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IoT security strategy from enterprises using connected devices

IoT devices pose significant threats to enterprises because of lack of visibility into what devices are on enterprise networks and inadequate use of monitoring tools to watch for malicious behaviors.

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SolarWinds’ Observability offers visibility into hybrid-cloud infrastructure

SolarWinds Observability, the company's new SaaS offering, provides management insight into distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud IT environments.

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What is SD-WAN, and what does it mean for networking, security, cloud?

Software-defined wide area networks, a software approach managing wide-area networks, offers ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs, and can improve connectivity to branch offices and the cloud.

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Automation: How to streamline a networkwide switch upgrade

Automating an enterprise’s switch upgrade using Python and open-source tools saved time, money, and human errors compared to doing it manually.

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Cisco launches 10-year plan to train 25 million people in IT skills

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Networking Academy, Cisco has launched new courses and partnerships to meet ambitious targets for cybersecurity, networking and general IT skills training.

SD-WAN adoption

Fortinet’s SASE enhancements target remote-user access to private cloud, SaaS apps

Fortinet is extending its FortiSASE platform so enterprises can deliver a more consistent security and user experience, including access to privately hosted applications and SaaS apps.

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Cisco powers up Nexus switch, offers 800GB optic modules

Cisco is extending its advanced Silicon One chip technology to core enterprise switches and routers.

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Gartner: 10 tech trends you need to know for 2023

Gartner highlights wireless, AI, superapps, and sustainability among key strategic considerations for 2023.

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Startup promises SD-WAN service with MPLS reliability, less complexity

Graphiant’s label-switched backbone routes to provide appropriate levels of transport based on customer-set policies.

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Google launches VMs powered by newest Intel Xeon

Google Cloud says its new C3 virtual machine instances deliver performance gains up to 20% over its previous generation C2 instances.

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Portnox adds IoT fingerprinting to network access control service

The IoT fingerprinting feature will allow companies to fully identify IoT devices that don't have the storage or processing capabilities to communicate complete identifying information such as model number, or even device type.

A developer / engineer / technician works with servers, wires, and cables in a data center.

What is a network router?

Is a router still a router even if forwarding packets is just one of its many jobs?

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Google Cloud adds networking, security features for enterprises

Google Cloud rolls out 20+ new features including Layer 7 security, policy analysis, and expanded network-connectivity options at its Google Cloud Next event.

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How SASE might improve worker productivity and make CFOs happy

SASE can deliver needed information for more workers and for less cost than MPLS VPNs providing comparable connectivity.

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Intel details FPGA roadmap

Intel is taking its FGPA lineup beyond the data center and extending its Agilex products to remote, edge computing, and embedded systems.

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Cisco tightens its SD-WAN integration with Microsoft Azure

Cisco SD-WAN customers can use Microsoft’s Azure Virtual WAN and its multi-region fabric for worldwide, regional connectivity

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What is a network switch, and how does it work?

Switches connect network segments, providing full-duplex communication, valuable network performance data and efficient use of network bandwidth.

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Aryaka rolls out cloud-based web gateway for SASE-focused WAN offering

Aryaka's Secure Web Gateway and Firewall-as-a-Service adds cloud-based security services to its Zero Trust WAN platform, as it moves toward providing SASE capabilities for its users.

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VMware embraces DPUs to stretch the use of CPUs

VMware eases the use of SmartNICs based on digital processing units to handle networking, security, storage, and other processes, freeing up enterprise-server CPU cycles.

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The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking 2022

Here’s our take on the top 10 vendors providing corporate networks with everything from SASE and NaaS to ZTNA and network automation.

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