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Telehealth usage soars during COVID-19

Telemedicine is seeing rapid adoption gains as physicians and patients become more comfortable using videoconferencing for telehealth visits.

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What is SASE? A cloud service that marries SD-WAN with security

Secure access service edge is a Gartner model for streamlining network access, improving security, boosting network performance and reducing the number of vendors and devices IT pros have to deal with.

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Many ad hoc Wi-Fi networks from the outset of COVID-19 still in use

Public-access Wi-Fi extensions have helped students in areas with poor internet access to attend online classes, often with the help of non-profit groups and vendors.

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Researchers set a new world-record Internet speed

Researchers have logged the fastest ever data speed over optical fiber, using methods that could be applied to upgrade existing networks

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Military looks to ultraviolet networks for secure battlefield communication

The U.S. Army wants to develop new, more secure communications networks for soldiers in the field using free-space ultra-violet optical transmissions.

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Cisco: Making remote users feel at home on the new enterprise network

With many remote workers likely to keep working from home even after COVID-19 subsides, Cisco joins other vendors offering infrastructure to make the remote network experience close to what it's like at corporate sites.

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IoT power: battery, wired or wireless?

Powering small IoT devices spread over a wide area is an important issue, and efficiency is the name of the game.

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Information could be half the world's mass by 2245, says researcher

Because of the amount of energy and resources used to create and store digital information, the data should be considered physical, and not just invisible ones and zeroes, according to one theoretical physicist.

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CBRS wireless yields $4.5B+ for licenses to support 5G

The Federal Communications Commission wrapped up five weeks of bidding on county-by-county licenses for Citizens Broadband Radio Service eyed by 4G and 5G service providers, private firms

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What is DNS and how does it work?

The Domain Name System resolves the names of internet sites with their underlying IP addresses adding efficiency and even security in the process.

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What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet?

IPv6 has been in the works since 1998 to address the shortfall of IP addresses available under Ipv4, yet despite its efficiency and security advantages, adoption is still slow.

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5G spectrum auctions expected in 2021 after Pentagon gives up frequencies

The Department of Defense has relinquished mid-range frequency spectrum for use by 5G providers, a move that is expected to encourage U.S. manufacturers to develop 5G network technology.

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Cisco open-source code boosts performance of Kubernetes apps over SD-WAN

Cisco's Cloud-Native SD-WAN project marries SD-WANs to Kubernetes applications to cut down on the manual work needed to optimize latency and packet loss.

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Pluribus bolsters software-defined data center software, Broadcom support

Pluribus Networks has rolled out new software and analytics packages that take aim at customers looking to build and manage software defined data center fabrics.

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Apstra ramps-up intent-based networking software, bolsters Juniper, SONiC support

Apstra adds operational features to Apstra Operating System; enhances impact of IBN

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5G can make for cost-effective private backhaul

While 5G use cases tend toward connecting many devices to a network, using the wireless technology for private backhaul can have a surprising amount of utility.

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VMware cloud-management suite features Kubernetes, automation upgrades

A new version of VMware vRealize Suite includes support for Kubernetes in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid or IBM/Red Hat OpenShift environments as well as integration with third-party tools such as Cisco/AppDynamics, Datadog and...

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How the network can support zero trust

Zero trust architecture calls for granting just enough access to network resources so individuals can accomplish their work tasks – nothing more – and the network itself can help.

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Juniper expands WiFi 6 access point family to support remote workers

Taking aim at helping enterprise customers support tons of remote workers, Juniper this week extended its family of WiFi 6 wireless access points.

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Cisco CEO to accelerate as-a-service offerings, cut costs $1B-plus

Cisco plans to rely more heavily on selling products as services and will make 10-figure cost reductions to deal with a FY2020 revenue drop of 5% that it blames on COVID-19

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