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8 hot networking technologies for 2023

Innovative technologies designed to make networks faster, smarter and more secure

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

AI is coming to the network

Infusing a network organization with artificial intelligence will involve offloading tasks to AI, changing your approach to skills development, and as staffing requirements change, displacing workers.

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More work for admins: When labor-saving management tools don't ease workloads

There are lots of good reasons for network automation, but network teams need to be mindful of what they want to do with any time and resources saved.

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12 killer (and free) tools for network engineers

Visibility is key to troubleshooting network woes, but getting access can be expensive. Here are 12 mostly free “killer” tools.

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10 most powerful network-management companies

Innovative vendors have expanded beyond monitoring networks and are building full-stack, SaaS-based observability platforms.

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Tame Active Directory groups to streamline management, prep for automation

Best practices for managing identities and permissions in Active Directory can help enterprises handle complexity as AD environments scale.

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Network observability: What it means to vendors and to you

Network observability can be dismissed as a buzzword, but to be useful it should include monitoring, security, data, and actionable insights.

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Gartner: 10 tech trends you need to know for 2023

Gartner highlights wireless, AI, superapps, and sustainability among key strategic considerations for 2023.

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Cisco backlog still looms

Cisco reports that FY2022 product orders are at a record high, but so are the orders it hasn’t been able to fill.

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7 ways to fight network tool sprawl

Managing a raft of overlapping, siloed tools can create inefficiencies for network teams, but there are ways to address the problem

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Cloud environments challenge network visibility

Enterprises need greater network visibility to improve management of cloud environments, get a better handle on east-west traffic in the data center, and identify malicious traffic that’s been encrypted.

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Cisco embraces multi-cloud networking software

Cisco: Cloud networking should let customers place workloads wherever it makes sense for their business

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Aruba boosts AI capabilities to help enterprises manage, troubleshoot the edge

Aruba’s Edge Services Platform gains AIOps features to streamline network troubleshooting, performance tuning, and security controls.

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10 top automation and orchestration tools

Tools that automate and orchestrate network chores can perform tasks quicker and more accurately than an admin.

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What is Wireshark?

Take a bite out of network performance issues with this open-source tool

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How to manage scripts that manage network automation

By following these four best coding practices, writers of scripts that automate networking chores can reduce errors, track changes, and ensure the code can be readily maintained as it evolves.

Exium expands SASE, 5G-based security for midsize enterprise networks

The on-premises module offers new capabilities, based on 5G standards, for midsize businesses.

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SolarWinds launches overarching management, monitoring for hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Observability pulls together siloed monitoring and management tools on a single interface.

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