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What is MU-MIMO, and why is it essential for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E?

Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology supports concurrent users accessing Wi-Fi 6 and 6E networks in both uplink and downlink scenarios

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5G connections to hit 1 billion this year, and will double by 2025

5G uptake proceeding faster than prior-generation mobile technology, the GSMA says, but most connections are for lower-band spectrum that does not support the most advanced capabilities.

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Cisco details delivery of its private 5G services

Cisco offers subscription-based private 5G managed service that would feature its own products integrated through third parties and managed through a single portal..

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FCC announces new 5G spectrum auction in 2.5GHz band

The July auction will represent the sale of 200MHz of highly valuable midband 5G spectrum.

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MWC: Microsoft expands 5G, edge-network offerings through Azure

Microsoft is expanding its telecom offerings with a host of new services designed to address carrier infrastructure for edge computing and 5G, including private enterprise networks.

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How 6 top SD-WAN and SASE vendors are evolving

Cisco, Versa, Fortinet, VMware, HPE, Palo Alto Networks envision new features related to 5G, AIops, automation

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HPE lets you build integrated private 5G/Wi-Fi networks

HPE Private 5G enables hybrid wireless networks that support both 5G and Wi-Fi to handle specific enterprise needs.

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5G grabs 3G wireless frequencies, creating headaches for some enterprise cellular users

The hunger for 5G wireless spectrum is prompting carriers to shut down their legacy 3G networks, which could hit enterprises that still rely on them.

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Cost of banning Chinese 5G gear soars to $5.6B

FCC seeks billions more to reimburse carriers for removing 5G networking equipment made by banned Chinese vendors and replacing it.

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5G auction: AT&T and Dish spend billions while Verizon sits out

At least one of the biggest spectrum players sat the latest FCC auction out.

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Cisco ups its game in top-shelf enterprise switching, Wi-Fi, 5G

Cisco adds high-end wired and wireless Catalyst gear and announces private 5G-as-a-service with partners.

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5G deployment near US airports slowed for now

Verizon and AT&T will address fears that 5G near airports might endanger planes landing in low visibility—for a time.

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6G exploratory group to be led by wireless heavyweights

Networking’s biggest companies get seats on the FCC's 6G council advising on what comes after 5G.

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Full speed ahead for contested 5G, W-Fi spectrum

A court win and a compromise with the Federal Aviation Administration show that the FCC’s efforts to pry open more spectrum for broadband will move ahead.

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Latest 5G specs highlight IoT support, better spectrum efficiency

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project has issued recommended enhancements of 5G systems architecture and radio access networks.

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5G wireless WAN will have benefits beyond 4G WWAN

Cellular WAN connectivity has solid enterprise use cases with 4G, and as 5G rolls out, will become more attractive for its speed, reliability, and price.

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Don’t let bad press about Open RAN sink your private 5G plans

Use RFIs and RFPs to get good information about private 5G gear and to avoid being duped by stories possibly generated by 'unnamed vendors' looking to lock you into their products.

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Bumps in the road for open RAN

The much-vaunted technology is thought to be the way to simplify 5G deployments and keep carrier capex low, but there’s a long way to go before it hits the mainstream.

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Review of two Cradlepoint mobile routers

Cradlepoint IBR-900 and IBR-1700 mobile routers with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular interfaces help link devices on a transportation organization’s passenger buses and smaller vehicles with the data center.

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FCC auction for prime 5G bandwidth rakes in $21.8B

The month-long FCC auction of 3.5GHz-to-3.55GHz wireless spectrum seems to have favored large providers looking to move ahead with their 5G-network deployments.

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