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juno mission 1

NASA’s hot Juno Jupiter mission

NASA’s Juno spacecraft, once described as a flying armored tank, has almost reached its destination: Jupiter. Check out the images from the mission.


NASA describes out of this world data glitch that almost finished its planet hunter

The latest happened in April when Kepler went into “Emergency Mode” which among other things allows for priority access to ground-based communications via NASA’s Deep Space Network. NASA noted at the time that the spacecraft is...

pia20322 main sol1276ml05991rs24b

The Martian author Andy Weir calls for massive new space station to prep humans for Mars trip

When it comes to living on Mars, the human body is simply not suited to living for long periods in zero-g. Until this issue is solved, we have no hope of landing humans on the surface of Mars, nor can we create permanent residences in...

kepler all planets may2016

NASA's planet hunter spots record 1,284 new planets, 9 in a habitable zone

NASA’s planet hunting space telescope Kepler added a record 1,284 confirmed planets to its already impressive discoveries of extraterrestrial worlds. This batch of planets is the largest single account of new planets since Kepler...

faa bombardier

NASA, FAA showoff wireless aircraft communication technology

NASA said it tested a system known as Aircraft Access to System Wide Information Management (SWIM), to wirelessly send aviation information to an FAA Bombardier Global 5000 test aircraft taxiing 60 to 70 miles per hour on the...

20151222 beam 01

From cosmic living-rooms to communications, NASA craving deep space public brainstorms

NASA this week said it was calling for public input on living quarters for astronauts to live in deep space as well as systems and technologies for a new Mars Orbiter.

sep contract award hall thruster

NASA gives solar ionic propulsion a monster boost

NASA this week took a giant step toward using solar electric power for future space missions by awarding a $67 million to Aerojet Rocketdyne to develop an advanced electric propulsion system.

NASA: Top 10 space junk missions

NASA' s Orbital Debris Program Office said that by far the source of the greatest amount of orbital debris remains the Fengyun-1C spacecraft, which was the target of a People’s Republic of China anti-satellite test in...

nasa pi day quiz

NASA fired up for Pi Day 2016

You didn't think the science types at NASA would let March 14 (a.k.a. Pi Day 2016) pass by without notice, did you? Indeed, the US civilian space program agency bows at the alter of pi, noting that it "has all sorts of...

16 022 supersoniccontract

NASA wants to get supersonic with new passenger jet

NASA wants to put a supersonic passenger jet back in the sky that promises to a soft thump or supersonic heartbeat as the agency called it -- rather than the disruptive boom currently associated with such high-speed flight. The...


NASA’s Skylab marks 42nd anniversary of last space mission

Launched on May 14, 1973, the Skylab saw three crewed manned missions—the last being concluded in February 1974. In terms of technology the lab was pretty advanced for the time. According to IBM, two Big Blue computers controlled...

lunar flashlight over south pole

NASA’s big rocket will carry 13 cool tiny satellites

NASA’s rocket – the Space Launch System (SLS) – along with an unmanned Orion spacecraft are expected to launch in 2018. The heart of the mission is to test the rockets but also to evaluate the Orion spacecraft which is the first...

sky for all airspace

NASA offers $15k for your wicked cool air traffic technology

The space agency this week announced a $15,000 public contest -- called the “Sky for All challenge” -- to develop technologies that could be part of what it calls “a clean-slate, revolutionary design and concept of operations for the...

NASA Advanced Supercomputer Facility

NASA's not so keen to talk about quantum computer security

When NASA showed off its D-Wave 2X quantum computer on Tuesday, engineers were keen to talk about the computer's capabilities but less so about security measures that might be in place to stop hackers.

D-Wave 2X quantum computer

NASA, Google reveal quantum computing leap

The black box sitting at the heart of NASA's Advanced Supercomputing facility in Silicon Valley isn't much to look at. The size of a garden shed, it's smaller than a conventional supercomputer, but inside something quite impressive is...

ed15 0188 1128

NASA: Crayons and cereal help test set baseline for jet engine tests

One of the most destructive and dangerous materials a commercial or military jet engine can ingest is volcanic ash and one of the least would be crayons and cereal. But those two substances were a key part of testing NASA has been...

nh pluto moons family portrait

If one of Pluto’s moons spins any faster its surface might fly off

One moon, Nix, is tilted on its axis and spinning backwards. The outermost moon, Hydra, is spinning like a top, rotating 89 times every time it circles the dwarf planet. “If Hydra were spinning much faster, material would fly off its...


[UPDATE: Rocket exploded] Rail-launched rocket set to blast NASA satellite network swarm into space

The satellites on NASA’s Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks (EDSN) mission include cross-link communications and a sensor payload which will activate on orbit and make distributed, space radiation measurements, NASA stated. The...


NASA: “Great Pumpkin” asteroid to zip by Earth on Halloween

The asteroid, 2015 TB145 will fly past Earth at a safe distance slightly farther than the moon's orbit on Oct. 31 at 10:01 a.m. PDT (1:01 p.m. EDT). According to the catalog of near-Earth objects (NEOs) kept by the Minor Planet...

15 066

NASA targets Venus, asteroids with potential missions

The five candidates from a batch of 27 –include Venus, near-Earth object and asteroid operations – will ultimately be whittled down to one or two that will cost approximately $500 million, not including launch vehicle or post-launch...

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