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What would you give up to telecommute? A raise? Vacation time? Spouse?

To some U.S. workers, telecommuting ranks higher than many of life's perks, including raises, vacation time, social media, chocolate, shopping and even soul mates.

Forrester Survey Suggests Execs Driving Push for BYOT

According to Forrester's 'State of the Workforce' survey, execs are driving the need for BYOT programs and greater mobility while the younger workforce is still largely tethered to the office.

Telework controversy: Are 17% of teleworkers unabashed slackers?

A recent report claims that 17% of telecommuters work less than one hour a day. That's bogus, say telework advocates who are taking to web sites, blogs and other social media to refute the findings.The source of the controversy is...

Office work is so last century, Forrester reports

The days of IT workers going to the same office for work every day are apparently over, according to a new survey from Forrester Research.

Skype survey: Popularity of remote working on the rise

Skype sponsored a survey recently that shows that the popularity of remote working -- or "teleworking" -- is on the rise, driven both by new technologies and employer benefits.

Would you take a pay cut to telecommute?

IT pros want to telecommute -- so much so that 35% told they would take a pay cut for the chance to work full time from home.

Cisco study: Not so fast on Borderless Networks

Now I can say to my bosses, 'See? I told you so!' In results of a survey released this week, Cisco found that 60% of workers around the world believe that they do not need to be in the office anymore to be productive.Chalk one up for...

New virtual desktop technology enables the work from home labor force

According to the Telework Research Network, just over 2% of the U.S. employee workforce works primarily from home. This amounts to some 2.8 million people. Still, it's a far cry from the 50 million people that the American Society of...

Federal government solicits telework feedback

Although telework participation is slowly increasing among federal employees, many of the current roadblocks are the same obstacles we’ve heard about in the past.

Secrets to Successful Executive Buy-In of Telecommuting

After speaking at a recent event of IT executives, one asked how IT staffs can get senior management to consider implementing telecommuting. Common at more conservative, established companies, it’s tough to convince the powers that...

Don’t Let Job Figures Downplay the Importance of Employee Retention

Last week’s disappointing 10.2% unemployment figures may have pushed employee-retention strategies a bit further down the priority list. That’s a mistake.One of the key lessons of this severe economic downturn is the value of people....

State saves $100K with ‘Telework Day’

Teleworkers who participated in Virginia’s Telework Day helped the commonwealth save some $113,000, avoid driving 140,000 miles and remove about 82 tons of pollutants from the air.

Telecommuting on the rise, though not necessarily within IT departments

IT departments are behind the virtual workplace curve despite rise of unified communications and other technologies that ease telecommuting.

Cisco sends employees home to work

Cisco survey of employees shows internal telework program saves money and satisfies workers.

Star Trek lite: Can telepresence save the universe?

Can the technologies that make up telepresence have a societal impact that could change everything from space exploration to telecommuting? Seems like a lot of pressure to put on any one particular technology but there are a few...

Being green brings in the greenbacks, say IDC and Atos

Companies in Europe serious about going green were rewarded with a 2% higher profit margin compared to others in the same industry, according to a survey done in Europe by IDC and IT services company Atos Origin.

4 Telecommuting Security Mistakes

According to figures released recently by the Nemertes Research Group, an Illinois-based research advisory firm, as many as 71% of U.S. companies offer full-time or part-time telecommuting to employees. Despite the large number of...

Recession-proofing your WAN strategy

It's a recession, all right. Unless, of course, it's a depression. Either way, the financial news isn't bright. Finance wonks can debate whether we've hit bottom and are now ready to rebound, or whether the worst is yet to come. But...

15 real ways to secure teleworkers

Security continues to be one of the top bugaboos to letting employees telecommute.  As gas prices have stayed high and the economy continues to drive itself into the ground, telecommuting continues to be a viable and cost-effective...

Network health and personal health go hand-in-hand

A couple of years ago, the world was abuzz with fear of an influenza pandemic. This has obviously now been supplanted in most people's minds by the financial crisis pandemic. Odd as it may seem, though, there are some preparedness...

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