 10 spin-off aimed at education. But the new OS will be enticing to businesses as well.

dr jeannette wing headshot

Microsoft Research boss headed back to academia

Columbia University has announced that Jeannette Wing, who has led Microsoft Research since the start of 2013, will be circling back to the world of academia in July as director of Columbia’s Data Science Institute and professor of...

verizon email email addresses are going away — here are 4 alternatives

Verizon has begun warning customers that it’s getting out of the email game and that you need to act soon if you want to keep your email address. Or, you could consider switching to another email service, and here are some...

Facebook lens illustration

Quick guide to where AR stands today

Over the past few months, there have been several augmented reality developments. Here’s a quick guide to what the big AR players are up to.

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