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Canada bans Huawei, ZTE in 5G networks

Ottawa government’s move follows similar bans in other English-speaking countries, citing potential security risks to 5G communications networks.

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5G uploads aren't fast enough for enterprise needs

A survey of wireless ISPs shows that the download speeds of their 5G services are significantly faster than 4G, but the gains in upload speed are less impressive.

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5G mid-band spectrum winners receive their FCC licenses

Key midband spectrum for 5G deployment was officially licensed out by the FCC to the winners of last year’s Auction 110.

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Private 5G: 4 things that determine if you need it

Private 5G is a major step, so consider what devices need it, whether they move around and require privacy, and whether Wi-Fi you already have meets the need.

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Private 5G: Its use in enterprises faces challenges

The availability of services from AWS, Cisco and HPE is propelling private 5G forward, but enterprises still have to contend with the technology's costs, device limitations, and competition from established alternatives such as Wi-Fi...

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5G, automotive to drive semiconductor revenue through 2022

A new Gartner report foresees sharp growth in semiconductor revenue during the year, slackening during 2023 as supply and demand start to balance out.


Belgium gears up to go 5G with summer spectrum auction

5G is set to roll out in Belgium by the end of 2022. Here are the opportunities it offers businesses and a look at some of the industries that stand to gain the most from 5G connectivity.

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Duke University to test private LTE/5G network using CBRS spectrum

Pilot program launched by Cisco, DISH Wireless, Duke and Internet2 aims to demonstrate the practicality of low-cost, shared wireless spectrum using CBRS.

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Arista bundles edge networking gear for small enterprises

Arista’s Cognitive Unified Edge service is a turnkey package of Arista network and security gear all controlled via a single dashboard.

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5G smartphones sales top 4G, but don't expect network deployment to speed up

5G-capable smartphones have surpassed 4G/LTE for the first time globally, according to a Counterpoint report, but experts say the impetus for faster 5G network deployment will come from elsewhere.

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How 5G speeds compare across the globe—and why they differ

A mix of factors influences how well your 5G phone can take advantage of 5G networks, with South Korea, Sweden, UAE, Norway, and Qatar topping the 5G performance rankings.

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South Korea has the fastest 5G download speed in Asia-Pacific

South Korea shows above-average 5G speeds while countries in Southeast Asia that adopted 5G later come close to or fare better than countries with more access in some speed measures.

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The state of 5G in Southeast Asia 2022, country-by-country guide

Despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 5G networks are progressing apace in many Southeast Asian countries.

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Australian broadband: 5G in Tasmania; fibre buildout in Victoria; flooded-out service restored

The current news on 5G, broadband, and telecommunications services that IT relies on.

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Marvell's newest Arm processor integrates 5G hardware accelerators

Marvell announced a new Arm-based smartNIC, and Dell will be the first to use it.


COVID, slow endpoint deployment could put the brakes on private 5G growth

Hiccups in the growth of industrial IoT endpoints and the lingering effects of the pandemic will undercut the rapid growth of private cellular deployments in the enterprise, according to an IDC analysis.

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What is beamforming and how does it make wireless better?

Beamforming uses the science of electromagnetic interference to make Wi-Fi and 5G connections more precise.

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What’s next for Ethernet?

Higher, more cost-efficient speeds and getting better integration between IT and operational technology environments are two of the hottest areas of networking development in the Ethernet world.

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What is MU-MIMO, and why is it essential for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E?

Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology supports concurrent users accessing Wi-Fi 6 and 6E networks in both uplink and downlink scenarios

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5G connections to hit 1 billion this year, and will double by 2025

5G uptake proceeding faster than prior-generation mobile technology, the GSMA says, but most connections are for lower-band spectrum that does not support the most advanced capabilities.

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