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Better open source hygiene would have spooked GHOST

Software security should be pre-emptive instead of reactive


Using HTTP status codes in everyday life

Making use of HTTP status codes to make everyday life run more smoothly

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The 12 days of Unix

The 12 Days of UnixYour first twelve days using Unix can be some of the most eye-opening and insightful days in your career.  How do you pass on the excitement of Unix to new users?  You sing to them!On the first day of Unix, my...

BlackBerry's deal to buy voice crypto company Secusmart blessed by German government

The deal will let BlackBerry step up its cross-platform push with better security

Alibaba patient in its efforts to topple Android in China

Alibaba expects its mobile OS to provide a 'long-term winning strategy'

Suse enterprise Linux can take your system back in time

Which will be handy when configuration changes don't go well

Unix: Beyond owner, group, and everyone else

Breaking out of the traditional owner/group/world way of managing file permissions, setfacl and getfacl provide a lot of flexibility and fair share of complexity.

Microsoft to continue using Nokia brand on entry-level phones

A company executive said the first 'Microsoft Lumia' device will be announced soon

Canonical celebrates cloud freedoms with new Ubuntu

The newest version of Ubuntu Linux comes with Cloud Foundry and the latest version of Docker

Alibaba's mobile OS in China boosted by Meizu partnership

Alibaba's YunOS has struggled to attract partners, amid Android's dominance

Apple's Yosemite OS shares Spotlight search terms by default

An engineer who's studied the new OS criticized its privacy settings

Alibaba partners with U.S.-based Quixey for mobile app search in China

Alibaba had previously provided funding to Quixey last year

Unix: Expiring passwords with chage

The chage command allows you to easily expire user passwords, but how it works depends in part on how your accounts are set up to begin with.

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Unix: How to select every 1,000th line from a file

Log files on Unix systems can easily grow to hundreds of thousands or even millions of lines. Here's a simple way to pluck out every Nth line.

Unix: The aftershock of shellshock

For more than 20 years, a very serious bug in our beloved bash simply went unnoticed. What have we learned?

Microsoft's custom Windows OS now on Galileo Gen2 board

Microsoft has expanded its program to put Windows on smaller, power-constrained devices

Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

The software you'll install on your PC is an early stage version of the OS that'll have bugs and will change a lot over time

With new OS, Microsoft will try to put Windows 8 era behind it

The company is expected to unveil a preview of the Windows 8 successor on Tuesday

Linux: Flexible log rotation

Log file rotation of Unix systems just sort of happens ... or does it? You may have a lot more options that you've ever imagined.

The Unix stat command gives you more than ls

Tired of the ls command and want to see more interesting information on your files? Try stat!

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