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Automation projects: A good time to switch vendors?

While they don’t generally do wholesale rip-and-replace, enterprises working on network automation initiatives confront factors that may result in choosing new equipment providers, at least for segments of the network.

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The evolution to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is being driven by necessity

The users and devices are everywhere. As a result, secure access services also need to be everywhere.

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How IT pros deal with SD-WAN security concerns

When baseline SD-WAN security is not enough, enterprises are adopting extra measures such as intrusion prevention, anti-virus, unified threat management and more

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Cisco issues critical security warning for IOS XE REST API container

This Cisco IOS XE REST API vulnerability could lead to attackers obtaining the token-id of an authenticated user.

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Aruba rounds out edge-to-cloud strategy

HPE Aruba's AOS-CX 10.4 software and stackable CX 6300 and modular CX 6400 Series switches offer intelligence, automation, security across networks.

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Gartner: 10 infrastructure trends you need to know

Gartner’s look at the top infrastructure and operational trends reflect offshoots of technologies – such as cloud computing, automation and networking advances the company’s analysts have talked about many times before.

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Tokalabs Software Defined Labs automates configuration of lab test-beds

The primary challenge of running a test lab is the amount of time it takes to provision the test beds within the lab. This software defined lab platform automates the setup and configuration process so that tests can be accelerated.

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Network pros react to new Cisco certification curriculum

Major changes to Cisco's certification program emphasize network programmability, automation.

A network of digital connections extend broadly across layers of city highways / routing paths.

Pennsylvania school district tackles network modernization

NASD upgrades its campus core to be the foundation for digital learning.

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Why 5G means new business models and user benefits

5G wireless technology will enable business opportunities that will bring new services and better performance that extend beyond the smartphone.

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Cisco pushes 5G to hasten industrial IoT

Cisco says it expects rapid future development of 5G mobile technology will be a boon for industrial IoT use cases

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How to prevent IPv6 VPN breakout

Without properly configured remote-access VPNs, IPv6 traffic from remote devices can escape corporate security controls.

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Linux sudo flaw can lead to unauthorized privileges

Exploiting a newly discovered sudo flaw in Linux can enable certain users with to run commands as root despite restrictions against it.

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The software-defined data center drives agility

The value of SDN is doing as much as possible in the software so you don’t depend on the delivery of new features to come from a new generation of the hardware.

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Beamforming explained: How it makes wireless communication faster

Beamforming uses the science of electromagnetic interference to make Wi-Fi and 5G connections more precise.

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9 hot micro-data-center startups to watch

Startups focused on micro data centers could fill a void created by growing demand to process IoT data closer to the network edge.

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How the oil and gas industry exploits IoT

The energy industry has embraced IoT technology in its operations, from monitoring well production to predicting when its gear will need maintenance.

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VMware builds security unit around Carbon Black tech

VMware has wrapped up its $2.1 billion buy of cloud-native endpoint security vendor Carbon Black to provide more comprehensive integrated security.

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SD-WAN - What it means for enterprise networking, security, cloud computing

Software-defined wide area networks, a software approach managing wide-area networks, offers ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs, and can improve connectivity to branch offices and the cloud.

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The biggest risk to uptime? Your staff

Human error is the chief cause of downtime, a new study finds. Imagine that.

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