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OpenStack users talk benefits, challenges of open source clouds

Users of OpenStack express no regrets about using the open source IaaS software, but say there are significant challenges that must be overcome to manage a successful deployment.

Cool products at OpenStack Austin Summit

Deploy, manage and monitor private, hybrid and public clouds with OpenStack, and so much more.

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OpenStack’s director: Why open source cloud should be the core of your data center

OpenStack has cemented itself as the dominant open source IaaS platform. But at the same time, more proprietary offerings from vendors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware reign in the market. OpenStack Foundation...

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How an online real estate company optimized its Hadoop clusters

Every night, Trulia crunches more than a terabyte of new data and cross-references it with about 2 petabytes of existing data to deliver the most up-to-data real estate information to its users. Here's how it ensures consistent...

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19 open source GitHub projects for security pros

GitHub has a ton of open source options for security professionals, with new entries every day. Add these tools to your collection and work smarter

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Mark Shuttleworth: ‘Ubuntu keeps GNU/Linux relevant’

Bryan Lunduke talks with Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, South African entrepreneur and space tourist, about the importance of Ubuntu and why he’s dedicated much of his life toward it.


Open source code is common, potentially dangerous, in enterprise apps

The common practice of incorporating existing open source code in new software leaves the product open to unanticipated vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

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FIRST LOOK: Vivaldi 1.0, the new web browser for the old school

The team behind Vivaldi, including Opera browser co-creator Jon von Tetzchner, is hoping that their new browser’s blend of throwback functionality and modern tech will catch on. You can download Vivaldi here on Macs, Windows or Linux,...


Volkswagen chooses OpenStack for private cloud

The second largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen Group, will use the open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack to build a private cloud that will host websites for its brands including VW, Audi and Porsche, and be a...

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Ouch, Red Hat gets a slapping. Volkswagen chooses Mirantis for its OpenStack needs

Bring your popcorn because the soap opera continues.

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REVIEW: Linux Mint 17.3 delivers better interface plus long-term support

The latest version of Linux Mint, dubbed “Rosa,” offers long-term support and in our tests we found that it delivers an improved user experience no matter which interface is selected.

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Ubuntu on Windows - The good, the bad and the just plain weird

Yesterday, Microsoft (in cooperation with Canonical) announced Ubuntu... for Windows. In a nutshell this does for Windows what WINE does for Linux. It provides an emulation layer, on top of Windows, that allow x86 Linux binaries run....

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Will openSUSE develop the SUSE Phone?

I am currently in the process of interviewing the leaders of every single Linux distribution on the planet, with the goal of simply helping us all to better get to know the people behind the projects. Having just wrapped up...


Cool new products from big data’s Hadoop World show

There’s a big world of big data tools and services, and many of the leading ones are on display this week at Strata World/Hadoop World in San Jose. From the latest distributions of open source database technology to handy tools for...

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Feds tackle open source code quality

Even as the White House is calling on federal agencies to make more use of open source projects, there's also a federal effort under way to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in those products via better code review tools and bug...

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Microsoft is reported to announce Ubuntu Linux runs on Windows 10

Windows 10 could become as popular with developers as Macs and Linux machines if true.

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Getting to know the man leading Fedora

Some years back, I had the good fortune to meet Matthew Miller – who has been the Fedora Project Leader since 2014 – and immediately liked the guy. Very easy to chat with. Opinionated... but reasonable. Friendly as all get out.

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GitHub releases Scientist: So developers and operations can measure twice, cut over once

GitHub recently released a new open source tool that is designed on helping modernize legacy code safely and reliably.

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Inside Bank of America’s IT transformation

Over the past couple of years Bank of America has embarked on a strategic plan to embrace a software-defined, incredible agile and flexible infrastructure environment that has reaped simplification and savings.

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Has open source hell frozen over?

Bryan Lunduke is lousy with compliments of Ubuntu.

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