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Western Digital releases series of Raspberry Pi disk drives

Western Digital today released two hard drives and an SSD specifically developed for the Raspberry Pi micro PC.

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Raspberry Pi roundup: Dangerous guided missiles, electric skateboards and the Internet of Licks

The latest and greatest of Raspberry Pi from around the web includes what looks like a handheld missile system, a computerized aid to traditional arts and crafts, and…well, you just have to see the lollipop thing.

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IBM package brings Watson smarts to everything IoT

IBM says the platform, called Project Intu lets Project Intu offers developers easily build cognitive or basically machine learning skills into a wide variety of operating systems – from Raspberry PI to MacOS, Windows to Linux...

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Raspberry Pi Roundup: Watching for the meter-reader, driving Lego cars and sweet art

This Raspberry Pi roundup features a battle for resident parking, meditative sand art, robots, Legos and more.

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The Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting Guide

Find out how to deal with 4 common Raspberry Pi problems in this excerpt from the Raspberry Pi User Guide.

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10 million tiny computers: Raspberry Pi Foundation announces milestone

After four years, 10 million Raspberry Pis have been sold and the demand shows no signs of slowing down.

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Raspberry Pi roundup: Now with additional cucumbers!

The latest in Raspberry Pi news includes a creative cucumber farmer tapping Google AI software, Docker integration and Pi competitors.

raspberry pi hardware 2016 1

The discerning nerd's guide to Raspberry Pi hardware (2016 mid-year edition)

If you don't know your Model A from your Zero from your generation 3 Model B, this is the guide for you.

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Raspberry Pi roundup: Keys to Pi foundry changing hands; Pi in the ocean, sky

Late last month, U.S.-based electronics vendor Avnet purchased Premier Farnell, one of two licensed manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi, for about $900 million. Also, drones, boats and eyes in the skies.

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Initial State, powerful data capture and analytics for your IoT infrastructure

Just managing your IoT devices isn't enough; to get value from your investment in Raspberry Pi-, Arduino-, and Beaglebone Black-based IoT devices you need to capture the data they generate and slice and dice it. Initial State has the...

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Cayenne, how to manage a frustration of IoT devices

You're deploying IoT devices like a fiend but what you've got is a management problem akin to herding cats. Cayenne from myDevices is a promising way to get them under control.

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Raspberry Pi roundup: The Raspberry Baron takes to the skies; big talk about voice; thin client scuttlebutt

In possibly the coolest news for aviation geeks who cover the technology sector – so, you know, basically just the author of this article – a former University of Cincinnati doctoral candidate has created a Raspberry Pi-powered AI...

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9 Raspberry Pi programming tools bundled with Raspbian

The Raspbian OS has killer programming tools built in!

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7 ways to make your IoT-connected Raspberry Pi smarter

The latest IoT tools and services for creating and managing Raspberry Pi devices are amazing!

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Raspberry Pi news roundup: Some burgers to go with that Pi?

You’d think that people would be squashing up against the limits of what you can do with a Raspberry Pi by now, but you’d be wrong.

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Top Raspberry Pi news of the week: Magic mirror; Micro:Bit gets real; more on Android

This week for our Raspberry Pi news roundup, we check out a little bit of magic, check in on the competition and follow up on some exciting Android-related buzz.

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Top Raspberry Pi news of the week

We scratch and claw sometimes to find enterprise IT angles regarding the tiny and inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers, but this week, an item has fallen right into our lap: Citrix HDX Ready Pi.

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Ultimate guide to Raspberry Pi operating systems, Part 3

A few months ago we published the Ultimate guide to Raspberry Pi operating systems, Part 1, followed by the Ultimate guide to Raspberry Pi operating systems, Part 2, and today, for your continuing RPi pleasure, we have Part 3, with...

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Interop: 12 killer (and free) tools for network engineers

Visibility is key to troubleshooting network woes, but getting such access can be expensive. To help out, a veteran networking pro shared with attendees of the big Interop conference in Las Vegas his list of a dozen mostly free...

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Raspberry Pi beret: An ode to Prince

If only Raspberry Pi Foundation and Prince had joined forces...

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