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What is power over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet technology has evolved to be a key part of wireless LAN architectures, IoT and enterprise networks

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Aruba to prioritize SASE, private 5G, data-center networking

The acquisition of Athonet will help HPE Aruba expand its private 5G network options, which is one area the vendor plans to focus on in 2023.

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Juniper aims at simplifying campus fabric deployment

Juniper introduces campus fabric workflow to reduce set-up time for wired networks, announces a new EX series campus switch.

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Fortinet adds new security, management features to its SASE platform

FortiSASE can now link SASE resources to SD-WAN apps via multiple Fortinet SD-WAN hubs.

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Artificial intelligence helps solve networking problems

Management, SD-WAN, SASE, and 5G can benefit from AI that can enable or lighten enterprise-networking tasks.

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Royal Caribbean adopts Zero Trust on land and sea

With Zscaler’s Zero Trust services for network access the cruise line has boosted security and user experience, and lowered costs.

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Wi-Fi HaLow: Wireless for the internet of things

High bandwidth, long range, unlicensed spectrum, low power, and less complexity can make Wi-Fi HaLow a better option than Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 for some IoT applications.

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Cisco, Intel collaborate to build private 5G services

Cisco grows its private 5G portfolio with additional agreements with NTT, NEC, and Qualcomm.

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3 things network pros need to tell developers about why the network matters

Avoid over-reliance on costly user-to-cloud and user-to-data-center links to create better performing apps.

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War tests Ukrainian telecom, internet resilience

One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country’s overall resilience and defiance has been inspiring, but the telecommunications and internet connectivity situation has grown much more difficult.

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Digital platform conductors help manage hybrid networks

DPC orchestration aggregates multicloud monitoring data and recommends ways to speed business processes.

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Cisco: Maybe stop yanking on that Ethernet cable

Cisco issued a couple field notices this week on outlining what has apparently become a persistent issue: failed Ethernet port connections due to a connected device being moved around too much.

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New Mirai botnet variant V3G4 targets Linux servers, IoT devices

The new V3G4 variant of Mirai, which creates botnets for DDoS attacks, exploited 13 different vulnerabilities in three campaigns over a six-month period, Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42 team reports.

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Aryaka to build new points of presence as enterprises shift to SaaS

The SD-WAN and SASE provider said that it will expand its global footprint, bringing its growing range of services to a wider audience as companies turn to SaaS-based applications.

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Cisco chips away at product backlog but challenges remain

Cisco, Arista and Juniper continue to struggle with product backlogs but are optimistic supply-chain issues may ease up by yearend.

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Cisco streamlines SD-WAN hardware and software at the edge

Cisco adds new Catalysts, a UCS compute module, and easier-to-use SD-WAN software.

Cisco observability: What you need to know

Cisco adds details to its forthcoming Full Stack Observability architecture and plans for integrating telemetry across domains.

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Network-as-a-service lets a shoe retailer take steps toward Zero Trust

DTLR has gradually moved its retail footwear operations to Cloudflare NaaS for better security, network performance, and predictable costs.

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Why network pros need a seat at the application-planning table

Component-based applications can have a significant bad impact on cloud costs and app performance that network pros could head off if consulted during the design phase.

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Extreme adds network fabric support to its SD-WAN

The ExtremeCloud SD-WAN platform gains better automation, streamlined connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds.

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