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SONiC builds muscle for enterprise-network service in 2023

Startups Aviz Networks and Hedgehog lead commercial support and innovation for the open-source network operating system Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, hoping to attract large enterprises.

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Automation: How to streamline a network-wide switch upgrade

Automating an enterprise’s switch upgrade using Python and open-source tools saved time, money, and human errors compared to doing it manually.

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Extreme announces high-end Universal Switch, SD-WAN service

Extreme Networks has extended its Universal Switch family and added a SD-WAN subscription package aimed at offering customers more flexible enterprise networking options.

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What is a VLAN and how does it work?

Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology enables network architects to segment physical devices into logical subgroups for performance and security reasons

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Extreme Networks: Supply chain-woes, backlogs, higher prices

Extreme Networks Q3 financial results reveal double-digit revenue gains despite an increasing backlog of orders.

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Microsoft shifts SONiC development to the Linux Foundation

With the Linux Foundation in charge, Software for Open Networking in the Cloud could attract stronger enterprise interest for the open-source NOS.

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What is the Spanning Tree Protocol?

Spanning Tree optimizes Ethernet LAN traffic by eliminating loops and re-routing around disabled nodes

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Gartner: 5 ways to deal with network equipment shortages

With lead times as long as 400 days, enterprises need to start looking at alternative ways to get the network equipment they need.

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Rockport Networks debuts the “switchless” network

Billed as a drop-in replacement for Ethernet and InfiniBand cabling and switches, Rockport's switchless network relies on endpoint network cards.

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Juniper service provides AI-based network management

Juniper's Support Insights is a cloud-based service that analyzes device data to ID trouble spots, inventory networks, and more.

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4 questions that get the answers you need from IT vendors

It’s hard to set priorities for buying IT technology when vendors poorly explain what they do, how they do it, and what the concrete benefits are. Asking them these four questions can break the information logjam.

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Report: The chip shortage's next victim is data-center switching

Dell’Oro Group says robust data-center switch sales over the past year could foretell a looming shortage.

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Marvell buys Innovium for cloud data-center expertise

Marvell is spending $1.1B and will get Innovium's high-speed chip for cloud providers, complementing its on-prem network offerings.

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What is network as a service (NaaS)?

NaaS typically includes integrated hardware, software and licenses delivered in a subscription-based offering.

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Water-authority network upgrade spots problems faster

The need for greater visibility into remote systems helped prompt a large-scale network upgrade for the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority.