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AWS pledges $35 billion of additional investment for Virginia data centers

Despite the challenges its US-EAST-1 region has faced in recent years, AWS plans to establish multiple data center campuses in the state by 2040.

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AWS suffers outage at its US East 2 cloud region

The outage that affected the region in Ohio lasted for about 75 minutes, according to the cloud services provider.

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Oracle and Nvidia expand AI partnership

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will feature tens of thousands of Nvidia GPUs and software that are aimed at artificial-intelligence processing.

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Data center infrastructure spending still growing as cloud providers keep buying

ODMs lead the way as public cloud nears 50% of data center hardware spend.

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Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Organizations that failed to make sure their cloud data was backed up properly learned the consequences the hard way when an OVHcloud data center burned last month.